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How to market in the Food and Beverages Industry

September 20th, 2020
Food and Beverages

How to market in the Food and Beverages Industry

September 20th, 2020
Food and Beverages

Companies around the globe spend a massive amount of money on marketing their products in the food and beverages industry. One of the challenges companies may face in this area is the dominant brands that have a stronghold in the hearts and minds of consumers. Food and beverages companies in other countries, despite having a great production quality always seem to lag behind companies such as Pepsi and Coca-Cola in terms of market research and analysis and could only dream of keeping up with their sales numbers. But this, using the correct methods and business plans can be greatly altered if constituted with the counsel of dedicated professionals and experts in the field of marketing and strategy.

We at Maadico provide companies especially in the food and beverages industry with the advice and guidance needed to play among the big leagues through our sophisticated teams of the highly dedicated and professional team of experts. We guide companies in the food and beverages industry towards a better and more efficient operation while ensuring their sustainability and agility to be able to compete with some of the biggest names in the food and beverages industry. We also help companies concerning their business strategy and their marketing and sales plans to be able to excel sustainably towards a more profitable future. To find out more, click here!

Our teams of experts in the food and beverages industry have always thought about providing food and beverages industries with an easy to follow the pathway towards a better management strategy on the way of realizing their goals and aspirations.

Some are mentioned below:

Pick a rival in the food and beverages industry

There are hundreds of thousands of small, medium, and large companies and corporations currently active in the food and beverages industry. Yet not all have the same goals and aspirations. Some have targeted local markets with their cheaper pricing in contrast to their rivals and others have focused on providing their services to a specific group of consumers. A case in point would be Khayyam Vodka. Named after the 11th century Persian and Muslim astronomer, mathematician, and poet, this particular product has mainly focused on those Iranians that despite their religion would go for an alcoholic drink. Despite their focus on the legacy of ancient Persian astronomers and philosophers and to introduce them and to promote them in the world, their target market is rather small, and other cultures have not taken the branding favorably. You would never see a brand of vodka or wine named after Rumi or Shakespeare.

Hence, the marketing division of this company is rather advised to set several rivals with the same outlook and goals and aspirations in the market and try to win over the hearts and minds of the customers by making up for their shortcomings while learning from their success in the food and beverages industry. Once you start with a certain rival and defeat them, look up to a better and bigger rival in the food and beverages industry and compete. This competition not only tests and increases your company’s abilities but also enables your company to be able to compete in big-league food and beverages companies industries in whatever category you pursue perfection in.

Take up a marketing and advertising plan

Many of us would agree that some products in the food and beverages industry may not be as good as they are advertised in the Media. Opening up a pack of chips could be a very good exemplification alongside the food advertised by McDonald’s or Burger King. Then, of course, every Manager in the food and beverages industry from the smallest to the largest companies and corporations understands the importance of proper advertisement. By proper we mean employing a variety of techniques in video and photography to make your product seem most appealing to the customers.

Food and Beverages by Maadico comparison burger king

Take into notice that the high number of sales in McDonald’s is not due to the high quality of food. It is due to the sheer magnitude of their representing restaurant in every region and the low price of food that they offer. Who hates a greasy and delicious burger at $5.95?

Yet, as a Start-up Company, your winning card isn’t to sell your product cheaply and in great numbers; but to live-up to the expectation of your consumers in the food and beverages industry. As soon as you market your new product, your customers are reluctant to try it out unless someone advises them to. Of course, advertisement has a substantial effect on winning the hearts and minds of your potential consumers but it would take a real person to network market for your products and almost free of charge; Which takes us to our next piece of advice.

Promote your product intelligently

Again, we all agree it is very difficult to ignore or avoid that sweet young lady at the supermarket trying to attract our attention towards her product. But using these approaches will not have that much of an effect on your sales and customer satisfaction in the food and beverages industry. The best way to start is to provide some of your product for free to your friends and relatives. When they realize the difference of your product not only will they notify their counterparts, but also will eventually ask you to provide them with more.

It is at that time when you tell them a particular shop where they can find and purchase your product since you have sold them all out. In turn, the shopkeeper will order more of your popular product and this cycle continues until you find yourself barely keeping up with the sales demands.

Many believe Success in the food and beverages industry has only to do with producing a high-quality product, but it takes more than to just think about profit. If you have entered this industry, prepare yourself for losses and disappointments. Then again, if you are patient enough, you will find this line of business very fruitful.

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