Eat n’ Style

Eat n’ Style

June 20th, 2020
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The fair eat & STYLE is Germany’s largest food festival. It takes place in various cities in Germany and is accessible to both professionals as well as private visitors. In Hamburg the event location is a classical warehouse on the quayside from the imperial era, which provides a unique unforgettable setting with stunning views on the river Elbe and Hamburg’s city panorama. The eat & STYLE in Hamburg offers its visitors a mix of great kitchen innovations, regional specialties, international delicacies and celebrity chefs on the popular cooking show stage. Both big brands and small fine exhibitors present their quality products on the topics of cooking, decorating and hospitality and invite you to taste, shop and relax. Visitors have the unique opportunity to sample fine food and drink and to receive some inspiration from the fields of decoration and hospitality. Tips and tricks from professional chefs, and cooking and wine seminars round off the program of eat & STYLE and lead the event to a festival for all senses.

Philosophically, Slow Food is rooted in a notion of consumers’ rights; this mirrors an understanding of how citizenship, as embedded within political processes and political action theory, has shifted from the “citizen” as participant, to “citizen” as producer, to “citizen” as consumer (iVliller, 1995). This focus belies an underlying leitmotif of slow food in general, that the embattled (and perhaps embittered) citizen eater-as-consumer has lost effective rights to participate in a community of gastronomic true choice due to the hegemonic control of the food industry. Slow Food participants frequently speak of the effort to find, purchase, and use comestibles not controlled by large, non-local or non-sustainable food concerns.

Slow food as we know it!

Participation in Slow food is perceived by members to be an example of direct resistance to the “tyranny of the market” a la Pierre Bourdieu (Rourdieu, 1999), although the voids they use are more emblematic of a harried chef or hostess searching for ideal and elite ingredients than those of the academic sensibilities of French political theorists. Indeed, it can be argued that the name alone signals this opposition and perceived resistance to that which is manufactured and pre-prepared. However, the identity of assaulted eater relates to what is on the plate, as well as the processes that brought the meal to the table.

 There is a deep and abiding sense within members’ discourse that the land is being destroyed by industrial farming practices, that small scale food production is being driven out of business, that food folkways are disappearing and that the universe of choice in taste is being steadily reduced by national and international-level globalization processes that create homogenous products, propose homogenous lives and livelihoods, and define the human endeavor as a process of globalized mass culture. In these models, to support Slow Food is to perform 21st-century consumption as a citizen whose sale political power seems to be active resistance to the onslaught of processed, harmony corporate food homogeneity.

The latest trends in the food sector, high-quality products, exciting exhibitors and everything to try and experience – eat and STYLE is Germany’s only food festival that really appeals to all your senses. Each of our locations offers you a unique program with different focal points, chefs exhibitors and, of course, very own regional specialties. Discover our themed worlds, shop the latest products, stroll with your friends across the grounds and try regional and exotic dishes.

No matter whether cooking is your hobby, you have made it a profession or you simply have a passion for good food – our food festivals are there for everyone!

Young, dynamic startups with innovative ideas exhibit as well as well-known companies with strong brands. An important basis for each of our locations in Hamburg , Munich and Düsseldorf are always small manufacturers from the surrounding area. This colorful mix enables us to offer you a particularly varied program.

Healthy hedonism, Levante cuisine, top heat grilling or innovative sweeteners – the year 2020 has some exciting trends and even groundbreaking developments in the food sector. If you want to know what is behind it or where you can already buy the latest trend products, then come to our food festivals! The mere walk across the grounds becomes a special experience when seductive scents are in the air and every stand invites you to try out futuristic devices or to taste exceptional specialties. Incidentally, you will also find your favorite restaurant in our “City Menus” and much, much more.

Wine stands for the pure attitude to life, a unique variety of different flavors and of course for stylish enjoyment. Whether white, red or rosé wine – there is the right wine for every occasion and every meal. The problem: you quickly lose track of dozens of varieties, vintages and thousands of winegrowers. We are no different, so we got first-class reinforcements. Master Sommelière Romana Echensperger has worked in various top restaurants for many years and knows what is important. The wine consultant has been self-employed since 2011 and has been advising customers from home and abroad ever since. Her expertise is not limited to the extraordinary sense of taste. Thanks to her experience, she can also give you valuable advice on the great trend of food pairing and help you with a few simple tips to always serve the right wine. You also want to recognize a Sauvignon Blanc and know whether you should serve fish or vegetables with it.

Not Just about Food and Wine

The technical change in the kitchen is progressing rapidly. Whether kitchen machines, Thermomix or induction cookers – a lot has changed in recent years. Optimizing work steps, saving time or new methods of preparation – the advantages of a contemporary kitchen are obvious, even if it is of course important not to unlearn and neglect the actual craft. What are the devices that will significantly influence our way of cooking in the next few years?

Try out the latest appliances such as the Miele dialog oven, look over the shoulder of chefs and experience real experts up close. There are also plenty of clever recipes and tricks for you. Visit       the Miele Innovation Lab and be there live when the devices of the future are presented that make cooking easier and better thanks to the latest technology. 

Coffee, Food and Entertainment

Coffee; most people adore the hot drink not only because of the caffeine.  take a close look at the Germans’ favorite drink: what distinguishes different types such as Robusta and Arabica and what is the difference between sun-dried and washed coffee?
You can also taste various types of coffee and find out what type of coffee you are.

Food entertainment at its finest & explosions of taste for free: Live cooking sessions, product presentations and everything that is demonstrated can of course also be tried here. Look forward to FOODBOOM founder and food stylist Hanne Arendholz featuring his favorite gadget for the KitchenAid , Wüsthof knife for urban farmers, after-work kitchen from the DeBuyer pan, fancy food from the Tefal grill, Le Gruyére on the turntables and fine maille mustard glass. In the workshop session everyone can feel like a real bartender – with DRINKABLE drink stylist Jan Halfpap, the top bartender equipment from One Kitchen and Vodka BAZIC as a guest behind the bar.

From the Italian breakfast to the aperitivo time to the home made tagliatelle for doers in the evening! On OH MY ITALY! You will get a lot to see, smell and taste at the stand – starring FOODBOOM s youngest food stylist Hannes Nielsen and equipment from Wüsthof and KitchenAid .

There is a lot to shop for! The range of One Kitchen includes more than 6,000 products from small factories and well-known brands such as KitchenAid . At FOODBOOM tested them and included the best and most innovative products in the “HOT STUFF Collection by FOODBOOM “. So that you can see the products for cook lovers and kitchen enthusiasts in action and understand the added value, product presentations await you around the clock, including direct use at FOODBOOM at the stand!

When? Where? Why?

Be part of the food fair in Stuttgart from November 20-22 and experience numerous well-known exhibitors and great regional manufacturers. In addition, in the food truck battle, pick the best taste and the most innovative concepts from the driving caterer and try your hand at over 20 different dishes. The food fair is embedded in the exciting Stuttgart Messe Autumn, which, with its thematically complex sales exhibitions, is a real institution in Germany.

Even if the food events attract thousands of visitors, it is still a family affair and without pretensions. You can experience star chefs and greats of the industry live and up close, amidst many other enthusiastic foodies, and everyone is welcome.

At three festival locations in Hamburg , Düsseldorf and Munich and at two exhibition locations in Nuremberg and  Stuttgart you can see, smell, try, taste and of course learn a lot. Because our experts, chefs and exhibitors are food enthusiasts who will bring you closer to the whole world of food from different perspectives.

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