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Marketing Engineer

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  • Linguistic Abilities:
    Marketing Engineers at Maadico are typically required to have an advanced or near native proficiency of English, alongside at least one other language.
  • Hold Instructional Demonstrations:
    You have to perform presentation base on how products work.
  • Support Sales and Marketing Efforts:
    You must support sales in different ways that are possible. Sometimes you have to travel to various conferences and external sales calls.
  • Create Technical Documentation:
    Technical documentation like white papers, troubleshooting guides, and design guides are crucial to the continued success of a product for both internal team members and external clients.
  • Train Marketing Staff:
    Since marketing engineers at Maadico, must have a deep understanding of the technical aspects of the product and be able to translate them into common terms for clients, they are often involved in the training of new marketing staff as you will be.
  • Research Competitor Products:
    One of the most important duties that you will have is that you will do some research based on technical and marketing situations.

What you'll do

Marketing engineers are crucial part of the marketing groups of Maadico because they have been using technical wisdom to promote sales and marketing campaigns. Internal sales teams and external clients are supported by marketing engineers to understand the technical aspects of a product. They usually report to marketing managers and spend most of their time in the office. Although, they might also travel to meet with customers as needed.

Marketing engineers at Maadico, should be interested to communicate well. In addition, the ability to simplify information is also crucial. Having a bachelor’s degree in marketing engineering and at least three years’ experience in a technical marketing role are essential steps in this field. Along with these qualifications, Maadico seeks candidates with the following skills:

Technical writing –Writing documents and presenting ideas in brilliant, marketing engineers write technical documentation and presentations ideas in a clear, brief, and consistent manner.

Field experience with clients – Being able to speak well with clients and having a previous experience in this field.

Data collection and analysis –Creating a big-picture visualization of competing products by collecting data and analyze them.

Communication skills – It is strongly required at Maadico, that marketing engineers should have excellent interpersonal communication skills.

Collaboration – At Maadico, Marketing engineers constantly work with co-workers on different teams and collaborate well with departments that have drastically different responsibilities.

Marketing Engineer Education and Training

Marketing engineers At Maadico, should have a bachelor’s degree in an engineering field directly relevant to the industry in which they work. Depending on the product, we may require additional training or certifications. For example, a network management company might prefer candidates to have a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification.