5G technology: The impacts on the digital age

May 31st, 2021
Digital Strategy

5G technology: The impacts on the digital age

May 31st, 2021
Digital Strategy

Technology innovation can curve the force equipoise. When a country develops its technology affairs, little by little it leads to military force, economy and influence amend comparing to other countries. Even history has proved that those nations which are the pacemaker in technology matters have been among the most powerful countries in the world. In recent years we can all agree that the country which can set up the fifth generation of mobile network technology (5G) can gain a grand influence and power in the world. By establishing 5G we can achieve a great enhancement in many industries such as transformation, trading, medicine, and artificial intelligence. Right now, no country is capable of developing domestic hardware and software on a great scale but there are a few companies such as Huawei, Ericson, and Qualcomm which can build some necessities such as antenna and small chips for operating out the 5G network and therefore they have no other option rather than cooperating and it can jeopardize the domestic evolution of developing 5G essentials.

Technology standards

At first, the standards were correlated with the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) that needed a maximum speed of 20 gigabytes for download and 10 gigabytes for upload along with some other necessities. After that, the standard group organization selected 5G NR (New Radio) with LTE (Telecommunication Long-term Evolution) as the suggested submission to the international mobile communication-2020 standards.

Some approaches for the US to remain the leader

The United States has always been a leader in many tasks at least for the recent century but if the country wants to remain a pioneer in establishing 5G connections it has to work hard on five domains:

  1. Developing the basis:

    The basis must be changed with the modern, precise and extensive one which can gain many remarkable investments. It needs policies and investments that are harmonic. For example, the new policies should be able to assist in gaining educated employees. Meanwhile, the development and research must be augmented as well. These developments and researches must help the partnerships with peculiar sections and detect modern functional occasions for utilizing 5G.

  2. Improving public industry:

    The US government itself cannot establish and secure the 5G ecosystem. Therefore, it must try to create domestic software and hardware that are related to 5G. the government must increase the capacity of developing different hardware and software on a national scale so it can ensure safety.

  3. Developing and securing the substruction:

    The standards for using and developing 5G connections are inefficient in the US. To notice the real aggregation of the 5G ecosystem, the government must gather supplementary standards that can reflect the increase of the machine-to-machine connectivity in general and secured substructures. The government should collaborate with private sections and should try to extend these substructures not only to professionals but also to all individuals even in rural areas and villages.

  4. Speed up the admission and create new business patterns:

    The government should gain the market admission of 5G connectivity to create many innovations and finance which are related to modern technologies in one way or another. Many private sectors which are considered local, national and zonular states must cooperate with the main and federal government to take all benefits of the 5G.

  5. Become the rector of the world technology again:

    US must try to pull over the Chinese technology companies and retake being the pioneer in 5G and on the other side, make non-Chinese 5G companies more affordable. China has gained many successes in developing its 5G connectivity technology due to new and efficient policies and by collaborating with Chinese private sectors. The US must help and assist other nations with better and cheaper technology for establishing 5G and retake it from Chinese organizations.

We can say for sure that our next step of the digital age is affected and belongs to the 5G. when ICT (Information and Communication Technology) reaches its highest level, it will have the greatest effect on the power equipoise in the world. Nowadays, national force depends on many prevalent and traditional factors but at any moment that technology advances, it leads to new developments and connection flourishing so factors might change and the new ways of connections can become a resource of power for different countries. Modern ways of communication and new technology fortify economic power. Also, they will help to build new machine wars and make it easier to use them so they have a positive effect on the military force. Furthermore, when you are accepted as a pioneer in innovation and building various technology kinds of stuff, other countries will rely on you and try their bests to increase their trades and commerce with your country so it will benefit your businesses and transactions as well.  

Building the 5G connection is a big phase for improving the pace and quality of cellphone communication. Indeed, it can help to amend auto-drive vehicles, machine, and robotic industries and finally lead to many other creativities in technology. We estimate that the spreading of this technology in the world can append at least 2 billion USD to the gross domestic product (GDP) and can create 450 million jobs that in one way or another are related to this matter. For the USA it is necessary to establish a 5G network as soon as possible. Being the first country in this matter means you win a big competition and all the advantages and benefits in many industries and organizations will be yours and you will reinstate your influence and power among all countries. As said before it needs some infrastructure improvements but on the other hand it can contain some risks in which homeland security must take safety measures. 

Study over the worldwide 5G technology criterion

To construct 5G networks, first, it is indispensable to know both the strategies and where its situation would be in the world. There are many competitors among various countries in the world for becoming the pacemaker in this issue and it seems that both the USA and China are making huge advancements towards it but still it is unclear that which country will win the contest.


5G network is still growing in the world. It is even more expensive than the former networks (1G-4G) therefore it will take a long time to be established in all the countries worldwide. Many poor countries cannot rebuild the infrastructures because it will be costly so developed and wealthy countries must help them.

We cannot conclude right now to say that the USA is behind China in establishing 5G networks or vise versa. This competition hasn’t had any winners yet. The first country that can become able to spread 5G in vast regions will be called the winner and it needs to prepare the capacity and capability for constructing all the required infrastructures. It is agreed that the US may win this battle because everybody knows that the US has the essential basics and potency for developing new technologies. Due to the magnificent and efficient training in the US, each year many expert cyber-human sources will become educated and added to different American companies. Although some gaps can be found in both policies and structures of the US, by fulfilling those gaps we can assure that it will become a leader in this issue as well as others.  

Article by Amir Masoud Navidi

Adapted from: Boozallen. 



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