July 30th, 2020
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As mature market consumers, Europeans are investing their identity in their purchases for the home. Part of this trend includes an awareness and appreciation of the core values of the product: its design, materials and techniques. Items bought by this consumer are well considered, essential, and meaningful to him/her. He/ she favours authentic, sustainable products with supreme performance and design and a lasting appeal, which contribute to his/her health or well-being. New skills & experiences are the new luxury Growing numbers of consumers are no longer (solely) obsessed with owning the traditional status symbols – they have gone beyond ‘bling’.

DOMOTEX 2020 – THE WORLD OF FLOORING Trendbericht: Ghashgha’i meets Bauhaus- Kollektion Zollanvari, Halle 3, Stand G05

The ‘new luxury’ is all about unique experiences, acquiring new skills, possessing eco-credentials, and showing your generosity or connectivity. The consumer derives status and pleasure from mastering cooking skills, ‘curating’ the living room, enjoying a Spa at home that rivals the one he or she enjoyed on Bali, or celebrating Eid with the neighbours. He or she is looking for products that increase his/her knowledge, add meaning and significance to his/her experiences and contribute to the development of his/her inner quest. Look at me Some consumers attain status by impressing an appreciative audience with their knowledge, experience or broad-mindedness.

 However sincere the quest for identity, this consumer is seeking recognition and admiration. The new Spa area will be shown to all – live or on Facebook, dinner with friends turns into a ‘cocreation’ session, and the home will be decorated for Christmas from roof to toilet – just to be on top of the heap. Especially for younger consumers, participation is the new consumption. With new technologies, everybody can become a designer, using the home or website as a platform. Brands that help consumers develop skills and create output will be in demand.

DOMOTEX 2020 – THE WORLD OF FLOORING Tour 2 bei Jürgen Dahlmanns, RUG STAR, Halle 3, Stand F23

Exhibitors and visitors from all over the world, four days of business, the latest trends and lifestyle, as well as countless opportunities to take orders … this is the promise of DOMOTEX – The World of Flooring – that marks the start of the trade’s business year. For a few days Hannover will serve as an international centre for the flooring sector and offer an ideal place for networking and getting business leads.

Despite the broad range of themes and the strong presence of DOMOTEX in consumer press, radio, and television, the ratio of professional trade visitors to regular attendees is high at 95.3 percent. This clearly demonstrates that doing business is the foremost goal.

DOMOTEX 2020 – THE WORLD OF FLOORING S19, Contract Frame Lifestyle

Any company in the industry, whether smaller firms or enterprises with over 10,000 employees, can find a suitable platform at DOMOTEX – and that applies to fields of responsibility, too. Company management, research and development, assembly and production, purchasing etc. all meet here.

It pays to come to Hannover: Two-third of attendees come from outside Germany – and more than half of them come from outside the EU. In 2020, Great Britain, India, Turkey, Netherlands and USA led visitor statistics. This is how DOMOTEX achieves its global pull.

DOMOTEX 2020 – THE WORLD OF FLOORING Trendbericht: Exterpark Magnet Wood Collection Yvyra/Exterpark, Halle 12, Stand D16

Cozy carpets, classy parquet flooring, magnificent oriental carpets, and stylish designer floor coverings: As a leading international trade fair, DOMOTEX presents the world’s top flooring trends.

The industry estimates that the importance of online commerce has grown by 61.6 percent in the past years. In line with this, the interest of professional visitors in products and services related to digital themes such as visualization and planning software or sales support tools has also risen.

DOMOTEX 2020 – THE WORLD OF FLOORING Trendbericht: Modul der Wandplatten ¿3D Forms” Granorte, Halle 12, Stand B09

The number of returning and first-time visitors to DOMOTEX are about even. Repeat exhibitors therefore have the opportunity to develop new target groups while at the same time fostering their existing contacts. 42.1 percent of professional attendees are return visitors.

With its annual keynote theme, DOMOTEX shines a spotlight on innovative ideas and developments dealing with the very latest megatrends. Through ATMYSPHERE in 2020 DOMOTEX describes the importance of floors for our overall sense of well-being.

DOMOTEX provides everything that visitors need for their businesses. Experts hold talks on a diverse range of current trends. In daily Guided Tours with renowned architects and designers, visitors can gain background knowledge. Meeting areas are available for networking in lounge-like surroundings.

Hand-knotted, hand-woven or hand-tufted

Hand-knotted, hand-woven or hand-tufted carpets are distinguished by their individual character. Every one of them is unique. Combined with variations on materials, colors and shapes, different production processes never fail to achieve a unique look. Hand-made carpets serve as design elements that accentuate any room, giving it structure and creating a special atmosphere. From antique to modern and contemporary, from classic oriental rugs to leather, fur, jeweled and decorative carpets – the hand-made carpet is an ancient cultural asset, yet always up-to-date. With carpets from Afghanistan, China, India, the Caucasus, Iran and many other places, the world of carpets meets once a year at DOMOTEX.

DOMOTEX 2020 – THE WORLD OF FLOORING, Carpet Design Award 2020

A festival of colors, shapes and materials

The fascination of carpets: Young players from the art and design scene are constantly rediscovering the hand-made carpet, giving it a contemporary character and keeping it alive. Special materials like leather, felt or wood add a special touch to interiors. Ancient carpets on the other hand exude history, often embodying centuries-old cultures. A growing number of manufacturers are reworking antique carpets using a multiplicity of processes to revive their appearance. But for everyone, hand-made carpets remain a visual and tactile attraction at DOMOTEX.

Honoring hand-made works of art: the Carpet Design Awards

Consisting of an exhibition and awards ceremony, the renowned Carpet Design Awards at DOMOTEX provide a special platform for hand-made carpets. Every year outstanding hand-made carpets are distinguished with prizes in eight categories. Special attention is paid to quality, craftsmanship, sustainability and design. Only submissions that combine these qualities in an outstanding manner make it to the final stage of the world-renowned competition, receiving their own well-deserved exhibition in Hall 3. An international jury of experts from the design and carpet industry will select the most convincing entries at an official ceremony during the fair.

DOMOTEX 2020 – THE WORLD OF FLOORING Trendbericht: ¿ART DÉCO¿ Programm Vielaris Art Parquet, Parkettböden, Halle 13, Stand A63

Whatever way you like it!

Machine-made woven carpets are in great demand and offer numerous advantages: On the one hand, they are manufactured much faster than hand-woven products, making them cheaper to produce. On the other, they also allow for the swift implementation of the latest trends. The latest fashion trends are currently inspiring manufacturers more than ever. In this segment, the carpet is literally reinvented over and over again – whether in a classic or modern design.

Masters of illusion

Contemporary woven carpets are often masters of illusion – they look hand-made, but are actually made on machines. The DOMOTEX range includes large-area carpets as well as bridges, patterns, runners, bathroom sets, bed surrounds and step carpets.

Have it your way!

Textile fabrics are the all-rounders among carpets. Thanks to the constant refinement of manufacturing processes, even individual wishes in terms of size, color and materials can be accommodated. Machine-made woven carpets impress with their complex patterns and fascinating play of colors, employing natural materials like wool and cotton as well as synthetic fibers and exciting combinations of both.

DOMOTEX 2020 – THE WORLD OF FLOORING Trendbericht: Swiss Krono “Exquisit Port Oak” Swiss Krono Group, Halle 12, Stand B48

A sector for innovation and design

The products showcased here are more resilient, stable and durable than ever before. In addition to extremely high-quality systems, medium-quality, cost-efficient solutions will also be represented at the fair. All of these products are not only highly functional and practical, but also increasingly employed for decorative purposes, thanks to their use of the latest materials and color trends.

Well-maintained entrance area

Whether it involves carpeting, wood, laminate or vinyl floor coverings – all of these require special protection in a number of application areas. Mats and clean-off systems ensure a well-maintained entrance area, thus reducing the amount of expense and effort to clean and maintain interior floor coverings.

DOMOTEX 2020 – THE WORLD OF FLOORING, Mohammadzadeh & Sohn, Halle 2, Stand C16


The range at DOMOTEX includes both textile clean-off products – available off the roll or as mats – and entrance mat systems, suitable for heavily frequented buildings. This range is rounded off by floor protection mats, rubber mats with a high cleaning effect for outdoor use, bath mats and natural coconut fiber mats.

Extensive Range

As far as the eye can see: A textile floor covering laid over an extensive area characterizes the entire room. Products in this segment are manufactured using a number of processes and surface designs, while exhibiting a wide variety of textures and installation techniques. Their extensive range extends from extremely hardwearing carpets to luxurious and simple designs for the residential and contract flooring areas.

DOMOTEX 2020 – THE WORLD OF FLOORING Sonderausstellung: “The 4 Seasons¿ by Lila Valadan/Naziri, Halle 3, Stand F31

Important design element

Color, materials and above all texture and acoustics play a special role in the selection of the right carpeting and the atmosphere it creates. These textile floor coverings are knotted, tufted or woven, and available either off-the-roll or as modular tiles.

A good choice every step of the way

Today’s quality textile floor covering qualities are robust, sound-absorbing, heat-insulating and shape-retaining. Many of them are also environmentally certified and suitable for people who suffer from allergies. All this and almost unlimited design possibilities ensure that textile floor coverings are experiencing a renaissance. DOMOTEX presents the gamut of textile floor coverings from manufacturers across the world.

DOMOTEX 2020 – THE WORLD OF FLOORING Gewinner: Best Modern Design Deluxe Strati – Jaipur Rugs Trendbericht

Highly Trendy

They’re sound-absorbing, heat-insulating and distinguished, above all, by their ease of care. The products in this display category are highly trendy because they increase the comfort of any room and at the same time are easy to professionally install.

At DOMOTEX exhibitors from around the world will present their luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), PVC, latex and rubber floor coverings.

Sustainability & Life Cycle Assessment

Also on display will be products made predominantly from renewable raw materials, such as linoleum and natural rubber. More and more manufacturers of resilient and designer floor coverings are now strongly focused on sustainability issues and are constantly optimizing their product lines with a view to the ecological footprints.

DOMOTEX 2020 – THE WORLD OF FLOORING Obeetee, Halle 3, Stand H20

Unlimited design possibilities

Designer floor coverings manufacturers are taking advantage of the latest printing techniques to create authentic replicas of wood, stone and ceramic-look floors. The result is hard-wearing and easy-care floor coverings with the warm appearance of a surface that resembles the natural product more than ever. DOMOTEX will showcase interior design solutions that meet the demand for increasingly individualized and unique floors, while authentically reflecting the esthetics of natural materials.

Classic among Floor Coverings

A classic among floor coverings – products in this segment continue to remain highly popular with consumers and architects. And it’s no wonder, since parquet, wood and high-quality laminate flooring visibly increase the value of residential and commercial interiors. With their elegant appearance and natural feel, these floors lend every interior a lively warmth, coziness and atmosphere, providing a basis for style-conscious interior design.

DOMOTEX 2020 – THE WORLD OF FLOORING, Tisca-Textil, Halle 3, Stand J24

Unlimited design options

Rustic plank or dark smoked oak, light and soaped pine, noble inlaid parquet or laminate flooring with natural grain and a plank-type look – the design options with wood and laminate floors are varied. Manufacturers in this segment are offering a wide variety of grains, structures, colors and shapes.

DOMOTEX 2020 – THE WORLD OF FLOORING, Zollanvari, Halle 3, Stand G05


Increasingly, manufacturers are responding to requests for individualization and allowing their customers to choose from a wide range of innovative patterns, structures and colors – offering architects and planners as well as craftspeople, retailers and consumers a wealth of choices.

Simple, versatile and environmentally-friendly: fitting without glue

Making floors excellent is the goal of every exhibitor and attendee at DOMOTEX, the world’s leading floor coverings trade fair. There is an ever-increasing demand for durability, ruggedness and easy installation and maintenance. At DOMOTEX, international manufacturers will present their range of products and services for the optimized installation of floor coverings.

Intelligent products

This display category includes tools and machines for installing carpets and floors, cleaning and care products, back coatings and insulating underlays as well as finishing applications. From laying the screed to preparing the subfloor, from laying the floor to renovating the floor to removing the floor covering – intelligent products from international exhibitors are available to make work easier at every stage.
As a trends fair, DOMOTEX provides up-to-the-minute knowledge, imparting qualified know-how in both practical and theoretical presentations. This fair brings together technical innovations and the highest quality standards – including live, onsite testing.

DOMOTEX 2020 – THE WORLD OF FLOORING, ATMYSPHERE – Das aktuelle Leitthema der DOMOTEX heißt ATMYSPHERE und verdeutlicht, wie wichtig der Boden für unser aller Wohlbefinden ist. Die Sonderfläche “Framing Trends” in Halle 8 zeigt alle Aspekte von ATMYSPHERE auf besonders kreative und inspirierende Weise. Darüber hinaus wird sich das Leitthema atmosphärisch durch alle Hallen ziehen und spürbar erlebbar sein. S1, Stefany Hali Tekstil

Skilled Trades Corner – “Treffpunkt Handwerk”

A forum dedicated to networking, communication and practice: In a special action area, interested floor layers can try out newly developed tools and equipment, test innovative products and witness the latest solutions for application and installation technology direct from the manufacturer. This is where interior decorators, parquet and floor layers, painters and varnishers come to share their ideas and make new contacts. Treffpunkt Handwerk is definitely the place to be!

Growth Segment of Outdoor Flooring

Tiles, wood, stone – the selection of outdoor floor coverings for patios and balconies is every bit as varied as it is for indoors. Which also applies to the range of materials available for various tactile and practical purposes. Whereas wood makes for a pleasant barefoot feeling and warmth, natural stone and concrete impress with their durability and ruggedness, despite all visual differences.

Wood plastic composite (WPC) on the other hand combines the advantages of plastic and wood: It is easy to clean, but at the same time durable, with a wood-like appearance. Artificial turf also belongs to this segment: It has long been an important material in the sporting world and, thanks to its by now very natural appearance, is now finding its way into the exterior of apartments and houses as well as commercial real estate.

DOMOTEX 2020 – THE WORLD OF FLOORING, ATMYSPHERE – Das aktuelle Leitthema der DOMOTEX heißt ATMYSPHERE und verdeutlicht, wie wichtig der Boden für unser aller Wohlbefinden ist. Die Sonderfläche “Framing Trends” in Halle 8 zeigt alle Aspekte von ATMYSPHERE auf besonders kreative und inspirierende Weise. Darüber hinaus wird sich das Leitthema atmosphärisch durch alle Hallen ziehen und spürbar erlebbar sein. S18, Contract Frame, Yoga Trendbericht

Creating the right conditions

Your patio needs to be non-slip, your driveway weatherproof – every outdoor area requires just the right material. DOMOTEX provides the stage for the gamut of international offerings: Substructures that are the alpha and omega for the easy installation and good durability of floor coverings. Products for a fresh, livable outdoor look. Innovative materials whose soft surfaces provide a pleasant feel and whose robust fibers provide resistance to wind and weather. Carpets made of stone granulate create a seamless, modern appearance indoors and outdoors; they are particularly hard-wearing, slip-resistant and sound-absorbing. The comprehensive range on display here is rounded off by installation technology and accessories.

It is no longer just a matter of creating atmospheric spaces. Globalisation, digitalisation, finiteness of resources, affordability, density, convergence of urban and rural areas, work-life balance, responsibility for nature and future generations are just a few of the factors that characterise the new approach to architecture.

A total of 35,000 attendees – 70% of them from abroad – were on hand for the four-day event to explore the latest trends, products and solutions presented by over 1,400 exhibitors from more than 60 different nations. The show’s lead theme of “ATMYSPHERE” highlighted the aspects of flooring products that contribute to a sense of wellbeing and promoted naturalness and sustainability – topics thoroughly reflected by the products on display.



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