It is a very pitiful fact that only 10% of the startups launched annually succeed. When we talk about this ten percent, we do not mean that the other ninety percent of the people who set foot into this endeavor will face complete failure, but the difference between this ten percent and other people is that they face failures difficulties, and problems. They did not give up and decided to ride the wave of opportunity with all their might. In fact, every company, startup, or business was initially the idea of one or more people, which was realized through effort and planning from the stage of mental imagination and fantasy.

As a startup manager having the ability to make decisions especially in critical and difficult situations, is an ethical advantage and requirement. As a CEO, you need to be able to lead your company and startup with your decisions and save them from future crises. In fact, if you think of a startup or business as a ship whose CEO is its captain, and you consider job crises like storm surges, the manager should be able to act as a professional captain by managing and deciding where and when to ship.

Save the crisis of accidents. The secret of the success of the founders of successful startups is in this decision-making power in critical times. As a manager, you decide the future of the company and its employees, and sometimes you have to make cruel decisions to save money. No success is easy, and everything comes at a cost, and it is sometimes your job to decide what to do honorably to succeed in your job. Of course, this decision-making power must be based on moral principles and completely honorable because, as you know, honor is a business principle.

Another important characteristic of a successful manager is his patience. If you want to be a successful startup manager, you need to know that patience is essential to success. As a CEO you need to know when to wait and when to hunt for the right opportunity. Man must always learn from his surroundings. If you take a look at how African lions hunt, you will see how well they manage their pride. They wait for hours during the day to hunt and then hunt at a moment when the prey is not waiting for them As a manager you need to stop being rash, you may need to wait years for your business to succeed, and eventually the day you see the results of your work, you will be filled with incredible joy.

Experience and self-confidence are other characteristics and secrets to the success of the founders of successful startups. These two characteristics are necessary for the growth and development of every occupation. Regarding self-confidence, it should be said that there is a very fine line between feeling confident and arrogant Many successful managers have a combination of self-confidence and pride, but the difference between false pride and true and then hunt at a moment when the prey is not waiting for them self-confidence is the effort and tens of thousands of hours a manager spends to achieve success.

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