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Functional Business Analyst

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  • Linguistic capabilities:
    All employees at Maadico must have an advanced or near native proficiency of English besides other languages.
  • Analyze Existing Systems:
    At first you will evaluate the software system and start to analyze what the essential needs are for company. You must also include some elements to establish some indicators.
  • Write Documentation:
    Having implemented new system, and then changed all the documents. Furthermore, you write some supporting documents for employees to understand the process of new softwares.
  • Create Plans for Change:
    Devising a new plan base on innovation.
    Once a functional business analyst has identified changes needed to a company’s software system, you then devise a plan to implement these changes.
  • Simulate Changes:
    New system that was modeling by functional business analysts will be test to evaluate how it works.
    Before recommending any changes, functional business analysts test their suggestions to see how well they work. They use modeling software and practices to evaluate current systems and the effect of the new systems or practices they suggest.
  • Prepare the Organization for Change:
    They are able to estimate the potential of the company to make changes.
    Functional business analysts evaluate how ready an organization is to make change and guide it along the way to ensure a seamless transition. This often involves translating technical subjects or jargon into language that employees at every level of the company can understand.
  • Troubleshoot Software Systems:
    If some errors occur by the system it is a responsibility of functional business to solve them.
    Since the functional business analyst is the one who designed and installed the system, companies often call on them to identify and remedy any problems that occur.

What you'll do

Using software for particular purposes in a more productive way is one of the Functional business analysts duties. They are to be  professional to assess, install, and troubleshoot software systems because these skills help them to analyze better and have a broadened mind about technical knowledge. This upper-level management position requires at least an undergraduate degree as well as both business and technological expertise at Maadico.

Although, qualifications for a functional business analyst position is different in every company and it’s mostly base on employer decision. But the following statements are must have skills that are essential to become a successful functional business analyst at Maadico:

IT knowledge – Your primary role as a functional business analyst is assessing a company’s current software and computer systems, to identifying which changes or improvements are needed.

Analytical thinking – Determining how the processes and software systems work, you as functional business analysts must know about how to estimate a company’s current system and recognize the parts that require improvement.

Critical and creative thinking – Functional business analyst at Maadico should have innovation in doing their tasks. It is strongly expected that you come up with various solutions and prospects to evaluate software systems and give recommendation for changes. Furthermore, this work is not as easy as it seems and it needs practical skills.

Interpersonal skills – functional business analysts work closely with people at all levels of our organization. Collaborating with different scopes of people at Maadico requires strong verbal and written communication skill

Leadership skills –It should be noticed that functional business analysts use their leadership skills and convincing to sell their ideas. In addition, the plans that are suggested by you will make colleagues to cooperate with each other in effective ways.

Functional Business Analyst Education and Training

At Maadico, functional business analysts need at least an undergraduate degree, preferably in a computer science or technology field, such as engineering. Some have business degrees with a focus on computer science, information technology, or a similar field. They also need experience analyzing systems and suggesting improvements. The specific experience required depends on what aspect of business they specialize in.

Functional business analysts need to present at least one full report on a monthly schedule, including suggestions and innovative ideas on how to better improve the functionality of the company.

Because they focus on using a specific technology, functional business analysts at Maadico must draw on their expertise using that technology as well as their understanding of how the company plans to use it. For example, when analyzing software used for the company’s finances, the analyst must have significant experience both using the software and working in finance.