Marketing and Sale, Strategy, Digitalization

Advertising Consultant

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  • Strategic Selling
  • Networking
  • Develop and Implement Marketing Strategies
  • Participate in Regular Training appointments
  • Liaise with Clients
  • Cost calculating

What you'll do

Advertising consultants sell advertising space in several types of media and form marketing agreements for clients. Although, as Advertising consultants you will spend about half your time working in office environments, the rest of your work hours are spent going to gather clients and participate in marketing appointments. Professionals in this job work day and evening hours throughout weekdays and weekends, and majority find employment with marketing firms, newspapers, magazines, digital advertising outlets, radio stations, and television conglomerates. supervision and feedback are provided by Marketing managers and office managers to advertising consultants.

Advertising consultants at Maadico are expected to be capable of having professional and high-grade interaction with costumers. They use persuasive selling techniques to influence clients that are immersed into the marketing space and services is essential to generate more profits and chances for their Businesses. Companies that hire advertising consultants look for professionals who present the subsequent essential skills associated with this job