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6 Important points of the Agriculture Business and Farming

August 13th, 2020

6 Important points of the Agriculture Business and Farming

August 13th, 2020

In all countries of the world, especially in Asia, Many people have engaged in farming and consider themselves members of the new agriculture business. In European and north American countries most farmers are engaged in the modernization of their farms and businesses. They employ the most modern tools and machinery in their agriculture and have the highest turnover per capita of farming products. Despite this, although there are more cultivated areas of land in Asia and a much richer soil and a much bigger range of farming products, the governments are struggling to distribute the produce among the people and they will have to face malnutrition and shortage of food and agriculture products.

Efficiency in Agriculture

In comparison to their population, they cultivate a much larger area of land in order to be able to feed their population but in other countries of the world especially in the developed ones, not only they are able to maintain a better and more efficient type of agriculture, they are better able to feed their population so well that they manage to export their leftover products. Not only this, the environmentalists at institutions like The FDA are pushing farmers to no longer dedicate parts of their land to agriculture, but to create a domicile for domestic plants to be able to grow.

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By now it should not be hard to figure out that in terms of agriculture, Europeans are much more efficient and end-up with a better product.

What Maadico offers in Agriculture

We at Maadico, aim to provide farmers all across the globe with the expertise needed to be able to have a more efficient and sustainable agriculture and to be able to present the best produce. We will familiarize those in the agriculture business with the most modern technological advancements and the best quality machinery needed to be able to improve their farming.

Maadico also utilizes its highly professional and dedicated team of experts and lawyers to create and coordinate privately held business events (ECC ) between companies especially in the agriculture business to be able to create successful and sustainable business collaborations.

We will accompany you through every step of the way from analyzing your companies needs and improving your agility to modernizing your business through participation in the professional business exhibitions in Germany for you to be able to confidently Excel to the goals and aspirations of your operations.

But before that, you will need to now the basics of owning and successfully managing an agriculture business. Here are 6 very important points you need to know:

Maintain your relationship with your customers

For every farmer or individual in the agriculture business, it is clear that there is usually no such thing as a long term customers. Through the traditional Marketing and sale approach, the farmer carries the produce to the market and hopes for the best offer in accordance with the quality of the product and the offered price. A successful farmer is the one who is able to maintain sales despite the down-winds of the market and at a good price. This increases your agility, and is considered a great strategy given the fluctuating agriculture market. Therefore, some of the most important points of becoming successful in the agriculture business is:

  • Maintain a long-term relationship with your customers
  • Ensure a steady sale flow at an acceptable price.

Modern Agriculture, Efficient Agriculture

Some farmers have maintained the classic methods of farming which they have learned from their fore-bearers. It is estimated that over half of the population engaged in agriculture across the world have not adapted themselves or their business with the modern approaches of farming. Inefficient methods of farming deplete farming resources faster and decreases sustainability.

agriculture business and farming in maadico we use modern technologies like in GaLaBau

Nowadays, farmers across developed countries of the world employ the most modern and most efficient tools and machinery in order to increase the efficiency of their agriculture.  Germany is at the forefront of agriculture and irrigation machinery and technology. Professional Exhibitions like GaLaBau invites thousands of people in the agriculture business from all countries of the world to witness the latest developments and to engage in business collaborations. We can help you in this. Find out more.

  • Always invest in the most modern and efficient technologies. It’s worth it.

Keep Your Standards High

Millions of tonnes of produce is shipped across the world every year. Countries spend millions of their research labs in order to analyze the both the imported and exported produce to make sure of both its quality and also its bio-chemical structure. Despite agriculture being one of the most profitable occupations all across the world, farmers will have to pay billions of dollars’ worth of damage to countries or import companies whose standards had been higher than their produce and therefore they’d have to return or re-sell it which is easier said than done. What went wrong?

Most countries around the world depend highly on import. Most of those countries are not deemed suitable for agriculture and cultivation of at least some of the products available and so, in order to protect the health and well being of their citizens, they have established billions of dollars’ worth of laboratories to check the quality and health of the imported produce as thoroughly as possible.

maadico agriculture business becomes more modern and we must use technlogy.

As most of the product of agriculture might seemingly be healthy and of excellent quality, they do not meet the import and consumption standard of the designated country.

In order to successfully stop the future inflicted damages, farmers and people in the agriculture business have to update and adapt themselves with the export and import policies of countries accordingly. Despite even having utilized the most modern of techniques in Agriculture, the chemicals and fertilizers that they may have used to grow the product and the quality of the water used for irrigation are considered highly essential aspects of agriculture which must at all times be taken into due consideration. So in order to not suffer damages:

  • Keep up-to-date with the new import and export policies.
  • Be careful what you use to grow your product.
  • If you have the possibility, employ or invest in a lab.

Make your Agriculture more efficient with Maadico

We at Maadico Offer a wide array of services related to the agriculture Industry. we help your company with its agility, marketing and sale, Sustainability, Digitalization and more. Contact us below for more elaborate information.

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