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Environment and Recycling

Plastic Waste and its correlation with Maritime economies

A significant increase in sustainable maritime finance is needed to ensure a sustainable maritime economy without plastic waste pollution.

June 19th, 2021
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Food and Beverages

Must food consumption become more plant-based worldwide?

As meat consumption continues to rise around the world, food scientists are focusing on producing healthier, more sustainable products.

June 15th, 2021
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Automotive and Assembly

Ground-based robotic systems: Military applications

The military needs to create practical but ambitious goals to exchange the performance, speed and mass of future ground-based systems.

June 13th, 2021
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Digital Strategy

Silicon now Crystalized: Pathway to Electronic Advancements

The new form of silicon can activate next-generation electronic devices. A new, crystallized form of silicon could potentially be used.

June 8th, 2021
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Cybersecurity: Companies and their digital security strategy

One of the most significant disclosures is that the companies’ security and safety is hinged on a security system that has many extenuations.

June 6th, 2021

Energy and sustainability: How companies will have to change

The world is transforming towards renewable energy and helping to control climate change by decreasing carbon emission. what is our role?

June 2nd, 2021
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