September 6th, 2020
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Globally, the parts market will grow from currently EUR 398 billion to EUR 566 billion by 2025 – an impressive increase! Whereas mature markets like Western Europe, North America and Latin America will see growth rates of 3% or below, Eastern Europe will grow by 5.7% and Asia by 8.6%. Asia will almost double its size and constitute nearly 30% of the global market. Obviously, the growth agenda of parts suppliers must be turned towards the East.

 At the same time, the parts market will be deeply affected by the shifts in the vehicle technology. With electrified, softwarised, connected and down the road autonomous cars finding their way into the car parks, the share of “traditional” product categories will decrease. Software, electronics and data-driven services will make up a quarter of the market in Europe by 2025. It is a virgin land for most of the part makers, but a big opportunity. Not only the car technology is changing, but also the way vehicles are used.

 Private ownership is decreasing. Mobility services and all kinds of fleets are gaining importance. The fleets and other intermediaries will control 20% of the parts spending by 2025 – and much more in the years thereafter. Consequently, specific business models for fleets and intermediaries will be the crucial cornerstone of the aftermarket strategy. The aftermarket value chain will face the potential of disruption. Besides the consolidation and integration of processes, the emergence of digital platforms will have the deepest impact.

Given their huge convenience advantages for customers and their ability to take out cost from the overall value chain, platforms can become true game changers by controlling market access. The control of the platforms will decide the distribution of margins. Overall, if the suppliers hold on to their current business models, their growth will be modest and margins declining.

However, there is an upside scenario with significant revenue and profit opportunities.

Automechanika Frankfurt is the leading international trade fair for equipment, parts, accessories, management & services in the automotive industry. At the international meeting point for industry, workshop and trade, premieres are celebrated and trends set.

Automechanika is heading for 2020 with new topics and an optimized hall structure. In future, the portfolio will be structured more clearly, particularly in the area of ​​workshop equipment and mobility of the future. The fair uses the new building of Hall 5, which will not be available for the upcoming event, in order to create important synergies on the site. In addition, related content is moving closer together.

  • Ten product groups : body & paint, tires & wheels, diagnostics & repairs – Automechanika 2020 comes up with new topics and a clearly structured portfolio, divided into ten product groups for the first time.
  • Body & paint: The main focus of the exhibition in Hall 11 is given its own name (“Body & paint”) for the first time, in the usual place and with a comprehensive supporting program in the adjacent portal house.
  • Mobility of the future: The Festhalle remains the stage for the mobility of tomorrow, from now divided into two areas: “Mobility Services & Autonomous Driving” and “Alternative Drive Systems & Fuels”.
  • Diagnosis & repair: The topic “diagnosis” is an integral part of Automechanika and is now also anchored in the designation of the product group in halls 8 and 9 (diagnosis & repair).
  • Tires & wheels: At the last Automechanika, the synergies between the tire trade and the workshop were confirmed. For this reason, the portfolio of the fair is expanded to include the “Tires & Wheels” product group in Hall 12.
  • Classic Cars: After a successful start, the classic and youngtimer business will return to Automechanika in 2020.

The body and paint industry has found its home in Hall 11 since 2010. For the 2020 event, the topic will also be a separate product group for the first time (“Body & Paint”). As a result, exhibitors with products related to body repair, painting and corrosion protection are positioned even more clearly and receive due attention in the diverse trade fair activities. In line with the kick-off, a competition will take place, which will be held at selected Automechanika events worldwide and will come to Frankfurt for the grand finale 2020. With the campaign, the trade fair offers the topic “Body & Paint” as an additional highlight, more attention and an emotional and international stage.

Automechanika organizes the first international paint & body competition in the history of the fair. Workshop professionals compete against each other with refined vehicles – at six Automechanika shows worldwide, from England to China. The state winners travel to the Automechanika in Frankfurt for the grand finale from September 8th to 12th, 2020.

At Automechanika Frankfurt, the topic “Paint & Body” will be listed for the first time as an independent product group in the portfolio of the trade fair. The trade fair organizers take this as an opportunity to start an international competition – with venues in six countries: England, South Africa, China, Dubai, Mexico and Germany. The task for paint and body professionals is to design a bonnet and be inspired by the respective host country of the Automechanika. For each show, an expert jury will choose the national winners who will move to the final in Frankfurt. In addition, on-site and online trade visitors have the opportunity to choose their personal favorites to win the public to choose. The winner of the audience award will receive a surprise package from SATA.

Automechanika Frankfurt, Indy Dontje

In cooperation with the APRA (Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association), Automechanika Frankfurt invites you to the ‘Automechanika Remanufacturing Day’ and presents the topic in many facets.

In times of climate change and environmental protection, the topic of circular economy and remanufacturing is becoming increasingly important.

Visitors can find out about new developments and challenges in the industry at the lectures on the ‘Automechanika Remanufacturing Day’, which takes place for the first time as part of the Automechanika Academy. Experts and industry insiders look forward to exciting discussions with the participants and subsequent networking.

In order to make the topic visible at Automechanika Frankfurt, a green remanufacturing logo was developed, which refers to the exhibitor’s offer. From mid-July you can find out more about exhibitors online on the Automechanika Frankfurt website under the label “Special Interest – Remanufacturing” in the exhibitor search. Before that, these exhibiting companies are assessed by the APRA association and Automechanika Frankfurt according to defined criteria.

Remanufacturing is a standardized industrial process in which auto parts are brought back into the same or better condition and with the same performance. The process meets specific technical specifications, including design, quality and testing standards. This is why an industrially refurbished part also receives the same guarantee as a new part, whereby the part is clearly identified as a refurbished part and the remanufacturer is specified.

This also benefits the climate and the environment, because remanufacturing reduces the emissions of several million tons of CO 2 worldwide every year . Compared to the production of new parts, almost 90% of the material is saved, over 70% of the CO 2 emissions and 55% of the energy.

The international association APRA (Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association) was founded in the USA in 1941 and is the only global association of automotive remanufacturing companies. Of the approximately 600 member companies worldwide, 120 are in Europe, which are supported by APRA Europe, based in Brussels. APRA represents the interests of the remanufacturing industry and plays a decisive role in the current circular economy efforts, since remanufacturing offers enormous ecological advantages and represents an alternative to new products in line with current market values.

automechanika 2018 11.-15.09.2018 NO ModelRelease © Jochen Günther / Messe Frankfurt

Be there from September 8th to 12th, 2020 when the Automechanika Frankfurt opens its doors for the 26th edition with many new topics. Here we inform you already today about the top topics and innovations around the most important meeting point of the automotive aftermarket.  



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