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Digital Marketing Tips During the Pandemic

September 3rd, 2020
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Tips During the Pandemic

September 3rd, 2020
Digital Marketing

These days the importance of digital marketing is increasing rapidly and as a business owner or employer, you need to anticipate all the obstacles that you would face during the corona pandemic. One of the most potential side effects of the pandemic is a drastic shrinkage in sales and profit. Since there is a worldwide lock-down, self-service selling is not attractive anymore and it would not pay off as it should be. But here we have a solution which may help a lot and that is digital marketing. Before further explanation, we need to mention that digital marketing is not a quick solution to get back on track. It needs time and patience. At least you need to work on this facet of your market for four to six months of the Pandemic.

Digital Marketing during the Pandemic

The outspread of coronavirus has brought so many difficulties around the world. This is the very first time when more than 70% of countries are under lock down. People are stuck at home during this pandemic and lots of businesses and markets are facing serious challenges but every cloud has its silver lining. There is hope on the horizon.

In Maadico, we want to talk about digital marketing through the corona crisis and bring new ideas for those who are seeking a new perspective.

There are different digital marketing techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO) or social media marketing (SMM) and both these techniques need time to work. If you already stop working on digital marketing you would encounter with a severe breakdown so this is important to keep the flow during corona days with digital marketing.

Here in Maadico we want to share some useful information about how to use digital marketing to survive in the corona crisis.

Account for a big change in digital marketing utilization

Shift spend away from channels in which customer engagement has dropped such as event marketing or (OOH) out of home marketing. Engagements in digital world now focus on videos, podcasts and emails. Consumers are seeking through these channel to see if there is an opportunity to engage.

Come up with new ideas

Identify anything that is off-brand and fix it as fast as you can. Try to use new channels in digital marketing and avoid triggered emails or spam messaging for gaining attraction. Care about your customers, find out the things which are important to them. There are plenty of new methods and tools to help you be creative.

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Use your employees’ ideas, ask front line people who are more involved in crisis and think out of the box.

Analyze the most up-to-date information and use brand-new data

For an accurate analysis of your digital marketing, you need to keep yourself up to date. Comparing outcomes over a year or month cannot be as practical as it should be. The best way to manage your data is by analyzing will give you a vivid perspective of current uncertainties. Do not forget to use different funnel metrics such as (CRT) click-through rate. Working in this way will reveal to you what is working and what is not.

Make data-based decisions

One of the most important steps in managing your digital marketing is your cost fluctuations as spend across paid social shifts. Monitor every dollar that you spend and compare different campaigns to be sure which one is hitting return on ad spend targets.

Show that you respect and care about your customers

This crisis is a humanitarian is helpful to show your sympathy and care to people. Try to use different tools to show them that you know what is going on.

For having a successful advertisement it is crucial to remember your customers come first and it means you should know and monitor their needs. During the corona days, all people are under stress. Tension rises as the days of lockdown last. While this pandemic affected our lives we try to cope with the new situation, as s business owner you need to monitor your consumers’ needs precisely and use those data as your market messages. Try to be gentle to push sales while considering your costumers’ demands.

Build trust in Digital Maketing

We are all in this pandemic together, no one is away from what is happening. Even the most successful businesses are in this crisis. As a manager and employer, all you need to do is build trust. Yes, the stakes are high and the future is uncertain but the world and businesses are spinning and will eventually resume.

Add value to your supply chain

In the corona outbreak, most people are at home, and they spend more time online on the internet. This is the time to foster a great relationship with your costumers as they are more available. There are so many campaigns that can be helpful.

Try to offer a comparative shipping package

Either you are a professional manager or you just started to work remember monitoring your costumers’ needs is essential. Acknowledge that people want to get their packages as soon as possible if it is feasible to try to be transparent about the effect on inventory and shipping timelines.

Be sure your business can be found online

As we mentioned earlier, right now more people are online. They spend more time on the internet and Social Media. Statistics show in the corona days search engine traffic has increased as we hunker down. People are looking forward to seeing any new updates on global news, they also look for entertainment. Anything online is very important right now.

Acknowledge that people still place orders and need things even when at home that is why should get out of your shell and work hard on this aspect of your business.

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When it does, the brands left standing in every industry will have learned invaluable lessons in ingenuity, adaptability and crisis management. With some thoughtful adaptations, digital marketers can lay the foundation for a brighter, more prosperous future. Do not forget that SEO and digital marketing need patience and it is a long term plan. If you start your project today you will have seen the result in the future.

At Maadico, you have the possibility of hiring our highly professional and sophisticated team of experts in the fields of Digitalization, Marketing and Sale and also Agility for your company to roam among the giants of the international confidently and sustainably. Feel free to contact us to find out more about the services we provide to our friends.

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