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Criminal Justice system: Strategy for the next Pandemic

May 18th, 2021
Legal Department

Criminal Justice system: Strategy for the next Pandemic

May 18th, 2021
Legal Department

There have been many changes in the criminal justice system in past few years. Although this system has been improved a lot, there’s a long way for it to be aligned with modern advancements. Some many factors and sections affect the future of criminal justice. To develop the system, world leaders must consider many important global attitudes that will finally form these sections. You have to have art and science to improve this system but nowadays due to the instability of the world which is caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, challenges are greater than ever.

Persistence of Covid-19

This pandemic will have a long-time effect on the world. Many criminal actions have been reduced and also the court hearing has altered from face-to-face to online and remote ones but on the other side backlog sessions have increased. Many countries have been done this in a fast way and also, they have reduced the rate of imprisonments and prison sentence length. Even they have been doing some inquiries over the influence of the prison sentence length on the criminal actions. Although many technology plots have been advanced to make sure the service duration is on board all the time, many others have been retarded.

The results of the pandemic on society are still obscure but we are sure that it will be deep. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) presumes that the worldwide economy will diminish 5 percent in 2020. When the economy grows less than it is expected then the taxes will be less and government incomes will be reduced too. On the other side, many government expenditures are dedicated to Corona cures so they are under the worst pressure ever. There are many concerns about the long-term effects of Coronavirus on education, health, security, and recruitments. Unfortunately, these bad situations are going to be worse for poor and needy people. It is estimated that those groups which are away from online education have probably lost their jobs more than other people and right now, they are feeling more dysphoria and anguish. The damaging effects of these discrepancies may stay for a long time. Also, the rate of unemployment will rise and it leads to guilty moves

The tragedy of Coronavirus and its relation with criminal models

It is proved that anything that alters the casual social life models can easily alter crime models as well. For instance, the global lockdown caused much domestic violence and the calls to the police and social emergencies have increased so much. But from the other side breaking into houses and shopliftings have decreased by over 70 percent. In the meantime, online usage has increased among people therefore, many cyber scams and felonies have increased.

Due to the pandemic, the movements have decreased so many crimes such as pickpocketing or carjacking have diminished as well. It is presumed that if these remote works remain for a long time even after the pandemic, then there will be a rapid shift in the manners of criminal actions and villainies.

People have bad views towards the future effect of the pandemic. In recent years suicide and drug and alcohol abuse have increased a lot and we estimate that during the Covid-19 pandemic they will be increased more and more. some criminologists recommend that we have to terminate or at least try to reduce the crime rates that are bound to the pandemic but it must happen before it ends. Crimes such as domestic violence or cyber scamming are considered here.

The future: uncertainties and criminal doubts

The changes in the criminal justice system won’t happen in only a few months or even years but they will happen after decades. Right now, we don’t have certain information about the exact criminal justice reforming. It is way hard for us to anticipate the future and thanks to the pandemic, even it is going to be harder. The Coronavirus pandemic may lead to instant shifts and changes in criminal actions.

Leaders must consider a framework so they can make big decisions about the future of criminal justice. This framework will have four parts:

  1. A glance at the past
  2. Considering the current tasks
  3. Ponder about the future
  4. Make different scenarios and start planning for the future

This framework will have credibility if the leaders can comprehend correctly the procedure. For instance, they must understand the requirements in the future like population or crime methods. Also, this procedure, if taken correctly and seriously, can lead to crime prevention and speed up new-fashioned ways to deal with criminal actions. Moreover, it can prevent useless investments in crime domination. For example, it will prevent building and creating facilities to catch the culpable physically. Because as said before, crimes are shifting into digital ones so developing physical facilities may get more useless day by day.

Although all the actions that need to be taken can be different per each country, some megatrends will be applied to the whole world.

Some of the megatrends are listed below:

  1. A developing society
  2. Globalization in economy
  3. The continuity on injustice
  4. Increasing the modern technological rate: A: Forgery of identity B: Artificial intelligent C: Vehicles that have been hacked.
  5. Wider information space
  6. Modern business patterns
  7. Personality and ideological contrast
  8. Lack of supplies and climate change
  9. The advancements of the global business economy

Even worldwide businesses and giant companies that have a significant role and effect on all of the countries in different continents, keep challenging the authorities. Nobody can deny it but to prevent many vast and global felonies such as complicated terrorist attacks, it is required full access to data and information of many multinational and security organizations with modern technologies and monitoring. Creating relationships and cooperating with these sorts of organizations play an important role and can be considered as basic actions for interdicting future terrorisms and money laundering on a large scale.

By keeping all these trends in our minds, still we have to stay aware of the operations that impress the police. There was an inquiry done in The United Kingdom that showed: shortly many guilt such as moral horror, conflicts and fights among civilians, downturns, and wide general irregularities might grow. Almost all the countries in the world experience downturns in their economies. Mainly it happens in the post-war duration or in regular times, every 5 to 10 years. Therefore, the are some courses available that are related to anti-riot and anti-controversies in all countries for the police.

The challenges in the long-term

The end of the Coronavirus pandemic and the trends in the world have a great effect on reforming the fathomless outcomes of the criminal justice system. The essence of criminal action charges, service patterns, and even social treaties that are based on the legislation will be transformed and changed. Anyhow, nowadays the big challenge is finding sufficient time and room to work on the future and make it superior but still we shouldn’t forget about the challenges and crises of today and we have to deal with them as well. All of the organizations that are in one way or another related to the criminal justice system must utilize all the chances to work on the plans for a better world. 

Article by Amir Masoud Navidi

Adapted from: Delloite.


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