August 27th, 2020
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For builders, homeowners, apartment owners and anyone who wants to become one, the BIG is an ideal platform to find out about current trends and intelligent solutions. Directly on site and without detours, you can get advice on interior or exterior renovation, sanitary and heating technology, kitchens, flooring, fireplace and tiled stoves, facades, carports, winter gardens, outdoor facilities, windows, doors, roofs, alarm systems, roller shutters or walls . There are also free tips from top industry experts in informative forums and special exhibitions.

The trend towards minimalist living has long since arrived in Germany. Europe’s largest mobile housing estate could soon be built on 50,000 square meters in the north of Hanover. At the Tiny Living special show, you can get an idea of ​​the mini-houses yourself, examine furnishing ideas and learn more about construction, practice and financing.

In the Natural Stone Forum, qualified stone masons will advise you on the subject of “Our natural stone – the natural one with good properties”. The robust building material is not only versatile, it is also good for your own CO² balance due to its abundance in Germany.

Make you feel safe in your own home: alarm systems, window locks, electronic locking systems, video surveillance and intercom systems protect your home from burglars. At BIG you will meet suppliers and experts who will provide you with reliable advice on their products and services as well as the individually suitable security measures for your home. In addition, the State Office of Criminal Investigation and the Hanover Police Department provide tips on prevention of burglary by the police .

Much less energy is required to extract and process the natural stone product than, for example, to manufacture ceramic tiles. The abundance of granites, sand and limestone and slate in Germany also saves time-consuming transport routes.

The German Natural Stone Association has calculated that the transport of natural stones from our neighboring European countries results in an average of 20 times the climate-effective emissions of a domestic transport. B. the purchase of a Chinese natural stone triggers emissions 60 times as high.
Another advantage of natural stone is its long durability. When processed as building material, for example when designing facades, as flooring, when paving paths and driveways or as wall covering, it impresses with its long-lasting quality. This not only protects the environment, but also your own wallet in the long run.

The stonemason craft is presented in its entirety in the Natural Stone Forum. The stonemason’s professional spectrum encompasses much more than sculpture and construction. Stonemasons also work for the exterior and garden design.

In the natural stone forum, builders and garden enthusiasts can therefore get advice on the wall and floor design of living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens as well as paving paths or cladding building facades.

If you are planning a renovation project, you should also have a look at the Natural Stone Forum: Stonemasons also help with the restoration, repair and maintenance of the private house. Regardless of whether it is sculpture, interior or exterior design: the formula “with chisel and computer” applies in all areas of the stonemason trade. Because, of course, digitization doesn’t stop at one of the oldest professional groups either.

The trend towards minimalist living has its roots in the USA, but also in Germany the topic is on everyone’s lips in times of lack of living space, high rents and a more sustainable society.

In Hanover, Europe’s largest mobile home development could soon be built on a 50,000 square meter building area on the northern edge of the city.
Of course, this promising topic will also be considered at BIG!

At the Tiny Living special show, you can get an idea of ​​the mini-houses yourself, examine interior design ideas and discover new trends in minimalist living.

Participants include PSD Bank Hannover, Heniz Diekmann GmbH, Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall and C&L Objects GmbH.

When it comes to planning and building your own home or buying a property, the BIG is the ideal platform. Building contractors and sponsors, financiers and insurers advise you comprehensively and reliably, plan with you, provide information about current trends and intelligent solutions. The offer is wide: solid, do-it-yourself and kit houses are represented as well as passive and zero energy houses, turnkey new buildings and holiday properties.

Building a new house or renovating the old one also offers the opportunity to redesign oneself. Who wants to take the old sofa with them into the dream house that has just been completed … Something new is needed! At BIG you will find a large selection of upholstered furniture, beds, tables and chairs, kitchens, accessories and much more. Because a new look just makes you happy.

Lovingly designed theme gardens and expert tips for your own garden – this is what awaits you in the large garden area at BIG. Find out about new products, current planting and design trends and learn how to garden from a professional. Around 70 exhibitors in the garden theme world offer a first-class product range for everyone who wants to create their own individual oasis of wellbeing.

The correct care of roses, abundance of flowers for insects, ideas for small gardens, easy-care flowers, herb gardens in small or large spaces, herbaceous beds, eye-catching hydrangeas and and and. In the garden forum of the Lower Saxony Garden Academy you can get valuable practical tips from real garden experts. Get great ideas and suggestions for your own garden design in the many lectures. So you are well prepared for spring!

From a very young age, food entertainer Jens Becher cannot be got out of his uncle’s kitchen. From there it didn’t take long for him to discover grilling for himself. Today he says: “I grill EVERYTHING, ALWAYS and EVERYWHERE.”

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