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Management consultants

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  • Linguistic abilities: Management consultants at Maadico must have an advanced or near native proficiency in English besides at least one more language.
  • Identify Problems:
    Recognizing the problems which have had a negative effect on companies and trying to find the best answer for them.
  • Analyze Business Structure:
    Management consultants at Maadico must analyze business structures to search for inefficiencies that may affect the company’s bottom line.
  • Evaluate Management Staff:
    Management consultants at Maadico, oversee the staffs to control their behavior’s that has direct impact on company’s’ profit.
  • Interview and Observe Employees:
    Our Management consultants interview and observe employees within a company to locate problem areas and find ways to improve staff functions.
  • Analyze Financial Data:
    One of the benefits of analyzing financial data is to find excess cost in turn leading to increase company revenue.
  • Create and Give Presentations:
    Management consultants must create and give presentations showcasing areas of improvement for business.
  • Organize Workshops:
    Organizing workshops to enhance employees potential. Management consultants organize employee and management workshops to increase staff productivity.
  • Meet with Clients:
    Management consultants must meet with business owners and executives to determine their needs and find out what changes they hope to see in their business.

What you'll do

Management consultants have great responsibility at Maadico. One of their significant duties is that they look for different ways to upgrade the advantages of Maadico and promote efficiency. Some of our Consulting managers prefer to work independently while are hired in firms as full-time employees. Generally, they work for the main company in different positions. Some of them have large corporations with companies and another’s are hired by offering temporary services. Sometimes they have to travel to perform their duties.

Management consultants at Maadico try to find new ways to increase company profitability, by using various tools, like: identifying business operations and finances, evaluation and assessment and also interviewing employees. We at Maadico, are seeking for people who are are skillful in some of many particular abilities that few of which are mentioned below:

Analytical ability : Being able to calculate and analyze business operations, finances, and employees, which needs capable analytical skills

Sales : Having a strong sales skills and a great sense of understanding of selling things is an important factor which is required for achieving this position.

Management : Management consultants analyze management structures and employees within a business, which requires strong managerial skills

Communication skills: You must to be great communicators to be able to do their duties as well as it’s possible.

Attention to detail: It is strongly expected that management consultants at Maadico be great at paying attention to details.

Mathematics: Since management consultants study financial data, math skills are a vital part for this job

Problem-solving: Looking for problems  happened and try to find the best solution is a significant task that is done by management consultants at Maadico.

Management Consultant Education and Training

At Maadico, we require management consultants to have a bachelor’s degree in business management or a related field. For management consultants, we also look for professionals with past business experience or previous successful business ownership. Due to the nature of the job management consultants performance, Maadico also seeks professionals who have extensive management experience.

Little to no training is provided to management consultants, who already have the education and skills required to perform their normal occupational duties. We hire management consultants to work in-house or as traveling consultants and may provide a brief training or orientation period, typically no longer than two weeks. Management consultants who work as independent contractors receive no training and are expected to perform their duties upon being hired for a specific job.

Management Consultants at Maadico are required to provide the company with at least one full report on a monthly schedule in regards to the their Ideas on the betterment of our Company’s functionality and operations.