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4 Chemical and Pharmaceutical Success Stories

August 12th, 2020

4 Chemical and Pharmaceutical Success Stories

August 12th, 2020

Throughout the world of chemicals, there have always been companies which dominate the market of chemicals. With Germany and especially Europe being at the forefront of chemical innovations and chemical and pharmaceutical companies such as Merck and Roche, start-up companies in other countries would find it very difficult if not impossible to be able to compete with these pharmaceutical and chemical Giants.

But quite recently, newly established chemical companies in Asia have been able to dominate the chemical and Pharmaceutical Market, earning a gross profit of over $51 Billion.

Maadico Services for Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

We at Maadico employ our highly motivated and dedicated research teams all across the globe to analyze and conduct researches into the success stories of The greatest companies around the world and will happily provide our counsel and other services to ensure not only the success of your company, but how to perform to the best of your potential by improving your Agility, Marketing and sale, Sustainability and Setting your company strategy.

But in order to fully appreciate what we do, we will try to provide to you in the simplest terms what you can learn from the success story of other chemical and pharmaceutical companies and how we will be able to help you using our highly professional consulting teams to ensure your success.

Immigrant Pharmaceutical Company

Founded in 1849 by a German Immigrant to America, Pfizer is probably not the oldest Chemical and Pharmaceutical Company in America but certainly the most successful.

In 2018 The Company Announced its Merge with the British GlaxoSmithKlein and Produces a wide range of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products.

It must be the Aim of every company to take advantage of opportunities and to adapt to the new socio-economic circumstances.  To exemplify, during WW1, there was a shortage of Calcium Citrate which Pfizer imported from Italy. Due to this, the company experts recognized a type of fungus which could produce Citric acid through fermentation thus providing the company with not only a massive financial up-turn, but also resulting in the company developing its expertise through this commercialization. In short, from this story we learn:

  • Every Limitation, viewed correctly, could be greatly beneficial opportunity.
  • Everyone starts small and humble, yet it is up to them how much they want to grow.

Be The First Where it Matters

Roche has been controlling the American Pharmaceutical company of Genetec. At $57 billion worth, it is considered the second largest chemical and pharmaceutical company worldwide.

chemical pharmaceutical maadico roche vitamin C
Roche Headquarters in Basel, Switzerland

The Company initially started out with becoming the first company to mass produce Vitamin C, later in 1995 they became the first company to produce anti HIV medicines and by 1996 the had bought the exclusive right to mass produce Oseltamivir, originally discovered by Gilead Sciences in America to cure the worlds pandemic at the time, The Bird Flu. From this story we learn:

  • Always try to be the first and the exclusive.
  • Never stop expanding, especially in specialties.

Merge Like Chemicals

Having originally been founded in 1758 as Geigy Ltd. and then merged in 1970 with CIBA founded in 1859, today’s Novartis has its headquarters in Basel, Switzerland like many other Pharmaceutical and Chemical Companies. From then until 2011, the company has had Merging with more than half a dozen companies and is currently owned majorly by a group of shareholders from American, Swiss and other countries such as India.

So much Merging would lead many to believe that the company has had an array of financial and scientific failures and so was obligated to take part. Instead, the company is today known as the third most successful Pharmaceutical and chemical Company worldwide and is valued at more than $50 billion. From this story we learn:

  • Never be afraid of Merging and joint Ventures.

Nationalized Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

Merck & Co. Was re-established in America as a branch of its German Counterpart in Darmstadt and went on to become one of the largest and most successful Pharmaceutical and Chemical Companies in the world. The company has the legacy of being nationalized to America after WW1 and publishing the world’s bestselling Manual for Diagnosis and therapy for medical and nursery students known as the Merck Index.

pharmacy and Pharmaceuticals maadico Merck start in Darmstadt Germany later nationalized to America
Angel Pharmacy in Darmstadt where Merck Began

Besides the world-renown medical reference book, Merck & Co. was the first company to produce The Rubella Vaccine, The MMR Vaccine, The Hepatitis B Vaccine and The Varicella Vaccine. From this story we Learn:

  • Never put all your eggs in one basket.

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