August 27th, 2020
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The current technological transformation in the European industry is driven by seven drivers of changes (as listed in ESSA project):

1. Advanced manufacturing (Industry 4.0)

 2. Advanced materials development

3. Complex and global supply chains

 4. Market competition and over-capacity

 5. Life cycle design, pollution prevention and product recyclability

 6. Decarbonisation and energy efficiency

 7. Evolution of customer requirements.

 ESSA thus constitutes an industry driven European technologies for low-carbon production. However, digitalization can be considered the main driver that directly impacts on the advanced manufacturing and transversally affects all the others. As consequence, it can be said that the technological transformation in the European Industry is driven by digitalization, aiming mainly to increase the production efficiency and sustainability in order to reduce the industrial environmental impact.

 That is particularly true for the energy-consuming industry, like the steel industry. The digital transformation of the steel production mainly concerns the application of the related technologies on the steel production processes, where the ongoing technological developments are focused on two fields: 1) advanced tools for the optimization of the whole production chain and 2) specific technologies for low-carbon production. Starting with some necessary definitions, next paragraphs describe the current state of this technological transformation with an analysis of the main developments funded by EU Research Programs achieved in the above fields.


In addition, the analysis of the Best Available Techniques (BAT) document provides information, mainly based on the application of digitalization systems, in particular in the Energy management, Water and Wastewater management and in some production processes. The application of BAT aims at achieving continuous improvements in the steel sector, in particular regarding quality, costs, energy consumption and environmental performance.

 In this context, digital technologies help to reach these objectives, adapting and integrating them with the traditional ones and with the new process. For this reason, the analysis of this document can be a good starting point to understand the innovative and emerging techniques for the steel production processes.

 The effects of digitalization on the steel industry workforce as well as the future economic developments are also described in the following paragraphs. Concerning the methodology, this deliverable has been prepared following an integrated research approach.

It foresees to collect all the necessary information through desk research (European funded projects and literature) and a survey addressed to steel companies. To this aim, an explorative questionnaire has been launched to gather specific information directly from steel industry.

Every two years at EUROGUSS, the largest trade fair of its kind in Europe, everything revolves around innovative solutions for die casting processes such as aluminum die casting, magnesium die casting or zinc die casting. The range of offerings is rounded off by subject areas such as rapid prototyping, CNC machines, metal alloys, die casting molds, peripheral devices, joining processes, process optimization, energy efficiency, material testing, die casting machines or 3D printing.

In 1996 it started for the first time with 93 exhibitors in Sindelfingen, today EUROGUSS is the largest and most important trade fair in the die casting industry in Europe. In 2020, 754 exhibitors and around 15,000 trade visitors set new records.

Lightweight construction, hybrid components, complex molds and rising raw material prices are some of the top issues that drive developments around the die casting value chain. If you want to present your new developments to the international die casting industry, there is no way around Nuremberg. Here are 5 good reasons why it is worth exhibiting at EUROGUSS, Europe’s leading trade fair for die casting, from January 18-20, 2022 :


1. The die casting industry shows its skills here

Innovative solutions for die casting processes such as aluminum die casting, magnesium die casting, zinc die casting as well as die casting machines, rapid prototyping, CNC machines, metal alloys, die casting molds , peripheral devices, process optimization or energy efficiency – the range of offers of EUROGUSS offers you as an exhibitor the perfect environment for your products and services showcase.

2. Entire die casting value chain in one place

EUROGUSS shows the entire value chain of die casting concentrated in one place: from raw materials to technology and processes to the finished products. The exhibitors are die casting foundries and their suppliers, suppliers and service providers. They show die casting technology, offers for the after treatment of castings, separating and operating materials which are necessary in the manufacturing process, possibilities of quality control, control and drive technology as well as the wide field of software. Enter into direct dialogue with an interested specialist audience and inspire with your ideas and products!

3. Top-class professional audience

EUROGUSS is the ideal platform to reach your most important target groups! This is where automobile manufacturers, automotive suppliers, machine and plant builders, as well as manufacturing specialists, developers and buyers find out more. Don’t miss the opportunity; because 97% of the 641 exhibitors in 2018 can confirm this, they reached your most important target groups. Take the chance to make new business contacts and present your offer, your service and your products.

4. Impressive growth rates and positive feedback

97% of the exhibitors were satisfied with their overall success at EUROGUSS 2018. The possibility of establishing new business connections was also rated positively. EUROGUSS has had impressive growth rates for twelve events and this trend will continue in 2020. Show your flag too!

5. Before, during and after the fair

From drive technology to accessories – EUROGUSS will intensively discuss the entire process chain around die casting for three days. The perfect opportunity for you to get in touch with like-minded people and to exchange information about current developments, new products and innovative systems. The exhibitor and product platform also offers you the opportunity to present your company and your products before, during and after the trade fair.


Four full halls, enthusiastic visitors and satisfied exhibitors – that was EUROGUSS 2020. A total of 754 * exhibitors (2018: 641) from 36 countries (2018: 33) presented the latest 15,000 * trade visitors (2018: 15,354) with the latest trends in technology , innovative processes and new products along the entire value chain of die casting. In addition to the trade fair, the specialist congress, the 20th Die Casting Day, took place, which was also very well attended.

“We are very satisfied with EUROGUSS 2020. The mood was excellent on both the visitor and exhibitor side and we received a lot of positive feedback. Above all, the quality of the trade visitors was praised. The right people meet at EUROGUSS, ”summarizes Christopher Boss, head and international product manager of EUROGUSS. “All the important die-casting foundries and their suppliers were represented and showed the entire performance. This once again confirms that EUROGUSS is THE meeting point for the die casting industry. ”

The partner associations also rate EUROGUSS 2020 as a complete success. “EUROGUSS has undergone fantastic development and is at an incredibly high level – despite the current uncertainty in the market. The die casters can look back on three very successful days in which they exchanged views, maintained contacts and achieved good deals. The entire ‘die casting family’ was once again gathered at EUROGUSS 2020, ”said Hartmut Fischer, chairman of the Association of German Die Casting Foundations. The conclusion of Dr. Timo Würz, General Secretary CEMAFON (The European Foundry Equipment Suppliers Association) is similar: “The mood in the exhibition halls was excellent. Our exhibiting member companies were also very satisfied with their participation in the trade fair and above all they praised the excellent quality of the trade visitors, most of whom were decision-makers. EUROGUSS has proven itself as a platform, despite the currently difficult market environment. “

Satisfied exhibitors and visitors

Of the 754 exhibitors, 56 percent came from abroad and came from a total of 36 countries. The largest share came from Europe: above all from Italy, Turkey, Spain, Austria and the Czech Republic.

Roland Weigert, Staatssekretär im Bayerischen Staatsministerium für Wirtschaft, Landesentwicklung und Energie beim Rundgang

The exhibitors take a positive stock of EUROGUSS 2020. For them, the fair is a fixed date in the calendar, because this is where the entire European world of die casting technology comes together. “EUROGUSS is the absolutely right platform to present us and reach our target group. That was our first independent trade fair appearance as castwerk. We felt very comfortable and in good hands here. The quality of the visitors was absolutely right and we had many good discussions. We are excited about the fair. We will definitely be back at EUROGUSS 2022, ”explains Michael Schran, managing director of castwerk. Peter Reuther, Managing Director at StrikoWestofen also reports positively about the participation in the measurement: “Of course we are also concerned about which trade fair is worthwhile for us, However, EUROGUSS is an integral part of our schedule. For us, EUROGUSS is and remains the most important die casting fair in Europe. The aisles were full, our booth was well attended and we reached our target group. “

This positive trend is also reflected in the survey of trade visitors. Over 94 percent indicated that they were satisfied with the offer at EURGOUSS 2020. The trade visitors came mainly from the automotive industry, mechanical and plant engineering, mold making, from die casting foundries, the electrical and electronics industry, the furniture fittings industry and from energy or medical technology. The top visitor countries include Germany, Italy, Austria, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Spain and Poland.

Convincing supporting program

In addition to the fair, the 20th die-casting day took place in NCC Ost, which was once again extremely well attended this year. The topics of the lectures were broad and were very well received by the trade visitors of EUROGUSS.

The other supporting program, such as the SpeakersCorner in Hall 8, was also highly praised. In the specialist forum, numerous lectures took place on the topics of additive manufacturing as well as surface technology and Industry 4.0. The EUROGUSS Talent Awards were also presented there. The prize is aimed at junior staff in the die-casting industry and was first awarded in 2020.


Die casting worldwide: THE LEADING DIE CASTING SHOWS

NürnbergMesse is not only the organizer of EUROGUSS, but also offers companies with a network of various trade fairs in the global die-casting core markets platforms in the most important international foundry markets. The aim is to create access to new markets and bring companies together.

The EUROGUSS Family is currently represented in four markets: China, India, Mexico and Thailand. The next event in the EUROGUSS product family is CHINA DIECASTING, China’s leading die casting fair, which
will take place in Shanghai from July 15 to 17, 2020. In November, EUROGUSS Mexico will follow in Guadalajara from November 10th to 12th, 2020 after the successful start. The die casting year is ended by ALUCAST, India’s leading trade fair for die casting. This will take place in Chennai from December 3 to 5, 2020.



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