Strategy, Agility, Operation

Customer Service Analyst

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  • Perform Research and Analyses:
    They utilize different tools to gather a data and resources and also they have to be expert in translating their findings to easy reports.
  • Develop Strategies:
    They try to work with subject matter experts, marketing teams or management to develop and implement plans.
  • Train Employees:
    Customer Service Analysts will often find themselves responsible for training employees in new processes and strategies to help with process or sales improvement initiatives.

What you'll do

A Customer Service Analyst at Maadico aims to analyze a customer service department’s operations and offer recommendations on steps to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction levels. It is obviously clear that you will use different data like:  customer satisfaction reports, surveys and complaint logs. Developing strategies and techniques and also improving the service department’s productivity are the examples of Customer service Analysts duty. In addition, you may work with customers helping center to troubleshoot issues and resolve customer dissatisfaction.

It should be noticed that Customer Service Analysts are part of a customer service department and so, you will be working under the supervision of the customer service manager. 

It is strongly expected that Customer Service Analysts be excellent to communicate with different scope of clients and should possess wonderful interpersonal skills and be excellent communicators. Being relaxed under the hard pressure and having fantastic customer service skills are also crucial. You have to have a flexibility to work well with minimal oversee and be highly managed. Maadico is searching for candidates with some particular properties that are mentioned below:

Core skills: According to job listings we looked at, Customer Service Analysts with these core skills are wanted by employers in various companies. If you are interested to work as a Customer Service Analyst, focus on the following.

Proficient in English at advanced level besides at least another foreign language.

Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite

Knowledge of customer service practices

Experience in mediation and conflict resolution techniques

Data analysis experience

Knowledge of research practices

Presenting the company with an academic paper once a month.

Advanced skills: While most employers did not require the following skills, numerous job listings included them as preferred. Broaden your job opportunity by adding these skills.

Experience working in customer service or sales

Marketing or advertisement experience

Experience with statistic software such as SPSS