Company Agility: What to remove and what to add

March 6th, 2021

Company Agility: What to remove and what to add

March 6th, 2021

Every manager or leader knows of the importance of designing a proper supply chain and chain of command when it comes to running a company. Yet how many know about a proper way to design and implement necessary changes to a company and its attributing factors?

It has become fashionable or obligatory for company managers and business owners to take part in a number of courses and to pass a certain exam in order to be able to start-up their endeavors. Yet not only do these courses have no effect whatsoever on training proper adaptable managers, also it is completely evident that their syllabus lacks any lesson which prepares future managers and leaders of a company or business for what may happen in the future. We can help you there.

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Our experts at Maadico, especially in the company agility and M&A sector know exactly what managers and leaders are going to face in their business endeavors. They help prepare managers and leaders for what may occur and teach them how to design and shape their supply chain and chain of command the proper way. Let’s read an extract about the basis of the service they provide while accompanying partner companies and businesses through every stage towards a sustainable and reliable growth and stability of the institution or business.

What is agility in a company or Business?

In order to understand the terminology better, we must look at a company which holds the attributes that of agility.

  • That company or business has an efficient and functional process of providing service to the potential customer without over-complication or over-simplification which could lead to chaos and malfunction of the institution and its financial records to say the least.
  • The company also knows how to predict what could happen in the foreseeable future. It knows how to act accordingly as a unit compromised of definite parts towards the down-wins of the economy and financial situation.
  • If it were needed to implement massive changes to both the structure and the functionality of the company, it would be able to fully and successfully adapt to the changes dictated by the market or the situation.
  • The company would have just the right amount of employees which function like an oiled up clock-tower. They know exactly what is expected of them and work professionally and timely to achieve the goals and aspirations of the company both in short-term or otherwise.
  • Also, the company Manager would know how and when to encourage and persuade the employees by balancing out customer centeredness and employee centeredness. He would be able to make every single employee feel as part of the family and therefore responsible for the growth and success of the company. He would be a leader.

It is evident of course; that no Business could fully contain all of the attributes of a perfect company and even so, the definition could change overtime given the circumstances. So what can be done in order to obtain a substantial level of acceptable company agility? What is the role of the company or business leader or Manager? Here are two:

Increase company agility through efficiency

Many company leaders and managers initially believe a bigger Business with bigger employees is a better institution. Small businesses tend to get over excited and after a marginal level of success, begin to open up different branches and not only end up not being able to compensate for the costs, they would also have to suffer a major embarrassment as they retreat to their initial standing with fewer customers than before.

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Should a company manager think about more profit, they must not think of the way ahead but the way backwards. Fix your problems at home before going to another. Try to expose the maximum abilities of employees and trust them with more than just one task. Think carefully about the structure of your company as a leader before thinking about expansion.

Enable your employees to make changes

Believe it or not, many employees in a company or business amount to much more than you might think when it comes to critical decision-making or increasing the agility of your company. A successful manager must enable the employees to feel in charge and important when it comes to the management factors of the Business. They must participate actively in the events which take place and constantly feel like they are moving forward in terms of positioning and the importance of the work they do.

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This not only Enables the business managers to select out individual employees which they feel have much more capabilities, it also creates a competitive atmosphere among the employees to try and find the best managerial solutions and to increase the agility of the company through small and manageable steps within the confines of their individual sectors and departments.

What does this add to my Business?

By giving your employees limited but considerable chances to shine, you as a business manager will eventually lead a successful and limited number of highly functional and motivated Employees which are not only financially efficient, but will eventually be able to successfully and efficiently lead a number of other employees in each of their own departments or sectors, which is not only in line with your set of standards, but also amplifies the competitive arena within your company or business in order to achieve a higher position or to display one’s capabilities.

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