September 6th, 2020
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The Factory-in-a-Box project is an ongoing project in Sweden in the production area. The industrial partners taking part in the project are ABB Robotics, Flexlink, Pharmadule Emtunga, Volvo CE, Volvo Cars, Bombardier, and the Swedish Foundry Association. There are number of demonstrator projects ,which are dealing with automation tasks and the possibility of changing the level of automation standing for the name DYNAMO ,also flexible automated assembly (FlexAA),creation of robot paths (Robust Design&Variation Simulation),and the efficient transfer of experiences from one project to the next (EXACT). In the ongoing DYNAMO project there is a scale of automation levels being developed LoA, and also a specific method for measurement of LoA in real production system .These DYNAMO aspects, however, have to be clearly shown and developed in the Factory-in-aBox project.

 Automation is regarded as one of the most important things in the manufacturing processes regarding the modern technologies and the society; by automation it is understand that there is an achievement in high productivity and increasing the company competitiveness on the market. The basic reasons for the automation are the outer demands and changes surrounding the process, as well as inner factors concerning the organizational and human resource level.

 The conceptual understanding for an automated system is being changing and at the same time it differs from the basic understanding for automation. Different reasons are being regarded and taken in mind concerning the advantages and disadvantages of an automated system, where there is a well-established collaboration between humans and machines, a system, where flexibility is well defined as well as the human participation as an utilization instrument, which is regarded as a flexible and cognitive resource. The well-defined allocation between technology and an operator is a contribution alliance for a competitive manufacturing system.

automatica offers much more than just proven solutions and products that can increase your productivity. Being a future lab, it features the key technologies of robotics, assembly and handling technology, machine vision and digital solutions for smart factories in a single location. We share our vision of autonomous production with you and advance it for you. automatica takes you along on this journey and shows you how your company can benefit and leverage this vision as a growth driver. Not only do our visitors come from all over the world—they also represent various fields. This is why automatica covers the entire value chain of manufacturing sectors: from components to systems and from services to applications.

As the world’s leading marketplace for automated production, we do not just aim to attract as many visitors as possible—we want to make sure they are satisfied with their visit. automatica 2018 succeeded in doing both. And of course the declared goal for automatica 2020 is to surpass these records. Look forward to the latest trends in technology and products as well as a supporting program that has been tailored to help you maximize your success.

Whether production manager, chief digital officer or managing director—you will find your perfect solution at automatica. Inspiration for everyone— tailored to your needs of all industry sectors. Furthermore, the unique mix of our visitors and exhibitors creates a productive exchange at the highest professional level. You too can benefit from this as all sectors share the desire to design more efficient digitalized production processes.

As the world’s most important event for automated production, automatica addresses precisely those topics that keep the industry moving—and that will shape the future. There are still a few hurdles to be taken on the way to autonomous production—and some of them can be cleared right here.

Processing and networking of huge amounts of data leads to new constellations in collaborations and to unexpected business models. automatica will showcase the latest developments in interoperability, cloud and edge computing, virtual reality and digital twins.

Learn how production processes can be designed in a future-oriented way using autonomous robots that are flexible in terms of location and tasks, and experience the potential of human-robot-collaboration, augmented reality or exoskeletons.

Real-time predictions and reactions: Discover what machine learning and deep learning has made and will make possible in automated production. Meet software experts who will support you every step of the way towards predictive maintenance and mobile robotics.

The munich_i summit is all about the cooperation and interaction between human and artificial intelligence. Pioneers and visionaries present their latest innovations that contribute to responsible technological changes in society. munich_i paints a picture of tomorrow and strengthens the great appeal of Munich as a center of technology through targeted networking of science, business, politics and startups. As Europe’s leading research elite in the area of robotics and AI, and as an important research and innovation partner of automatica, the MSRM presents lighthouse projects in the areas of healthcare, work and mobility.

Leading manufacturers and innovative companies in the field of sensor technology ensure continuous inspiration and the provision of solutions that improve both products and production. Use The Sensor Show Exhibition as a networking opportunity with like-minded people to gain valuable know-how. The exhibitor area presents the latest findings to share them with the entire sector. As a visitor to the forum, you become part of an organic process that is characterized by the targeted exchange of knowledge and inspiring discussions. Best practices, new applications and future technological opportunities are at the center of attention here.

Benefit from exclusive presentations by top-level executives from industry and science at The Sensor Show Congress. On June 17 and 18, you will learn all about the latest technology trends to put your company on course for a successful future. All sectors and areas of application, an unprecedented supporting program and professional visitors from all over the world: automatica 2020 will surpass itself with an additional hall (C6) and even more inspiration and solutions for your company’s sustainable success.



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