September 1st, 2020
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The moment you see the interior of the airplane you are having your first impression experience. This first sight does influence the comfort experience during the flight as well. This impression could be different from the one while seated, but it does have an influence. In an experiment where new BMW automobile seats were tested, one of the seats had blocks with several colours (Bubb, 2008). It simply did not look nice. The comfort was also rated lower during a first sight, while the form was exactly the same as a seat that was black.

 Even during sitting, the comfort was rated lower in the beginning. This may sound strange because the moment you sit on the seat you do not see the blocks of colours anymore. The first sight seems to be of importance throughout the total comfort experience. When considering your comfort as you read this, several thoughts may occur to you. You may experience discomfort in your room due to a draught or because it is too hot. You may feel pressure points on your bottom. Perhaps your bottom does not fit in the seat or maybe you do not have an appropriate lumbar support. You may feel comfortable because you have very good company or are in a luxurious hotel room.

You may feel comfortable due to this engaging text and my pleasant words and attitude trying to comfort you. Or you may feel thrilled by my enthusiasm on the topic because it is really a possibility to attract new passengers, sell products, or a way to make people feel at home in the airplane. Usually, you do not think about comfort at all. You experience no discomfort. The chance that this will happen reading this book is small because we are making you aware of the concept of comfort.

Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) is the event that unites the world’s airlines with aviation interior suppliers over three days of face-to face business, networking and buying at the Hamburg Messe each Spring.

The event provides additional business networking as well as opportunities to hear and discuss topical industry issues.

AIX 2000 was world’s first event dedicated entirely to aircraft interior design, fitting-out and completion with 5,000 visitors. Technological developments lead to entire cabin electronics hall. Germany’s Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (the BMWi) included Aircraft Interiors Expo among its respected list of international trade fairs for the first time.

 1,200+ airline buyers and more than 14,000 aviation decision makers will descend on Hamburg from 2-4 April 2019 for the 20th anniversary of the world’s premier event for those responsible for cabin interiors, inflight entertainment and passenger comfort – Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX).

Since its inaugural event in 2000 the aviation industry has evolved beyond expectations, with a new generation of aircraft, such as the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 and 777X, enabling airlines to redefine the onboard experience. And as demand for air travel continues to grow, thanks to a boom in China, India, Russia and the US, spending on cabin interiors is projected to exceed $2bn for narrowbody and widebody aircraft by 2026 – double the amount spent in 2016.

Across the globe, the commercial airline industry is engaged in a wave of cabin make-overs and modifications, with businesses investing in new seating, lavatory modules, windows, cabin panels, stowage bins and lighting in a bid to attract new customers by providing a unique passenger experience.

For two decades AIX has been pivotal in helping airlines source hardware and software that are utilised by millions of passengers every day. And over the next 20 years, the show will continue to provide a unique opportunity for cabin design professionals to identify the latest cabin innovations, in-flight entertainment and connectivity solutions.

More than 500 businesses – including Airbus, Bauermeister Aircraft Interior GmbH, Beadlight, Lufthansa Group, Inmarsat Global and Panasonic Avionics Corporation – will showcase their latest products and services during the three-day event, while visitors to the show will also benefit from its co-location with World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo (WTCE), Passenger Technology Solutions (PTS) and the Passenger Experience Conference (PEC).

Explaining the value of the show to the aviation industry, Virgin Atlantic’s director of customer service said: “Aircraft Interiors Expo is the definitive trade fair annually and it’s the one place where you can really get a sense of the trends that are on the near and long term horizons. It’s really the place to come.”

IATA’s 2018 Global Passenger Survey recently revealed that people now prefer to watch digital content on a seatback device (54%), rather than a personal device (36%). In addition to the smorgasbord of innovation on the show floor, the not to be missed IFEC Zone at AIX will help cabin design professionals source novel inflight entertainment technology that will transform onboard services.

More than 100 leading providers of state-of-the-art inflight entertainment and communications solutions, including AirFi BV, Astronics, Gogo and Kontron, are already confirmed to return to the zone next year. Meanwhile IFEC technology will, for the second year, be recognised in the Crystal Cabin Awards, enabling visitors to quickly identify the most innovative new launches.

Offering a place for attendees to listen and learn from industry leaders, and discover the latest challenges and trends impacting the industry, the revered CabinSpace LIVE Seminar programme will once again feature a series of forecast sessions covering the cabin, and IFEC.

The free-to-attend sessions will explore a wide range of pressing topics that will help airlines grasp the opportunities and navigate the challenges posed by the ever-evolving air travel industry.

AIX remains a vitally important platform for passenger experience professionals to source the latest cabin interior technology and solutions. Its co-location with PTS, WTCE and PEC means visitors have an unrivalled opportunity to identify new suppliers across the entire passenger experience industry during their time in Hamburg.

The respected Passenger Experience Conference (PEC) will once again provide international airlines with invaluable insights into the future of passenger travel, while WTCE will bring together 350-plus international suppliers that will showcase the very best travel retail and onboard catering products. And as the industry strives to deliver the ultimate seamless journey, PTS’s exhibitors and Tech Hub programme will help passenger experience professionals understand how to leverage technologies such as blockchain, biometrics, robotics, AR and AI.

 “Since 2000 where we had 77 exhibitors to now 20 years later and 500+ exhibiting companies, we have showcased the latest product innovations including aircraft seating, inflight entertainment and lighting and we’re now firmly established as the global event for airlines looking for innovative technologies and solutions that will improve passenger experience. The future of air travel is hugely exciting and we’re looking forward to the next two decades at the heart of this industry.”



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