Frankfurt Buchmesse

Frankfurt Buchmesse

September 4th, 2020
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The printing industry has also seen the sweep of digital impact on how it carries out its business. While litho printing is still the preferred method for print runs of over 400–500 copies, there are now two additional possibilities that provide cost-effective ways of producing books.

Print on demand (POD) designed to print single copies reached the market some 15 years ago. However, the initial machinery was expensive and therefore required centralisation of a large amount of printing. This has now improved considerably and we are moving towards small efficient machines that allow for dispersed printing around the globe.

The more recent arrival of the short-run digital printing option is the preferred method for runs from around 25 to 400 copies. This suits monographs publishing very well.

Apart from allowing publishers to print only the quantity they require for whatever period they wish, this flexibility also allows publishers to decide whether they will print to hold stock or only print when stock is required (as Springer does with its e-copy/my copy programme) – delivering directly from the printer. The new textbook publisher Flat World Knowledge chooses to circumvent warehousing in this way, although for how long this will be possible is hard to tell. More traditional publishers start with litho, print short digital runs if necessary as sales slowdown and then progress to POD with the digital file held by the printer to be used after orders come in. Amazon and other large retailers also offer this POD service to publishers.

Frankfurter Buchmesse is the world’s most important fair for the print and digital content business, as well as an outstanding social and cultural event. It’s where publishing experts come together with VIPs from the creative industry to meet authors, celebrities, journalists, and cultural enthusiasts from around the world. They come for business opportunities and to do deals, for networking and discussions, and for the glamour and socialising.

Every year, Frankfurter Buchmesse brings innovative technologies and world literature to the city of Frankfurt, transforming it into a global hub of the media and publishing industries.

Frankfurter Buchmesse 2019 was a huge success, featuring exciting conferences, fascinating events and an expansive range of innovative exhibitors that captivated visitors. And we already have a lot more in store for you 2020. It’ll be a fair you can’t afford to miss. We hope to see you there.

Act now and secure the best possible location for your stand at the world’s most important marketplace for print and digital content.

Every year the Frankfurter Buchmesse is the meeting spot for publishing experts, representatives from the creative and tech industries, writers, stars and movers and shakers in the creative fields from all over the world. At the Frankfurt Conference on 15 October 2020 a new international format will open that merges experienced industry knowledge with interdisciplinary networking. What does this all mean for you? Even more ideas, more contacts and even more inspiration.

Continue to use your time at the fair to visit the thematically organised stages of Frankfurter Buchmesse. Learn more about new business models, trends and market developments with direct relevance to your industry branch. Be part of the conversation!

THE ARTS+ brings some of the most innovative thinkers and practitioners from around the world together to explore, debate and shape the future of culture and creativity in the digital age. A fair, exhibition and interdisciplinary festival at once, it is a vibrant platform that showcases the potential of digitization and new technologies for the cultural and creative industries while fostering cross-sectoral collaboration.

In 2019, the festival’s explorations into the intersections of art, culture and technology will be taken even further than in previous editions: Collaborating for the first time with the B3 Biennial of the Moving Image, the ARTS+ will be extended by the renowned B3 flagship exhibition featuring film, media, games and tech-based installation art, and by a new themed strand in the curated program.

It all starts with a free breakfast and a creative science slam. After that, visiting students can expect exciting informational events featuring the latest trends in science, along with tips and tricks to help them in their studies and career planning.

Campus Weekend at Frankfurter Buchmesse is getting more popular with every year. Students can talk with the VIPs of the industry, while academic publishers can make direct connections to their target group, and the media and publishing industry can recruit motivated young professionals.

From bestseller readings at the fair in Frankfurt, to poetry slams, tastings and discussion rounds in Frankfurt bars and cultural institutions: every year in October, everything in Frankfurt revolves around literature, inspiration and exciting encounters. Over five days, publishing experts, writers, artists and culture enthusiasts from all over the world meet to celebrate the BOOKFEST together.

And after the fair? The events continue at surprising and unique locations throughout the city, with inspiring productions of literature and stories.

From 14-18 October, the entire city of Frankfurt becomes an enthusiastic extension of Frankfurter Buchmesse. The media event of the year attracts thousands of visitors, exhibitors, artists, stars and journalists. One of the most exciting event programmes is BOOKFEST. This international festival takes place in attractive locations throughout the city each evening after the book fair ends. Our motto: BIGGER, BETTER, BOOKFEST.

Celebrate with us and submit your proposals for BOOKFEST events by the end of April.  Are you the owner of a cool event location? Then apply now to make your location part of the festivities. Because when it comes to celebrations: the more the merrier.

Cosplay throughout the entire book fair! Thanks to the International Frankfurt Cosplay Concept, the scene has moved into the traditional book fair space for the first time: Halls 3 & 4, along with the Agora and the Guest of Honour Forum will all host parts of the Cosplay programme. And it will always be in the right neighbourhood, such as near the Asian publishers in Hall 4.0.

With its impressive show kitchen, the Gourmet Gallery attracts the full attention of the media as well as trade visitors and general public. Over the years, the Gourmet Gallery became an integral part of Frankfurter Buchmesse and the publishing industry. The long-standing success of Gourmet Gallery reflects the increasing importance of nutrition in our society; food not only forms a pleasurable part of our life, but also reflects identity and political trends of the time.



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