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Developing Medication: What the Virus taught the people

May 29th, 2021
Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Production, Healthcare

Developing Medication: What the Virus taught the people

May 29th, 2021
Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Production, Healthcare

We can all agree that the moment of rethinking a change in the ways and manners of developing and clinical experiments about the virus. Speeding up the developing and expanding the medications are mingled with the brutal Covid-19 pandemic. All the organizations that are related to healthcare and medical communities and of course the governments’ help must increase the speed of developing vaccines or drugs to halt or at least reduce the speed of Coronavirus propagation in the world.

Immediate actions and the casual challenges of the virus

As the statistics indicate, the death of the Coronavirus has reached 2300000, and the number of people who have caught the virus has gone over 164 million all around the world. Due to the widespread of the virus in the globe and its mortality rate and its negative effects on the economy and health, the authorities that are related to the health services such as scientists and vaccine developers must think of a faster way for finding a cure not only for the Coronavirus but also for the rest of the maladies and even get prepared for the upcoming maladies and pandemics that one day may happen. Many people are getting infected and are dying each day because of the virus and there isn’t still a proven vaccine or medication for getting healed. Although there are some vaccines such as Sputnik, Oxford, or Pfizer, there is a long way to see how much they can be effective and it only becomes clear over time.

Some medications are non-approval but they can be used for other illnesses later! For example, Remdesivir was made for curing Ebola which was spreading in Africa a few years ago. It was never proved for healing Ebola though. Anyhow, about 18000 of them were available in 2019. After the Covid-19 pandemic, many scientists tried to heal the infected people buy it. It was discovered that Remdesivir can help cure some Coronaviruses such as MERS and SARS (In fact Covid-19, MERS, and SARS are different kinds of Coronavirus).

It is not important who you are or what you do! When you are infected by a virus, there is a grand possibility of its reproduction in your body. Scientists say that the whole way of medical trials must be re-measured. We can understand the output and proficiency of a vaccine, antivirus, or medication by checking the real-world proof datum. Of course, there are other ways for developing, analyzing, and experimenting with the remedies. For instance, datum calculation or cloud computation. These ways are good especially for nowadays that many facilities are available and even they can be considered necessary during the pandemic because they can speed up the procedure. Our speed must be synchronized with the speed of the virus duplication. If we want to fight against this virus and its threats, we must not lag. When suddenly some catastrophes happen in the world on a big scale such as the epidemic of Covid-19 virus which kills thousands of people and infects hundreds of thousands each day governments, healthcare centers, and microbiological laboratories cannot afford to intercept the virus procession or providing treatments for it so new devices must be expanded to deal with the experimental therapies in a large scale and be able to show its proficiency.

What can be done in the meantime about the virus?

While we are trying to do some medical experiments especially during pandemics, we have to consider what is the best for the patients that contain rapid access to the possible treatment. If we are going to do so, technology is going to assist us a lot. Furthermore, some important decisions must be made as quickly as possible so the procedure never gets paused. The scientist must rethink their priorities and organizations must put aside the customary ways. Hence, the patient must be centered but in the meantime, the procedure must continue as well. If these two happen, we can say for sure that we are on the correct path. One of the best and rapid researches on the therapies was the one that happened in Germany during the E.Coli pandemic in 2011 which preserved many lives. At that time government, healthcare centers, and the managers of Alexion had a collaboration with each other about the virus and also, by focusing on patients, Alexion could gather many datums from many patients, and just in a little time, a great success occurred for not only preventing the propagation but also making treatments for the disease. E.Coli infected almost 3500 people and killed 24 persons in Europe but all the organizations that in one way or another were related to health and safety could manage controlling it. This can be considered as an indispensable task that can be done for the Covid-19 epidemic.

What can be taken home after full virus vaccination?

We have developed the remedies for some illnesses like Psoriasis at a slow velocity and we have processed a lot in this case during the past years but for pandemics like Covid-19 which infects hundreds of thousands of people each day, it is going to be impossible to do the same thing for it and we must try to advance in the process so soon. We have to create new rules and a special structure for some tragedies that may happen in the future so that nobody would panic confronting them. It is believed that the US has taken the high road and became the leader in this matter. Whatever the US does; other countries may pursue. Dr. Palm claims that If the US makes new rules and becomes successful in preventing the virus outbreak, other nations will gain a general perspective and they can do the same thing for themselves.

As long as the virus is propagating on a large scale and at a high velocity, all of the actions that are needed to be done must be catalyzed under the domain of the applied real-world evidence (RWE) perusal. We have to pay attention to the details and with a statistical approach gather the datum and somehow anatomize them in real-time via some networks such as Amazon Elastic MapReduce (AEM). Advanced and digital technology will help us to respond quickly to the calamities which can happen suddenly and involve millions of people. These actions help us to understand the personal needs of the patients and also the general needs for gathering scientific datum for realizing the safety and the affections. Even some doctors and scientists believe that we have to reconsider developing medications whose safety and effects are already approved and are being used for healing many patients. They claim that the biological rational effects of the approved drugs alongside gathering data can help to advance other medications and find new treatments.       


As a result, all can agree that we are going to become capable of acting faster and even managing the current pandemic and the future ones if we have a belief in ourselves and if both the industries and the leaders collaborate and seriously start practical planning. At the moment, we don’t have exactly what it takes to develop treatments and medications for so soon because there is no specified instruction for developing remedies in the epidemic. Finally, those who are responsible have an important task to research or do a variety of inquiries for helping the humanity. 

Article by: Amir Masoud Navidi

Adapted from: Cognizant. 



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