How to improve the healthcare system of a Country

September 21st, 2020
Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Production, Healthcare

How to improve the healthcare system of a Country

September 21st, 2020
Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Production, Healthcare

Many countries around the globe are astounded that no matter how much budget they dedicate to their healthcare system, people are still unsatisfied and they are not successful at running an efficient and sophisticated healthcare system. While some countries struggle to maintain the balance in their healthcare system, other countries have become world-renowned in their sophisticated and well-maintained healthcare system.

Our experts at Maadico provide their professional opinion regarding the subject through a list of actions any Government can implement which would completely change both your outlook on the healthcare system and its functionality.

Here is a list of things you could do:

Pay Doctors by the Hour

In many healthcare systems across the world, the doctors benefit from a substantial lack of proper supervision when it comes to income and tax evasion. Many doctors earn so much money that they consider getting a slice of the pie in some industries such as construction and manufacturing. They are able to set up their clinics free of charge and do not accept debit cards so that they don’t have to pay income tax to the government. Their fees are stupidly high and there is not a process of jurisdiction when a doctor causes medical damages in the healthcare system. Some doctors in some countries have been reported to have left surgical appliances in the bodies of patients and others are reported to have done the wrong type of cosmetic surgery altogether. Yet unfortunately, the patient has been completely unable to prosecute the doctor in the healthcare system of the country.

In some of the pioneering countries in healthcare system management, a doctor could face massive fines upon committing the most simple mistakes. If there has been illegal revenue taken place, they would have their license revoked and could face jail time for disorderly conduct.

If state officials really are planning extensively to improve their healthcare system, then they must control the number of payment doctors receive. Being a physician means one must carry a heavy burden for a lifetime of responsibility and if this occupation is not properly regulated, it would lead to opportunists taking advantage of a faulty system. If the doctors at the hospital receive a considerable yet controlled amount of income which is directly supervised by the healthcare system, many of the faults and corruption from the system would be eradicated.

Directly supervise Nurses and Employees

As seen in the educational system, when directly supervising teachers and recording the actions which take place in the classroom, the teachers have been reported to perform better over longer periods of time and also the students, knowing they are being recorded, behave more carefully and are more thoughtful about their conduct which leads to better learning and therefore a more efficient educational system. If this were to be implemented in the healthcare system more strictly, nurses would do their jobs better and more efficiently. They would think twice before mistreating patients and would take care of things more quickly. Add to this a rewarding system and you will witness a substantial increase in both satisfaction and efficiency in your healthcare system.

Keep clean and clear records

In today’s world, keeping your records clear and without any controversy is considered a great advantage in the healthcare system of some countries. People who pay the tax for their healthcare for some countries want to know where their money is exactly going. Some NGO Organizations active in the healthcare system proudly publish their financial reports on their website for the public to see. Mahak is a public-funded organization in Iran dedicated to fighting cancer in children is an example. Established in a country that is not particularly an exemplar for its transparency in the financial sector, the organization has decided to go against the tide and publish an extensive report on its annual payments and financial situation. This has led to people donating massive amounts of money to the organization on an hourly basis and they report every cent of it.

Keeping the books clean and transparent not only helps in gaining the trust of the public, but it also increases efficiency in the system when you know where them money you spend goes directly. If this were to be implemented in every sector of the healthcare system, it would be much easier to consider future movements.   

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