Bazaar Berlin

Bazaar Berlin

September 3rd, 2020
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Evidence that privileges processes of consumption over those of production is critical to a reevaluation of nineteenth-century global integration and European economic growth. The growing body of documentation provided by early modern household inventory studies, along with new research on the contours of European demand for both imported manufactures and locally produced imitations, suggests that the time is now ripe for just such a reevaluation. Particularly, the consumption of tea, coffee, sugar, tobacco, porcelain, and silk and cotton textiles increased dramatically in Western Europe beginning in the closing decades of the seventeenth century.

Use of the new commodities spread rapidly, both in geographical and social space. A variety of household inventory studies from the Netherlands and England are used to document the presence of many of these so-called luxury goods by the working poor by the middle of the eighteenth century. European demand for these goods was fueled not only by the rich with their growing surplus incomes but also by the much more numerous lower and middling classes.

Bazaar Berlin 2019 – Nepal Natural Tea Industry –

Every November, more than 500 manufacturers and dealers from over 60 countries show their exotic goods and products typical of the country at the Bazaar Berlin. The exhibition center is transformed into a lively and sensual place, where even shopping becomes a gift. You will find original gifts for all areas of life in good time before Advent. Discover the diversity and fascination of Bazaar Berlin in its five themed worlds: World Market, Art & Style, Natural Living, Fair Trade Market and Winter at Home.

School classes of all ages are welcome to experience cultures from other countries up close at the Bazaar Berlin. The children can learn exciting backgrounds and stories from 500 exhibitors from 60 different countries, who present their typical handicrafts at the fair. By the way, you have the opportunity to test your foreign language skills.

The accompanying offers, which are supported by various clubs and partners, offer a varied workshop program: from dealing with resources, practical work (scooping paper), various lectures (against xenophobia) and theater education offers.

Bazaar Berlin 2019 – Morocco Interiors –

Berlin, November 10, 2019 – Sustainable teak tree leaf bags from Thailand, filigree floral art from El Salvador, unusual wooden accessories from Estonia – from November 6 to 10, 2019, around 500 exhibitors from 60 countries presented their products at Bazaar Berlin. The international sales fair for handicrafts, jewelry, textiles and home accessories draws a positive conclusion after five days of the fair: Around 40,000 visitors from Berlin and Brandenburg came to the 58th edition of Bazaar Berlin and were more than satisfied with the event, like the first results of a survey of Messe Berlin.

Afterwards, over 95 percent of the visitors surveyed were satisfied with their stroll through the bazaar. An equally high proportion rated the range of offers positively. Whether as a Christmas gift or for yourself – jewelry, fair trade and organic products, fashion, natural goods and food from all over the world were particularly in demand this year. In addition to the World Market, visitors were particularly interested in the Fair Trade Market and the Natural Living theme world. Nine out of ten respondents intend to visit Bazaar Berlin again and would recommend it to relatives, friends and acquaintances.

Bazaar Berlin 2019 – Boulaabisse Décor –

“The fair has a long tradition for many visitors and exhibitors,” says Barbara Mabrook, project manager at Bazaar Berlin. “The Bazaar Berlin has become a beloved tradition for visitors and exhibitors. Many have been coming back for more than ten years. We appreciate the enthusiasm, curiosity and interest with which our visitors discover the Bazaar Berlin every year. The Bazaar Berlin is simply a special place with extraordinary products, unique stories and exciting people from all over the world. That is what makes it so special. “

The history of Afrikiko is closely connected to the Bazaar Berlin. Dagmar Schwarzand her husband visited a bazaar in Berlin for the first time 22 years ago because of a favor for a friend: “A good friend had seen these beautiful handmade sculptures in Kenya. However, it was not possible for him to exhibit at the fair himself. He booked a stand and we took over the on-site assignment. ”There was great interest in the eleven exhibits that they exhibited at the time, and so they decided to found Afrikiko after the Bazaar Berlin, then still an import shop. “The goal was and is of course still to give talented Kenyan artisans access to the” western “market with their beautiful, handcrafted consumer and decorative items,” explains Dagmar Schwarz. “Not only because of our founding history, the Bazaar Berlin is a special date for us every year. Since our core business is wholesale, we generally do not meet the end customers. The special thing about Bazaar Berlin is the personal contact. We look forward to the exchange and discussions. It’s nice to see the keen interest and enthusiasm for our products, ”says Dagmar Schwarz from Afrikiko.

Bazaar Berlin 2019 – Palais des Mirinides Bettani –

“For our self-developed tea creations, we only use pure and hand-picked teas and herbs of exceptional quality. That is why all of our products contain the purity of the untouched nature of Nepal and the stories and secrets of centuries-old traditions, ”says Sahayog Newa of tea from Nepal. Since the tea leaves come from a small tea garden in Nepal and are brought to maturity according to the season, the quantities of the tea varieties are limited. The family-owned company based in Berlin and Bhaktapur (Nepal) has been represented at Bazaar Berlin with handpicked premium quality teas since 1975. “It is a great pleasure for us to be at Bazaar Berlin every year. We meet customers and other dealers from all over the world who have become friends over the years, ”said Sahayog Newa.

“This year we are represented for the fifth time with a stand at the Bazaar Berlin. Overall, the Bazaar Berlin was again a success for us. We are very happy about the great interest from well-known and also numerous new faces, ”reports Holger Siebler from the world shop A Janela. The large world shop A Janela is located in Berlin Wilmersdorf and has around 2,000 fair trade products on offer. Food, handicraft and handicraft products mostly come from small companies in the countries of the south. For the first time, there was a fashion show at the Bazaar Berlin in which only fair fashion was presented. Collections from exclusively fairly produced and traded fashion were shown: on the one hand, the program included the excellent collections that were created over the past year at the Modern Ethnic Design Center in Cambodia. On the other hand, fair textiles from the world shop A Janela were shown.

Bazaar Berlin 2019 – Heimat Berlin / JustStars –

Christiane Ulm has been coming to Bazaar Berlin for many years. Her delicate, filigree pieces of jewelry are handmade and very well received by visitors to the Bazaar Berlin. “ Poetry design stands for poetic, handmade pieces of jewelry that combine words, pictures and paintings. Each piece is unique, lovingly designed and designed with creative dedication, ”reports Christiane Ulm. “I always enjoy coming to Bazaar Berlin. It is a very nice and personal fair. I meet my regular Berlin customers here and it’s a big hello every year. Every year I am happy about the great, warm atmosphere here in Berlin. “



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