Electronic breakthroughs we are all waiting for in 2021

September 21st, 2020

Electronic breakthroughs we are all waiting for in 2021

September 21st, 2020

Perhaps when Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in 2004 he didn’t know his invention would go ahead and become one of the most successful and pioneering corporations in electronics and programming. As of late 2019 Facebook was actively impacting almost all electronic advancements in the world. Tesla now installs Facebook on their critically acclaimed electronic cars and upon designing and releasing every new phone or electronic gadget, the creators incorporate Facebook as a default and essential program in the electronic industry.

Yet as of 2020, due to the controversies surrounding the company, hardly anyone remembers where Facebook started off as a company and so they have started to look for more conventional solutions by partaking in the electronic industry. When Facebook did this, many other companies like Amazon and Microsoft followed and initiated their own shares in the electronic industry.

Now, with the technological and financial giants of the world actively competing in the electronic arena, it would be worth mentioning a number of electronic breakthroughs we are expecting these companies to achieve until 2021. A rough list has been mentioned below.

Faster processors

IBM is world renown for creating the best microprocessors in the world and has ever since its initiation had an active role in the electronic industry.  The company has a very impressive history in the world of electronics and technology and continues to be one of the major pioneers in the industry. It was reported that as of late 2019, the company board of directors includes 15 representatives from shareholding companies such as UPS, Johnson & Johnson, and the Royal Dutch Shell. It would be hardly convincing to conclude that a company directed by shampoo makers, tire manufacturers, and a distribution corporation will be able to continue making jaw-dropping technological advancements and to actively persevere in making a better and faster world for anyone in the world of electronics and technology.   

electronic processors and advancements in technology we want to see in 2021.

It would also especially be hard to trust the 9th largest technological company by revenue to be able to think outside the box when it comes to electronics behind Samsung and Huawei. Therefore, IBM needs to stand beside Microsoft and Facebook in order to advance its electronics industries for a better and brighter tomorrow. As of this moment, 80 percent of the world’s processing units come from large electronic manufacturing companies in Beijing and this must be deemed as a wakeup call for most American Electronics companies. God, I wish Steve Jobs was still alive.

Global Internet

It was announced in 2014 that Google was planning to launch satellites into the orbit so that everyone across the globe could benefit from internet connectivity. Everyone was thrilled upon the announcement and was optimistic about a better, cheaper, and faster future. Companies such as Loon are being actively sponsored by telecommunication companies in order to make this project happen and the project by Google has been successful in some endeavors. As of this Tuesday, they have launched 35 balloons in Kenya which aims to provide 4G LTE internet for almost 39 million people in the African country.

loon internet balloon worldwide internet connectivity maadico.

Also, American Airline passengers can benefit from free internet access during flight as of early 2018. It would seem that the electronic project is going well and fast enough but one must into consideration that 80 percent of the Earth’s surface is not yet covered by this service and with 5G right around the corner, it would be hard to realize that the electronic project and the money spent on it would be right after all. With a massive boost in the Google revenue during the pandemic, we expected more cash to flow towards this project as Amazon too decided to have a slice of the pie. But ever since, we have not heard any news.

Self-driving Cars

Tesla announced in 2016 that they are investing a substantial amount of money on their self-driving cars, projects. An Electronic project initially picked up by Google has now witnessed a steady development in the hands of another emerging Electronic and technological Giant which just as so happens to be an automobile manufacturer as well. These electronic and AI intelligent cars are now able to make moral decisions which enables them to function not just on the highway, but on busy urban districts as well.

A huge technological advancement is right? Wrong.

self-driving cars tesla maadico technology electronics and developments.

Researchers have now found that in busy city streets, these electronic cars can easily be manipulated and bullied by pedestrians looking to have a good time. One can easily stand in front of these cars for hours and they could not go over their moral programming to run somebody over. This seems to be far off the relaxing cruise through the city and highway while reading a newspaper and checking Facebook in your car. To me, it would still be worth hiring a driver at 20k a Year than spending 200k on an electronic car that needs internet connectivity at all times.

Vocational and affordable Space travel

It was in 2020 that Virgin Galactic announced their million-dollar project to reinvent the wheel. And by wheel I mean the Concorde Supersonic airplane. It is estimated to launch by the end of 2021 and will be able to make the flight from London to New York in less than three hours while traveling 3 times the speed of sound. Forgive me if I am wrong but wasn’t virgin galactic planning to launch a space-traveling agency by late 2018?

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