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Marketing Communications Specialist

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  • Create Marketing Materials:
    Producing newsletters, emails and other materials that is design by Marketing materials. Marketing communications specialists create all the marketing materials that are distributed to customers, including newsletters, emails, and brochures. You may also work with design teams to create other materials such as videos and white papers.
  • Distribute Marketing Materials:
    Once marketing materials are creating for specific marketing campaigns, marketing communications specialists are responsible for distributing them through the appropriate channels. You will research both online and offline channels to learn how to best distribute marketing materials for maximum exposure.
  • Track Marketing Campaign Performance:
    After marketing campaigns are successfully underway, marketing communications specialists track their performance. You will track metrics such as customer engagement and conversion rates to identify ways they can improve during future marketing campaigns.
  • Report on Marketing Campaign Performance:
    Marketing communications specialists are responsible for reporting on campaign performance. You will analyze data and create presentations on that analysis to deliver to upper management.
  • Plan Interviews and Press Conferences:
    Marketing communications specialists may also be responsible for setting up interviews and press conferences as part of a marketing campaign. This involves contacting media outlets or industry experts.
  • Marketing Communications Specialist Education and Training:
    Marketing communications specialists should have at least a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or a related field. More advanced degrees typically offer better opportunities for growth and pay. Marketing communications specialists typically receive training once they are hired. This training provides an opportunity to learn more about the company’s current marketing campaigns and the strategies that are being built by the marketing team.

What you'll do

First and foremost, marketing communications specialists have  lots of duties and responsibilities to take care of, for example: You will be responsible for up warding the brands’ awareness for clients. Most of the industries have specific position for marketing communications specialists. At Maadico, this position requires a bachelor’s degree. Candidates who are able to communicate well and are great to grab someone’s attention are suitable for this position. Furthermore, they report directly to a marketing director.

Presenting information in a clear manner which is require to catch this position.

Maadico is searching for candidates who have at least two years of experience in a marketing position with these following skills:

English – You must have an advanced proficiency of English besides at least one other foreign language. 

Marketing knowledge – You must have enough knowledge in marketing trends and strategies and  being  able to apply this knowledge to practical skill.

Creativity –It is strongly expected that you have sense of creativity and are able to change unexciting concepts into interesting ones for attracting client.   

Writing skills – You must be professional to write and present their visions in a bright style. Following this, they can use their skill to translate complex writings into simples ones to present them to customers.

You must therefore, be able to present an academic paper on related subject to the company once a month.  

Presentation skills – since marketing communications specialists report campaign performance to upper management, you will need to be skilled presenters.

Communication skills – marketing communications specialists are wonderful communicators. you must be able to work with a different kinds of teams in a company to create complete marketing strategies and interact  with clients.