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Paper and Innovations in the Industry: No more cutting Trees?

October 14th, 2021

Paper and Innovations in the Industry: No more cutting Trees?

October 14th, 2021

Sally University has developed new and cost-effective solutions for content and content growth in today’s world. One of the most important advantages of ebooks over paper books is the development that helps paper maintain a strong position in the competition with electronic media.

Reusable paper can only adapt to the weather when using renewable energy, according to a new study of the model by researchers at the University of London and the University of Yale.

According to a study published in Environmental Protection, existing routes rely on fossil fuels and electricity in electrical circuits, so reusing more paper could increase the supply of air conditioning bottles by 2050. understood.

Researchers have compared the impact on greenhouse gas emissions by increasing waste treatment by 2050 in several ways. They found that when all recycled paper was recycled, production increased by 10% because recycling relied more on fuel than new paper.
Researchers at the Center for Advanced Technology and the Surrey University Institute for International Research have developed an easy-to-use electronic system that allows paper readers to access multimedia information by sending dots at the top of the page. Mark Magician uses a variety of punctuation marks to identify the pattern printed on the back of each page. Paper books have no electronic products, which reduces costs and can be reused at the end of their useful life.

Useful features of this study (on Paper)

The study published in the Revised Standard Version of the Bible studied different ways to build a system. After creating a large number of samples, the printing department uses a tray with a mark on the side of the page near the back of the book and inserts a tool to remove the body mark. It’s small, simple, and functional in many ways, so you can remove the final process from the paper and extend it to other related books.
However, researchers have found that using renewable energy systems instead of fossil fuels to produce paper and residues can significantly reduce emissions.

It takes a lot of energy to make new paper from wood compared to recycled paper, but the energy of this process comes from the dark and low carbon content of wood process products. However, paper reuse depends on electricity and electricity.

Researchers have found that new and innovative approaches, such as introducing methane emissions and using them to generate electricity, are also effective, but the purification rate is not very high.

The author, Dr. Stijn van Ewijk, Center for Sustainable Resources, University of London and Institute of Industrial Ecology, Yale University, said: “According to our research, this is not a permanent solution to climate change. Paper recycling is not.

The program has QR codes and symbols. This means that users can learn different symbols, such as shades of gray and different colors. This allows you to customize the program to hide the font from the photo and make it invisible to the human eye, but the photographer uses a special white ink on a white background donated by his colleague Printcolor. You can see the font.

Professor David Frohlich, director and project leader of the International Institute at Sally University, said:
This solves the problem of trying to paint electronics on each page so far. Advertising means that you can copy a book to the same page, but when you read an electronic device, it becomes a book. This is a kind of “small sign”.

What we are looking for in this new technology

“We are looking at the global average, but the situation around the world is very different. Our message is to emphasize the potential problem of reuse rather than stop using it again. And the cost and capacity of the battery is not very effective in the next article.
Professor Ek Ekins, Institute for Sustainable Resources, University of London, said: “Recycling certain substances, such as metals, can significantly reduce emissions. Change.

Researchers strongly believe that in addition to global warming, recycling has many benefits. Julia Stegemann, Deputy Secretary-General, University College London, Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering, said: For life … “

Georgios Bairaktaris, PhD researcher at the Center for Advanced Technology, said:
“Dr. Radusporea’s team has developed small electronic observation and communication skills in the real world. We focus on low-cost solutions, we focus on low-cost and robust solutions. Spent. That’s important.

In 2012, paper accounted for 1.3% of greenhouse gas emissions, according to researchers. Almost one-third of emissions range from used paper to landfills. Researchers say paper use will increase over the next few years, and moving away from plastic will increase demand for wrapping paper.
The study looks at changes in recycling rates, renewable energy use, and environmental use that affect the ability to reduce emissions, with the goal of avoiding inflation at 2 degrees Celsius by 2050. increase.

What the statistics show us

According to the survey, if the previous situation continues, by 2050, emissions will increase slightly from 2012 levels (721 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year) to 736 tonnes, and oil reduction capacity will increase demand for paper. Will correspond.

Recycling test projects that use soil debris and one-way electricity will increase to 10% (up to 808 meters), saving energy by reducing electricity. More energy than using large amounts of carbon dioxide.

Land project transformation, on the other hand, will reduce supply to 591 meters, while the transformation course, which maintains standard recycling and forestry operations, will reduce 96% to 28 tonnes.

What can we substitute paper with?

According to researchers, recycled paper waste can protect trees and forest charcoal, but the scale is unknown. Due to ignorance of common carbon forest systems and forest-related issues. Therefore, the analysis shows that there are no serious forest or recycling problems.
The team then modifies the system to use 2D images so that the magical symbols are not separated from the regular symbols. Its purpose is to explore ways to improve everyday objects using electronic devices that can be used to communicate with the digital world.

Article by:

Armin Vali

Adapted from: Sciencedaily.

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