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IT Operations manager

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  • Linguistic capabilities:
    At Maadico, all employees are required to have an advanced or near native proficiency of English besides at least one other language.
  • Monitor IT Servers and System:
    Whole the computer system is controlled by IT operation manager. Furthermore, you make decision to upgrade and update the system.
  • Direct IT Technicians:
    Another important duty of the IT operations manager is directing the activities of IT technicians, both to directly support end users and to assist with IT department upgrades and directives.
  • Develop Department Policies:
    IT operations managers at Maadico, make sure that the organization runs a right way by flourishing IT policies and process.
  • Resolve Help Desk Escalations:
    You will try hard to resolve issues that occur by offering several solutions.
  • Negotiate Vendor Contracts:
    You must negotiate with a wide range of vendors to assess the best offering, based on pricing and the companies’ budget and other factors to choose the best services and equipment.
  • Oversee Upgrades and Installations:
    Finally, IT operations managers support IT department activities while upgrading systems and servers and migrating the organization’s data.

What you'll do

IT operations managers at Maadico are always wearing more than one hat in technology department. They make sure that services and systems are working well and also they allow their teams to extend and implement networks and servers. In addition, they have another duties like: controlling how the system acts and answering the questions that are related to IT operations managers.

Our IT department is supported by the guidance of IT operations. They try to solve mistakes quickly, like: prevent delays and outages. They also directly cover end users, resolving user topics, and control the performance target of business-critical systems to stop delays and outages and resolve ongoing problems as soon as it’s possible.

IT operations managers at Maadico, make balance between the department direction and day-to-day user support. Maadico prefers to hire candidates with special capabilities, such as: having at least bachelor’s degree, Essay writing and research capabilities and having work experience, and the following skills:

Technical skills –Having broaden computer information which is including servers and systems, to be able to lead IT departments successfully.

Team leadership –You must know how to lead a team work effectively and also set the companies priorities.

Process enhancement – At Maadico, IT managers progress and develop policies and process for the IT department, so it is crucial for them to have some information about assessing and improving procedures.

Communication skills –Being professional in writing and verbal communication and also managing team members are essential skills that IT operation should have.

Problem-solving skills – This role also needs great problem-solving skills, especially when it comes to directly addressing user issues with software, hardware, and servers.

Budget management –You need to be strong in the financial management field and budgeting skills to supervise department budget and capital spending.

IT Operations Manager Education and Training

IT operations managers at Maadico typically need at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as information technology, computer science, or management information systems. Many also receive a master’s degree in one of these fields or in business administration to prepare for the leadership aspects of this role. Typically, IT operations managers have extensive experience within an organization’s IT department working as technicians or analysts, along with some management experience.

At Maadico, IT Operations Managers must provide at least one full report on a monthly basis in order to help better develop and expand the Capabilities of the company.