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  • Hit Monthly Sales Quota for Territory: Managing the target goal monthly:
    As with any type of Sales Manager, the Channel Manager’s most important responsibility involves hitting their monthly goals. Channel Managers, along with the senior management team, are responsible for developing the strategy to hit said goals.
  • Continuously Train Sales Team on Company Offerings: they have to teach some key title to their team:
    Since Channel Managers are part of the management team, part of their job involves training channel partners and their staff. This typically involves implementing a company standard training process. Given the ever-changing nature of sales and marketing campaigns, this training happens continuously.
  • Manage Relationships with Channel Partners:
    Channel Managers are the key point of contact between their employer and channel partners. Performing this duty takes excellent customer service skills, and also involves negotiating contracts.
  • Monitor Sales and Operational Results Based on KPIs: making KPI reports and presenting them to senior management:
    Channel Managers need to constantly monitor the health of their campaigns by keeping an eye on the Key Performance Indicators set by the Director of Sales. This includes creating KPI reports and presenting them to senior management.
  • Represent Company at Industry Trade Shows:
    Since Channel Managers typically work in a business-to-business environment, trade shows are a big part of their strategy of prospecting for new customers. This involves creating promotional materials, as well as setting up and taking down a company booth. It also involves pitching company offerings to prospects.
  • Channel Manager Education and Training:
    Channel Managers aren’t required to have a Bachelor’s degree, but most do. Typical fields of study include Business, Management, Marketing and Economics. Channel Managers are also required to have successful experience as a Channel Sales Representative.

What you'll do

Channel Managers play an important role in companies, for instance: they do things like developing sales strategies, negotiating with partners and training and developing their sales team.  A number of partners who works in company is mostly due to the size of the employer to hire them. In addition, Channel managers, service, have good connection with channel partners.

 At Maadico, Channel Managers are often considered middle-management. The reports are recorded by the Channel managers and then they delivered to the VP of Channel Sales in most of the organizations. Channel Managers are employed in most of areas that deals with business-to-business sales.

It is paramount that Channel Managers have awesome communicators. Using information that were grabbed by Channel managers, will help you to comprehend what others say and aids you to improve the company’s strategies. You also must be active listeners because it’s a good way to build relationships. You have to have strong sense of social skills and aware of nonverbal cues to feel out how a negotiation is running, and be able to adjust accordingly. Channel Managers at Maadico, also have to be innovative in their finding to give a hand to their channel partners effectively sell their product. Furthermore, to these skills and personality characters, Maadico is searching for Channel Manager candidates with these abilities:

Advanced Proficiency in English or at least one other foreign language.

Organizing and implementing channel sales strategies and theories to meet monthly sales share

Expending and maintaining partner and prospective partner relationships through the use of CRM software

Negotiating contracts and developing plans with current and prospective channel partners

Ability to use leadership and sales acumen to train and develop sales staff

Being able to use analytical skills to analyze main Performance Indicators to determine the health of a channel partner relationship.

Being able to provide the company with at least one academic paper per month.

Channel Manager Tools of the Trade: As with all professions, there are a few tools Channel Managers use to complete their tasks, that most of them are digital. Here are a few of these tools:


Spreadsheets – Channel Managers use spreadsheets to track sales results and monitor KPIs. This software is typically Microsoft Excel.


CRM Software – Channel Managers use client relationship management (CRM) software to organize and monitor current and prospective partners who are in various stages of the sales cycle. This software allows an entire sales team to be on the same page when communicating with prospective partners.


Email – Channel Managers do virtually all of their digital communication through email, so they must be proficient in an email client like Gmail or Microsoft Outlook.


Social Media – Channel Managers make use of LinkedIn to identify potential channel partners, as well as to identify the decision makers to contact within that company.