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Data Analyst

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  • Interpreting Data: Utilizing databases to create ongoing reports.
    Using statistical techniques, data analysts analyze results from data, using this information to create ongoing reports.
  • Implementing Databases: You will run a suitable plan which is based on the data and information that they have worked on.
    Data analysts develop and implement databases, as well as data analytics and strategies to optimize the efficiency and quality of data processes within the organization.
  • Gathering Information from various sources.
    A key part of this job is to acquire data from primary and secondary sources, to use to maintain data systems.
  • Identifying Trends.
    As data analysts, you need to look at the data you’ve collected to find patterns or trends in complex data sets. This also helps in cleaning data by reviewing computer reports and performance indicators to correct any coding problems.
  • Finding Ways to Improve Processes: You must try to target a goal with the cooperation of your management.
    Data analysts work with management to establish the business goals of Maadico and information needs so that these can be prioritized. They also define new processes and ways to improve on how information is gathered and used.

What you'll do

Using data and statistical information is one of the regular tasks that Data analysts do to help organizations make better and more informed decisions. Doing this at Maadico includes several duties such as: expanding records management systems, recognizing places to increase efficiency, and controlling and auditing data quality. Having an analytical mind and strong math skills are crucial elements to perform this job as well as it is possible with us.

Our data analysts should have strong numerical abilities, for instance: be critical thinkers, and being able to interact with complex information in different circumstance. Besides proficiency in at least one foreign language and academic education, we typically require a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, computer science, or a similar field, as well as the following abilities:

  • Analytical skills – translating data analysts and examine data to draw conclusions and identify patterns
  • Computer knowledge – this position needs the use of various software and statistical data
  • Communication skills–the ability to communicate complex data, and to write and speak clearly, are important skills that are crucial to obtain this career at Maadico.
  • Math skills – data analysts need to have strong numeracy skills to estimate and interpret numerical data
  • Attention to detail – it’s vital that data analysts be exact in their work, able to spot errors, and vigilant to ensure that any problems are corrected for exact results.

Data Analyst Education and Training

The minimum requirement to become a data analyst is a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, computer science, or a similar subject. As a monthly repertoire, data analysts at Maadico must submit an essay on paper to the standards which will be mentioned in further steps. For upper-level positions, a master’s degree in these areas is beneficial. Data analysts have to have experience in analysis and math, and depending on the area of specialization, certification can also be required.

An advanced or near native proficiency of the English language is required for this position.