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Data Quality Analysts

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  • Developing and implementing test plans and scripts for various data quality processes.
  • Maintaining manual and automated test scripts and recommending modification as per requirements.
  • Coordinating with teams to design standards for present and prospective applications and databases.
  • Maintaining an effective framework in coordination with technology teams for production systems.
  • Presentation of at least one paper on a related subject a month.

What you'll do

The complex data analysis is examined by our Data quality analysts as you draw conclusions from this information to set the main goal of the company. You will also play a significant role to manage performance and quality control plans to identify any issues that is essential to upgrade the system. It is clear that every occupation needs a particular collaborating that improves the development system. In addition, our Data quality analysts have to work with database developers to implement effective automation processes in the organization.

This role involves working with database developers to implement databases for more effective data collection and storage, as well as performing data analytics and other strategies to optimize the efficiency and quality of the data being collected.

 Generally, Data quality analysts work full time in an office and they are part of our development teams. This role will be appropriate for people who enjoy working with numbers and data sets, professional to work with computer and have strong analytical abilities.

Professional Skills:

Wide experience in working on Windows and UNIX development environment

Outstanding knowledge of automated test tools and performance

Operational knowledge of various desktop software

Proficient in supervising activities of quality assurance staff

Advanced or near native proficiency of one or more languages.

Obligatory Skills:

Technical expertise –You must be must be expert and able to work with data models and data mining software.

Computer skills –Using various software programs in practical way

Analytical abilities –Strong analytical skill is required to evaluate and explain trends Interpersonal skills – this task involves working with different companies and as part of a team. It should be mention that being able to communicate well is very important

Problem-solving skills: Data quality analysts must be critical thinkers who can successfully troubleshoot and solve problems.

Other Attributes and Duties:

Maadico will determine the exact roles and responsibilities for a data quality analyst. Based on job listings we analyzed, a data quality analyst’s duties typically involve:

Interpret Data:

At the first step you explain data and analyze them by special technics and then you report it to senior management.

Data quality analysts interpret data and analyze the results using statistical techniques. You shall provide ongoing reports on the effects of different strategies and observe any trends or issues to raise with senior management.

Develop and Implement Databases: You will try to collect more beneficial data to determine a company’s strategy and plan better than usual. 

Identify Trends:

Data quality analysts acquire data from primary or secondary sources to maintain database systems. They also identify and interpret trends or patterns in complex data sets.

Review Computer Reports: You will correct code mistakes and review them.

This role involves filtering and “cleaning” data by reviewing computer reports and performance indicators to correct any code problems and check the efficiency of the data collection processes in place.

Prioritize Business Needs:

Data quality analysts work with management to prioritize business and information needs and identify new processes that will improve the systems in place and define new opportunities.

Data Quality Analyst Education and Training

To become a data quality analyst, the minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, economics, computer science, information management, or statistics is required from an acceptable institution. Upon submission, we may request a master’s degree in these subjects as well. Because this role is based on analysis, applicants need to have had extensive coursework in areas such as statistics, calculus, and algebra. Coursework in computer science is also beneficial, as analysts rely on database software to evaluate data. Data quality analysts also need good knowledge of programming languages, in particular SQL and JavaScript, and excellent statistical knowledge. Continuing education is important for this role, so keeping up with advances in technology, software tools, and analytical methods is a must.

For their submission to be reviewed, applicants must offer an academic paper on a related subject never been printed elsewhere.

Candidates must also have an advanced or near native proficiency of the English language besides at least one other foreign language.