September 6th, 2020
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What a successful event. On the three days of the fair, a total of 40,205 visitors came to Bremer Bürgerweide (previous year 39,097) to find out about current camping trends from around 80 exhibitors. Numerous well-known motorhome and caravan brands such as Carthago, Dethleffs, Hobby, Knaus, Tabbert and many more presented a wide variety of vehicles for the next season through their specialist dealers. From the off-road-capable minicamper to the perfectly equipped luxury mobile, there was a wide range for the next dream vacation. Innovations and current trends included new materials for weight reduction, variable floor plan solutions and the connectivity of various technical components. The creative panel van builders Wavecamper, NordVan or Cultmobil showed what is possible based on VW T5 and T6. A few current models, which now use air hoses instead of the usual tent poles, proved that the tent area is also constantly evolving. Camping accessories and attractive camping destinations complemented the trade fair offer.

Every year, around 300 vehicles – from entry-level models to luxury vehicles – bring numerous manufacturers and dealers to CARAVAN Bremen. Whether it’s a panel van, alcove, partially or fully integrated motorhome, caravan or folding caravan – the range of vehicles is huge. There is also everything you need for a camping holiday: tents, furniture, accessories, equipment, information and services.

Fachausstellungen Heckmann, Caravan Messe, Bremen 2019

From November 8th to 10th, everything in the Bremen exhibition halls 5, 6 and 7 will once again revolve around mobile leisure. The CARAVAN Bremen presents an impressive range of brands of attractive caravans and motorhomes on an exhibition area of ​​approx.15,000 sqm. For the first time in Northern Germany, the very latest trends, numerous new vehicles, modern exterior and interior as well as new safety and technology components are presented.

Whether it is a compact caravan for two, large-scale caravans of the luxury class, caravans for the whole family or folding caravans no larger than a car trailer – discover the whole range at CARAVAN Bremen and find your personal favorite model.

Alcoves, partially and fully integrated motor caravans, from economy motorhomes to luxury class – at CARAVAN Bremen the leading brands present vehicles from all price segments. Here you are guaranteed to find exactly the right motorhome for your taste and budget.

Campervans are the epitome of freedom, individuality and independence. Traveling with the expanded panel van has never been so popular and is attracting more and more people. At CARAVAN Bremen you will find a wide range of panel vans with various equipment from well-known dealers and manufacturers.

Fachausstellungen Heckmann, Caravan Messe, Bremen 2019

Bed systems and mattresses, kitchen accessories, maneuvering aids, mobile heaters, SAT / TV systems, sealing technology, chargers and batteries, repair kits, alarm, air conditioning and solar systems, innovative electronics for mobile use, rear and bicycle racks, loading bridges, reversing cameras, trailer couplings , Air springs or support systems.

Thanks to the extensive range of accessories and equipment at CARAVAN Bremen, you will definitely find exactly what you are looking for onsite. Here you will also find service providers who offer you repair and service services such as the installation of accessories.

Various tent providers present a comprehensive range of tents for individual needs, such as car roof tents, awnings for caravans or camping buses, free-standing tents or permanent stand awnings made of aluminum. There are also suppliers of awnings and wind protection elements, as well as camping furniture and all kinds of practical camping accessories.

In addition to the large variety of products and vehicles, you will also find a great range of information and advice at CARAVAN Bremen, for example from associations and clubs such as ADAC Weser-Ems eV or the German Camping Club Landesverband Weser-Ems eV

Fachausstellungen Heckmann, Caravan Messe, Bremen 2019

Here you will also find operators of campsites, landlords of caravans or motorhomes, providers of parking spaces as well as other information about camping holidays. In addition, financiers and insurers introduce themselves to you. Get professional advice on caravan or motorhome insurance or get information about individual financing models.

There are once again record results: According to the figures published by the Federal Motor Transport Authority of the CIVD, there was a whopping 16.4% increase in the number of registrations in Germany in the season from September 2018 to September 2019 with 55,588 units. In the same period, the caravans grew by 27.357 units by a remarkable 10.3%. Caravanning is more popular than ever and has now become an important economic factor. According to a study by the Economic Institute for Tourism eV, caravaning holidaymakers in Germany in 2018 generated a total turnover of around 14 billion euros, from which numerous branches of industry benefit. And the forecasts for the entire caravanning area are still positive.

From November 8th to 10th, everything in the Bremen exhibition halls 5, 6 and 7 will once again revolve around mobile leisure. The CARAVAN Bremen presents an impressive range of brands of attractive caravans and motorhomes on an exhibition area of approx.15,000 sqm . For the first time in Northern Germany, cutting-edge trends, numerous new vehicles, modern exterior and interior as well as new safety and technology components are presented here.

Fachausstellungen Heckmann, Caravan Messe, Bremen 2019

The VW Camping California Grand Crafter-based convinces with its generous space and clever use of space. The 8-speed automatic transmission ensures relaxed driving.

Well equipped
A special model limited to 150 pieces based on the T663G is available from the manufacturer LMC – the Gray Selection at prices from 59,900 euros. Cruise control, Garmin navigation and the large roof window are also part of the standard scope, as is the awning or the second rear garage door on the driver’s side, which makes loading bicycles, grills and other bulky items easier.

Beginners welcome
The Fockbeker manufacturer Hobby has set up its Optima OnTour Edition motorhome series in the lower price segment . Nevertheless, the customer does not have to do without the full equipment used by Hobby. The TRUMA Combi 6 warm air heating with hot water boiler, a navigation system with DAB +, parking space database and reversing camera, the fully automatic satellite system, a 22 “large flat screen LED or the appealing ambient lighting are included as standard.

After many years, Laika is once again positioning a panel van in its range. The Kosmo 6.0 on Fiat Ducato scores with a vehicle length of 5.99 meters with a barely 1.60 m wide transverse bed and a diesel heater installed as standard.

On the pulse of time
For those who prefer a rather timeless, classic interior in their motorhome, Dethleffs presents the semi-integrated Pulse Classic. Four floor plans, two queen bed and two single bed variants, each with a different arrangement of the seating groups, are available. All with expanded standard equipment.

Edition model
The flexible Knaus Caravan for the active vacationer SPORT & FUN will also be available as a BLACK SELECTION version in black and silver gray from 2020. He is going on a trip on the newly developed, extremely light and heavy-duty Alko Vario X chassis. According to the manufacturer, the weight savings achieved through lightweight construction should be up to 30 percent. In the interior of the BLACK SELECTION, the new color world is also taken up from the outside.

Optional For the model year 2020, the
motorhome manufacturer Carthago also has the new Mercedes Sprinter as a base vehicle in its range. The fully integrated Chic E-Line motorhome is also available as an alternative to the Fiat Ducato with AL-KO low frame on a sprinter basis. State-of-the-art driving safety assistants and details such as the new full LED headlights with significantly improved illumination are just a few model improvements to the elegant luxury vehicles.

With the Mooveo Van 60 EB, the French manufacturer Pilote brings a panel van with single beds placed lengthways. One of the special details in the wet room is the toilet that can be slid under the bed for better use of space. A table that can be hung inside and outside and a bicycle rack are standard on board.

Fachausstellungen Heckmann, Caravan Messe, Bremen 2019

A clean affair
From model year 2020, a space-saving BWT water filter system (Best Water Technology) is installed as standard in all Tabbert caravans, which ensures clean, germ-free water. The water is filtered and thus, for example when brushing your teeth, has a more pleasant taste. In particular, the enjoyment of coffee and tea is increased in this way.

Strong tiny things
The Mini-Camper from Wheelhouse are light, extremely compact and yet full of ideas . Limited to the bare minimum by default, they can still be upgraded and are therefore not only interesting for minimalists and even suitable for off-road use.

The VW buses based on T5 or T6 offer great scope for individual expansion . Whether it is the choice of furniture, the equipment details or the technical features – the personal demands on the vehicle are taken into account here.

Kitchen battle
The Swedish manufacturer Kabe scores in various caravans with a front kitchen solution at its finest: induction field and additional gas burners, microwave and oven are standard here and leave nothing to be desired.

Equipment plus
On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the brand, Sunlight is presenting several special motorhome models with the XV designation. The Sunlight T 68 XV Edition model comes with a driver’s cab in metallic black and a body in smooth silver. The comprehensive standard equipment includes, among other things, a shower enclosure, the multimedia package, rear view camera, air conditioning, front passenger airbag, cruise control, leather steering wheel and a second storage compartment flap for the rear garage.

Well connected
With the Eriba Smart Home system installed as standard, the Hymer Eriba Nova caravan series leaves nothing to be desired in terms of functionality and comfort. Important functions such as light, heating, air conditioning and hot water can be conveniently controlled via the modern TFT display above the entrance door. Information about the battery, fresh water or temperature can also be read here. All functions can also be controlled via Bluetooth or remote control.

Fachausstellungen Heckmann, Caravan Messe, Bremen 2019

Big cinema
The highlight of the Itineo RC 740 is certainly the bedroom. The cleverly detailed solutions include the horizontally placed queen-size bed, which can be pushed together with a handle. This creates a cozy sofa with a backrest. But the real highlight is an optionally orderable home cinema package with an electrically retractable screen, a projector and two speakers. Further practical details are also hidden in the large rear storage space, which has a 230 volt socket for charging e-bikes, for example, and also an outdoor shower.

Eura Mobil brings in the 3.5 ton class a motorhome with a round round seating group along with a rotating and sliding table. The Integra Line 650 HS is equipped with a fold-down bed and convinces with clever details such as a swivel washbasin in the bathroom or a curved corner kitchen.

Light and more
One of the innovations in the Adria panel van area is the patented double panorama roof window, which lets in a lot of light and creates a completely new feeling of space in the Twin Supreme models.

New design
The new exterior design of the Fendt caravan series Opal speaks a modern and sporty design language. A lot has happened in terms of comfort and design in the interior too.

A lot in it
The successful Chausson 627GA model , a semi-integrated model under 7m long with large single beds and garage, is offered as an anniversary edition. The Ford chassis is equipped as standard with the new Euro 6d temp engine with 170PS and the smooth-running “SelectShift” automatic transmission with 6 gears. The all-inclusive price also includes the elegant metallic paintwork and the VIP and PREMIUM equipment packages, which leave nothing to be desired.

Thanks to the clever fold-down bed above the seating solution, up to 6 people comfortably in a caravan special model Averso Plus IC LINE spend the night. Bürstner and InterCaravaning are responsible for this caravan, which also has numerous extras on board.

A new, attractive floor plan in the Dreamer Campervan Select range is the D62 model with a French bed. It is only offered with limited equipment, which includes a panoramic roof over the driver’s cab.

Forster not only adds more light to the kitchen in the 741 EB model, but also an oven. The motorhome based on Fiat Ducato has a spacious rear garage without the annoying loading edge.

Morelo has ordered some improvements to its loft series. In terms of furniture design, the flaps are now curved without the overhead lockers losing volume. The flaps now also close the open shelves. Together with other curves, the result is a picture of simple elegance. The construction of the overhead lockers is also impressive. They have an extremely stable basic structure made of aluminum, which is hung on the wall.

Model maintenance
The new lighting system is standard in all La Strada vans above the seating area, the kitchen, the sink in the bathroom and above the rear beds. The LED light bar, which is flush-fitted into the underside of the wall units, can be switched on and off by touch and dimmed continuously. The Regent series is equipped with SKA comfort seats. The axis of rotation is attached decentrally. So the seat turns with the armrests towards the living area and back without any problems. The pneumatic lumbar support adapts smoothly to the driver’s back at the push of a button. The seat heating is used on colder days.

Fachausstellungen Heckmann, Caravan Messe, Bremen 2019

Successful team
For the 30th anniversary of the cooperation with Iveco, Concorde is launching a special Charisma model. The eight-meter 790 L “Edition 30” is based on the Iveco Daily C21 and has 205 HP. It meets the Euro VI b emissions standard and is equipped with AdBlue technology that filters out NOx particles.

Frankia , a full-range supplier , is entering the panel van market and is targeting the Yucon series primarily to the target group of well-heeled 40 plus customers. The Yucon 7.0 Lounge based on Mercedes Sprinter with rear or optional all-wheel drive as well as a lot of assistance systems scores among other things with its fully insulated Mercedes super high roof extension, which provides an incredible sense of space. In addition, the vehicle is a true quick-change artist inside.

In addition, brands such as Bela, Bravia, Carado, Etrusco, Giottiline, Globecar, Illusion, Iridium, Karmann, Malibu, Miller, NordVan, Orangecamp, Pössl, Roadcar, T @ B, Wavecamper, Weinsberg , show their program.

Fachausstellungen Heckmann, Caravan Messe, Bremen 2019

Last but not least, the car roof tents from Campwerk or the folding caravans from trigano offer a special way of vacationing .

In addition to the variety of vehicles, visitors to the fair can expect a good range of practical accessories, technical equipment, awnings, travel destinations and information about caravanning.

At the same time as CARAVAN Bremen , the exhibition ReiseLust and Fisch & Feines take place on the exhibition grounds . All three events can be attended with an admission ticket.



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