August 27th, 2020
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BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF has set standards for cosmetics trade fairs and been successfully championing beauty for 35 years now. The leading get-together for Cosmetics, Nail, Foot, Wellness & Spa extends an invitation to a big festival for this industry from 6 to 8 March 2020. The No. 1 trade fair in Düsseldorf is synonymous with quality and professionalism offering the complete range of new products, care concepts, modern treatments, scientific findings as well as innovations presented by 1,500 exhibitors and brands.

In addition to novel products and latest trends the sectoral meeting points and the central Meeting Point await visitors with a versatile and practice-driven continuous education programme that is only available on such a broad and diverse scale in Düsseldorf. The exhibition areas Foot and Wellness & Spa (Hall 9), Cosmetics for Order (Hall 10), Cosmetics C&C (Hall 11), Nail (Hall 12) and Accessories & Bijouterie (Hall 13) provide a comprehensive and optimal market overview. At this the leading event for the industry professionals will be among themselves – this is ensured by professional trade visitor registration in the run-up to the trade fair.

In Düsseldorf Beauty Sets the Pace

At BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF beauty has set the pace for 35 years now – here industry professionals find new impulses and inspirations and no other event delivers such a wide and attractive line-up. Atmosphere, segmentation and the expert quality of ranges are synonymous with the professionalism and ambitious aspirations of this trade fair. As a meeting point for the professional beauty community this is the place for people to gather who not only successfully operate in the beauty business but are also passionate about it. Intense networking, optimum conditions and a relaxed atmosphere make BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF the original and one and only

Innovations and Future Visions: G-Beauty is Trending

At BEAUTY visitors can look forward to a complete market overview, numerous global launches and highlights galore – additionally exhibitors will showcase their innovations and future visions for cosmetic service professionals.  

After K-Beauty and J-Beauty dominating the market with trends from Korea and Japan over the past few years, G-Beauty will be in particular focus in 2020 – the latest cosmetic products “Made in Germany”. This quality seal has strongly sharpened its profile on an international scale – the high quality standards of the services and products offered are particularly highly appreciated. “German skin care products are associated with high-quality and safe ingredients as well as with a high degree of effectiveness. The success factors of G-Beauty also include such themes as sustainability, efficiency, certifications you can trust and reliable technologies,” says Hannes Niemann, Director of BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF. Another important trend, he adds, is the unabated demand for near-nature cosmetics, natural ingredients and wellness treatments. “In this area German cosmetics have assumed a pioneering role. In Düsseldorf the benefits of G-Beauty will be showcased in their entirety,” says Niemann.

Continuous Education, Tips and Ideas for Daily Practice

One of the key components of the BEAUTY concept is the high-quality expert and continuous education programme boasting in excess of 130 events. It disseminates independent basic knowledge and introduces latest developments from a wide variety of cosmetic services. On the stages of the meeting points for Foot, Nail, Wellness & Spa as well as the central Meeting Point for Cosmetics, renowned speakers will talk about trending themes and share important tips on daily practice. Renowned companies and various exhibitors will display everything experts need for further training and inspiration

On top of this, two of the most reputable industry awards are presented at BEAUTY. Sammy Gharieni, founder and CEO of the group of companies of the same name, will receive the “A Life of Beauty” award in 2020. The “Golden Mask for Make-Up Artistry 2020” will be awarded to Englishwoman Karin Darnell. The born Londoner has been considered one of the most famous protagonists of her industry.

Other trade fair highlights: In the BEAUTY Talk on Sunday, 8 March, entertainer Riccardo Simonetti will chat about fashion, beauty ideals and styling tips at 11.30 am while at the European Make-up Awards national and international make-up artists will demonstrate their skills and at the BEAUTY Web Salon visitors wanting to market their companies online in a targeted manner will again get valuable tips and tricks for the Internet, Social Media and digital communication measures.

BEAUTY 2020: One Ticket, One Price – All Inclusive!

Admission to the trade fair is restricted to trade visitors who can register.

1 and 2-day tickets purchased online cost € 38 and € 50 respectively while purchased at the counter they cost € 50 and € 65 – so buying tickets via the online portal beforehand saves you some money. The ticket price is all inclusive: admission to the trade fair, participation in the expert lectures, cloakroom and luggage store, trade fair guide, child-care facility and public transport in the Düsseldorf metropolitan area. One ticket, one price – all inclusive!

The make-up championships at BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF (6-8 March 2020) are among the most popular events at the fair, with top-class participants, great excitement and lucky winners.

The European Make-up Award New Talent for career starters and the European Make-up Award Expert for professionals are offered. Both competitions are open to national and international make-up artists, the deadline for applications is 15 January 2020. The first three places are each endowed with cash prizes and trophies.

The winners in both categories will be included in the file of the Artist Agency of Miriam Jacks (Beauty Expert, Creative Director and one of the three members of the award jury) Jacks beauty department GmbH – by Miriam Jacks (upon request).

European Make-up Award New Talent „The Shining Bride”

„The Shining Bride – It’s time to get married“: with this topic, the focus this year is on the self-confident, radiant woman. Puristic features, clear lines and lightness emphasise the young brideʼs natural beauty. Dress, make-up and styling are all inspired by the motto “less is more”.

Applicants must either be in training to become a make-up artist or visagist or have a maximum of two years’ professional experience. The maximum of twelve championship participants will be on stage on Saturday, 7 March 2020, at 4.15 pm (Meeting Point, Hall 10).

The Look: The foundation of this bridal make-up is smooth and fine. This makes the complexion look fresh and natural. Impurities and redness are covered so that the skin appears flawless. Circles under the eyes are covered and make the eyes look more alert. In order to give the face shape and colour, it is gently contoured and given a warm tone with a bronzer. For a natural blush, rose-coloured rouge is applied to the cheeks. The highlights are placed specifically on the highest parts of the face and are blended well.

The eyebrows are combed and fixed, and uneven areas repaired. The first step for radiant eyes is the priming of the eyelids. A medium brown is used in the crease of the eyelid to give the eye a gentle depth, which is then combined with a bronze tone on the entire movable eyelid. This bronze tone is used for the lower lash line as well and thus creates a connection between the upper lid and the lower lash line. A luminous point is then set in the inner corner of the eye. The eyelashes are strongly accentuated at the top and bottom, however, separated and structured.

A rose-coloured lipstick is applied to the lips, filling and accentuating the lips. In order to make the whole look perfect and to make the lips look fuller, a slightly sparkling gloss is used.

European Make-up Award Expert „Spirit of Soul“

Spirit of Soul” is the motto of the European Make-up Award Expert. We are looking for real professionals who are over 18 years old, have a completed training as make-up artist and have at least two years of professional experience (also on a freelance basis). A maximum of 12 participants will be admitted who will demonstrate their skills at the Meeting Point in Hall 10 on Friday, 6 March 2020 at 4.15 pm.

The models on stage wear fashion from the young Berlin fashion label Milay. This year’s theme “Spirit of Soul” presents the independent and self-confident young woman with the courage to use colour. The colour underlines her individual personality and embodies expression and passion.

The Look: The foundation corresponds to the natural skin tone and is perfect and even. Redness, circles under the eyes and impurities are covered with a concealer so that the skin appears flawless and fresh. To give the face shape, it is properly contoured and additionally given a warm tone with a bronzer. For even more freshness, rouge is applied to the cheeks in an apricot tone and highlights are placed on the highest areas of the face to round off the look. The eyebrows are combed and fixed. Uneven areas are repaired with a suitable eyebrow product. A copper tone is applied to the entire movable eyelid.

Subsequently, the eye is intensified and accentuated with dark brown into a cat-eye shape. With a purple eyeliner pencil the lower lash line and the waterline are now emphasised. To intensify and fix the colour, a purple eye shadow is applied above the kajal. A bright yellow in the inner corner of the eyes rounds off the exciting look of the eye make-up. The lips are outlined with a nude-brown contour pencil and filled with a lipstick of the same colour. The lipstick and the contour pencil are matte.

The following sponsors support the European Make-up Awards at BEAUTY DÜSSELDORF:

Aloe Vera Service, BABOR, beautylines Rosina Moser, BIOMARIS, Blinxy UG, CFB Cosmetics GmbH, CONE – Professional Make-up, da Vinci Künstlerpinselfabrik DEFET, Dermalogica, DEVEE, gran.cosmetic, HAIRLEXIER®, IMAGE Skincare, JEAN D’ARCEL Cosmétique, Klapp Cosmetics GmbH, KRYOLAN Professional make-up, LIFT mee, MALU WILZ Beauté GmbH, Modular Cosmetics, Nutracosmetic GmbH, Dr. med. Christine Schrammek Kosmetik, Tana-Cosmetics,, WELLMAXX.



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