August 27th, 2020
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“As the world’s largest – and Germany’s most important – trade show for education, didacta 2018 will be a key dialogue platform for education sector stakeholders,” commented Dr. Andreas Gruchow, the Deutsche Messe Managing Board member responsible for didacta. “The didacta show in Hannover is a well-established education ‘summit’ – and coming, as it does, at the start of Germany’s new legislative period, it is an important first milestone for the new government as it seeks to realize our country’s ‘Education Initiative for a Digital Knowledge Society’,” he added. “At the same time, the Hannover didacta show is more international than ever, with close to 130 of its 800-plus exhibitors coming from outside of Germany – specifically from a total of 50 different countries. didacta 2018 is therefore a prime platform for tackling education as one of the core challenges along the road to global competitiveness. The show’s importance this year is further heightened by the record size of the group pavilion being staged by the Central Agency for German Schools Abroad. Indeed, more than 60 German schools abroad will be participating in the pavilion this year.”

This year, leading education-sector enterprises and institutions will be presenting their latest offerings for every stage in the lifelong learning journey, in a showcase featuring four theme clusters called “Early Childhood Education”, “School / University”, “Vocational Training / Qualification” and “didacta DIGITAL”. “didacta 2018 here in Hannover will feature exhibitors serving every need in the education sector. That’s classic education publishing firms like Cornelsen, Klett and Westermann, producers of classroom furniture and equipment like EinrichtWerk and Vereinigte Spezialmöbelfabriken, global pioneers in the digitization of education like Google and Microsoft, and everyone else in between,” Dr. Gruchow said. “didacta will demonstrate how lifelong learning can empower people to reach their full personal, both as individuals and as information-savvy citizens of the digital world.” Dr. Gruchow also emphasized that this year’s didacta will enjoy a new location at the Hannover Exhibition Center.

“This year’s show will fill some 33,000 square meters (355,200 sq. ft.) of net space within the spacious and modern halls 11, 12 and 13. This new layout will make it faster and easier for visitors to navigate the exhibits addressing the various stages of lifelong learning. Seamless integration of the various fields of education is an aspiration that will be mirrored by didacta’s layout. This improved format was developed jointly with the show’s co-promoters, Didacta Verband e.V. and Verband Bildungsmedien e.V., and will enhance the visitor experience while at the same time providing optimal infrastructure for exhibitors.”

There is a wave of innovation sweeping the education sector at the moment, with more and more startups coming forward with completely new approaches to improving lifelong learning. didacta’s response to this development is “Startup Valley” – a new 400-square-meter (4,300 sq. ft.) showcase that premieres this February. “The new showcase is an opportunity for the EdTech and startup segments of the education sector to connect with their target audiences and make contact with new customers, investors and strategic partners,” explained Gruchow. The Startup Valley showcase is an open-plan area that comprises a coffee bar and lounge area plus a co-working zone. It will be home to more than 50 young enterprises with highly promising-sounding names like EduHeroes, SchoolFox and Robo Wunderkind.

“As the organizers of didacta 2018, we stand committed to creating the best possible framework for urgently needed discussion on education matters,” emphasized Gruchow. “Therefore, at didacta 2018, hot issues like teacher shortages, inclusive education and the digitization of education will feature strongly in the exhibition halls, and will also be high on the agenda at around 1,400 special in-show events. The latter will include forums, workshops and lecture programs in which key education-sector players and stakeholders will be able to put their ideas and proposals forward for discussion. Thus, amid the current quest for greater lifelong learning opportunities, didacta 2018 will be the perfect place to find and marshal allies from all quarters – from politicians to producers of teaching materials.”

Key players in the education sector shared ideas and viewpoints in some 1,400 forums, workshops, presentations and seminars in an open dialogue marked by a spirit of change in the education sector. The popularity and reach of the supporting events held in the on-site Convention Center experienced another upswing, with attendance rising to a total of approximately 6,000. This success was largely due to the attractiveness of the offerings in the childcare seminars related to continuing education, which drew significantly more attendees at the 2020 show.

Deutsche Messe (the organizers of didacta 2018) and the Didacta Association and the Educational Media Association (as non-commercial collaboration partners and supporters) were highly pleased with the run of the show. “Our optimized concept for didacta featured a new site layout in Hannover and was extremely well received by visitors and exhibitors alike. We experienced a highly successful didacta 2018, where absolutely everything relevant to lifelong learning was covered at a single venue,” commented Dr. Andreas Gruchow, the member of the Deutsche Messe Managing Board responsible for didacta 2018. “With over 100 exhibitors more than at the previous event, the didacta staged in Hannover showcased an array of groundbreaking innovations in the education sector. What’s more, didacta has become even more international, with exhibitors from around 50 nations taking part. The keen interest shown in didacta 2018 not only underscores our success as tradeshow organizers, but also demonstrates that education – essentially a ‘raw material’ for society – is a hot topic of great relevance to people. We are pleased that so many education professionals as well as members of government and solution providers have come to Hannover, and that we – together with, the Didacta Association and the Educational Media Association as our established partners – were able to demonstrate how this ‘education summit’ can serve as a veritable laboratory and crucible for the future of education,” added Gruchow.

The wide array of topics and promising approaches featured at didacta 2018 met with keen interest on the apart of the many teachers and other education experts in attendance. In the words of Wilmar Diepgrond, President of the Educational Media Association: “The educational media publishers at the event expressed great satisfaction with this five-day ‘education summit’, which lived up to its reputation and offered teachers and other interested parties a rich lineup of displays and events covering all the hottest educational policy issues ranging from inclusiveness and individual support to digital teaching and learning. The show’s many workshops and presentations called attention to innovative products and provided valuable orientation and tips for real-world educators.”



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