September 4th, 2020
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Application of emerging meat-processing technologies for the replacement of conventional energy-intensive meat processes could provide potential to reduce energy consumption, production costs, and improve the sustainability of the meat sector without the infrastructural changes of meat production chains. The chapter briefly reviews four emerging technologies of food processing. High-pressure processing (HPP) is applied for the packaged high-value products to assure their safety and stability, which leads to the extension of shelf life. It has certain limitations due to the batch-based process of treatment. Further design of HPP equipment should target the advances toward improved efficiency of energy consumption and pressure recovery.

 The development of shockwave (SW) or dynamic HPP aims specifically meat tenderization. Short range of specific application challenges the extensive analysis and comparison of the technology. However, the technology is indicated to be more environmentally friendly and cost efficient if applied at small scale and aimed at substitution of long-aging processing. Ohmic heating (OH) is an emerging technology for industrial meat processing via direct electric heating. Previous experiments and available studies indicated its potential as a cost-efficient technology for meat products treatment in a more rapid rate.

 Further technology development and penetration on the market is expected soon. Pulsed electric field (PEF) is another processing method applying direct electric energy for the processing. It has various applications for meat processing, however more studies are needed to identify the optimal processing conditions. Other potential PEF applications such as PEF-assisted cooking should be explored since it could open new opportunities either in kitchen operation or in food industries for the improvement and the retention of sensorial quality of cooked meat, especially for tough meat cuts. The application of the reviewed technologies at industrial scale is still limited to special application cases.

Messegeschehen evenord 2019

 There are different limitations that enable quick and successful expansion of the technologies on the market. They relate to batch-based system of processing in HPP and pulsed eclectic fields, design of the relevant industrial equipment in shockwave and OH. Most of the limitations could be solved with improvement of technology readiness levels and further equipment development.

 Furthermore, the design of HPP, PEF, OH, and SW equipment should be advanced to achieve more environmentally friendly and energy efficient options for meat processing and clear information should be provided to consumers in order to improve consumer acceptability and marketability of emerging meat-processing techniques.

The evenord trade fair is all about sausage and much more. Butchers and meat processing companies will find everything they need for their daily work at the annual event at the Nuremberg exhibition center. In addition to raw materials and butcher’s supplies, the more than 160 exhibitors present their range of shop fittings and furnishings, packaging, work clothes and decoration. The 4,000 trade visitors from the meat industry, gastronomy, public catering and the hotel industry come from southern Germany. The trade show is organized by Evenord eG. Organization and implementation of the evenord are at NürnbergMesse.

As usual, the second weekend in October at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center was all about meat, sausages and delicacies. The evenord, innovation fair for the food trade, opened its gates for the 51st time and invited around 4,000 trade visitors from the meat industry, gastronomy, community catering and the hotel industry to network, feast and discover. Around 160 companies presented the latest trends in raw materials, work equipment, shop fitting, packaging, work clothes, decoration and service.

Messegeschehen evenord 2019

Not only business boomed on one and a half communicative trade fair days. The feel-good factor and the family atmosphere, for which the evenord is known and popular, were clearly felt again. The trade show is organized by Evenord eG. Organization and implementation of the evenord are at NürnbergMesse.

After evenord invited to its exhibition center in Nuremberg for its 50th anniversary last year, a new era for the innovation fair for meat and gastronomy is beginning this weekend, October 12 and 13, 2019. Around 4,000 trade visitors from butcher shops, catering and communal catering then come together again from all over southern Germany to discover, network and feast on the latest trends with 160 exhibitors. Starting with food and butcher’s supplies, appealing work clothes and decorations to shop organization and equipment, evenord compact offers the all-round carefree package for butchers and restaurateurs in one hall. Your distinctive character remains even after 50 years: professional and innovative, but also communicative, warm and cozy.

Messegeschehen evenord 2019

In hall 12 of the exhibition center, the evenord is again all about the professional exchange around the areas of cooling equipment and vehicles, meat processing machines and equipment, boiler, smoke and air conditioning systems. The segments service, shop fitting, packaging, work clothing, cleaning and disinfection as well as marketing and consulting services are also shown. Thomas Preutenborbeck, Head of Events at NürnbergMesse, looks forward to the coming weekend with great anticipation: “Evenord has a long tradition and is a very special date in our trade fair calendar. Year after year you can see how much creativity and innovation potential there is in this dynamic industry, which still remains true to itself. It’s a balancing act Maintaining long-standing traditions such as family recipes and customs and at the same time getting fit for the future, trying new things or finding your niche with an unusual idea. Evenord is the ideal platform for inspiration and information. “

Expert exchange among industry experts

Biergarten und glaeserne Manufaktur

Warm customer contact and professional advice – two aspects that play an equally important role for butchers and restaurateurs in addition to manual skills – are also very important at evenord. This is where like-minded people come together, decision-makers meet highly professional specialists, and longstanding industry experts are on site. It is the ideal platform for maintaining contacts and making new ones. The Evenord eG board members Horst Schneider, Ralf Kettlitz and Karlheinz Lorenz and their staff are the visitors at the Evenord eG information stand; Hall 12 (booth 12-403) welcome and look forward to numerous discussions.

The highlights of evenord 2019

The heart of the fair this year is again the large beer garden, which invites you to a cozy get-together. Fresh delicacies such as liver cheese and white sausages from the adjacent glass show production of Evenord eG provide for the physical well-being. Here you can also see the latest butcher machines live in action. Successful operation does not only include food and machinery, but also an appealing design of the sales room. The decoration area of ​​Evenord eG offers numerous inspirations for the right shop decoration. 

Messegeschehen evenord 2019

Horst Schneider, CEO of the Evenord Group, and Ralf Kettlitz, Member of the Board, sum up with satisfaction: “Evenord 2019 was a complete success. We are pleased that we can again record a stable number of exhibitors and visitors this year. That speaks for our trade fair and the trade fair location. The mood in the hall was also consistently positive. There was a lot of crowds at all stands and also large direct deals were made. The exhibitors also expect good post-fair business. The trend this year was clearly to see that the topic of sustainability is becoming increasingly important. In our popular evenord beer garden it was communicative like every year, only satisfied faces could be seen here. “Also Thomas Preutenborbeck, member of the management board at NürnbergMesse, draws a positive balance: “Evenord has been moving to Nuremberg’s meat industry in southern Germany for over 50 years. Once again this year, the numerous trade visitors experienced a comprehensive, innovative offer in a warm, family atmosphere, which left nothing to be desired. The weekend was used again for extensive network maintenance and business deals. It’s nice to see that the long history of success of the evenord continues. An all-round successful event! ” The weekend was used again for extensive network maintenance and business deals. It’s nice to see that the long history of success of the evenord continues. An all-round successful event! ” The weekend was used again for extensive network maintenance and business deals. It’s nice to see that the long history of success of the evenord continues. An all-round successful event! “

As usual, evenord was a feast for the whole family: in addition to the product show, the convivial beer garden with adjacent show production, childcare with giant slide and painting campaigns as well as the colorful decorative stand, which offered a large selection of wintery Christmas accessories for the retail store the highlights.



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