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Packaging different Products the Proper Way

September 21st, 2020
Publishing and Packaging

Packaging different Products the Proper Way

September 21st, 2020
Publishing and Packaging

Many managers and CEOs around the globe understand the importance of proper packaging for their products. Almost all manufacturing companies go as far as creating their own packaging and distribution sector rather than paying other professional packaging companies to carry out this duty for them. If you want your product to be at its best quality especially in the agriculture division, packaging is considered of great importance. Also, if you are active in the electronics sector, delivering your merchandise in one piece and in a solid and secure fashion is the main contributing factor of its packaging system.

One thing many companies and organizations that have to deal with packaging fail to notice is that they must consider the different aspects of packaging in accordance with their line of business. An Electronics company must not order the same packaging that a food and beverage company does.

Our highly professional and dedicated experts at Maadico in the packaging sector aim to provide you with an insight into what requirements each company in different lines of business must expect from their packaging and distribution division. Want to learn more? Let’s do this.

Agricultural Packaging

Managers and entrepreneurs active in the agricultural division often fail to realize the importance of proper packaging in this sector. They often go with their traditional packaging form of fruits and vegetables in a box which could potentially work for the domestic market. Yet , when hey begin to see the big picture and aim to export their products to a foreign country, there are major points they must take into consideration:

  • The colors on the packaging play a crucial role when it comes to attracting the attention of the customer.
  • Your packaging plays a crucial role in keeping your produce as fresh as can be when it reaches the hands of the consumer.
  • Countries may have different laws and regulations when it comes to the material used in packaging due to environmental considerations.
  • Your package must be solid and able to protect your produce throughout the process of import and export and not damage the product inside.

In order to better understand how this works, Imagine packaging your pineapple produce in a box used to carry around garlic. Each produce needs to be maintained in accordance to its own attributes. While many companies understand the importance of hiring packaging professionals, others simply put their products in boxes and send them off to the consumers in another country and end up with heavy financial loss or if not, the cost of their product being returned. Many companies will have to face legal action in the target country if they do not take proper packaging into due consideration.

In Electronics

All of us would agree that when it comes to the packaging of our electronic devices, we do not put the design in a very high priority. Upon purchasing and electronic device, it would be most important that the product be in one piece and in a solid state. One would immediately realize that the packaging policy of electronics companies has shifted dramatically in the recent years. They have changed their large meticulously designed cardboard boxes to smaller brick sized packages. In the past, when you bought a simple mobile phone, you expected a hologram to pop-up but now, the companies have shifted to more practical approaches. Things that are now most important in the packaging of electronic devices are:

  • Complete and total protection of the device inside the package.
  • Being able to withstand the load of products upon transportation.
  • Being as environmentally friendly as possible.
packaging electronics iphone pro max 11 design with maadico.
The latest Iphone 11 and 11 Pro max and their minimalistic design approach.
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Green packaging as companies call it nowadays has turned into a major contributing factor when it comes to selecting the product of your choice. When Apple introduced the IPhone, they decided to go to a minimalistic yet solid style rather than the traditional large box that came with very small phones. In the past every wire inside the box had its own function. Now all you need are your headphones, your USB and your Adapters beside your phone.

In Medicine

All of us recognize the traditional style of medical tablets and syrups. All around the globe pharmaceutical companies put their focus on keeping the product chemically sound when it reaches the hands of the customer. Different types of medicine come with large pamphlets and user’s guide on it what kind of and atmosphere and in what temperature the medicine must be kept before and during consumption. Little do they take into consideration of provocative packaging of consuming medicine for the consumer.  Governments have begun to take action regarding the dull and dusty packaging of medicine and are now encouraging pharmaceutical companies to design their products in a more consumer friendly fashion. If you didn’t know, here is a list of things the consumer is looking for when it comes to the packaging of medicine:

  • Colorful and persuasive design so that they forget about the bitter taste of the medicine inside.
  • Solid state of packaging so that they don’t have to spend hours every day reading the manual to find out what temperature the medicine should be kept in.
  • A location to write down how much of the medicine they must consume and in what frequency.
  • A simpler way to find out how much they have already consumed.

At Maadico, we provide businesses and corporations to design and maintain a suitable business plan which is more fruitful both or their clients and the company. We utilize our team of highly dedicated and professional experts to provide companies and entrepreneurs with extensive business plans in order to improve their company strategy and to improve agility and sales numbers leading to better customer satisfaction. For more information, click here.

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