Garten Munich

Garten Munich

September 1st, 2020
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The design of a garden is as individual as the furnishing of your own apartment: Some want it to be as close to nature and insect-friendly as possible, others want a garden that is particularly easy to care for, but which still makes an impression and many are looking for a possibility despite limited space on the balcony and terrace gardening and grilling. Garten München has the answer to all of these needs. In halls B4 and C4 of the Munich exhibition center there are numerous exhibitors who offer ideas, advice or a suitable offer for every need, from practical technology such as robotic lawnmowers and irrigation systems to beautiful designer furniture and accessories. Numerous show gardens provide inspiration for your own green space at home.   

One of the advantages of having your own open space is being able to eat under the open sky on nice days: For hobby grillers and those who want to at least become semi-professional, there is a lot on offer at the trade fair, because there is a garden Munich also the largest barbecue scene gathering in Europe. The Bavarian BBQ Week presents everything from camping stoves to luxury outdoor kitchens on over 1,000 square meters – plus the latest trends and techniques in barbecuing. A noteworthy spectacle and highlight of the fair, which grill fans should already note, is the DUTCH OVEN COOK OFF, which takes place on Saturday, March 14th, 2020 from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Here, several teams compete against each other to cook, braise, roast and even bake in a cast iron pot over an open fire. In addition, experts give tips on questions such as the choice between gas or charcoal and reveal how you can recognize a really good grill. Workshops and demonstrations complete the program of the Bavarian BBQ Week

Those who are less interested in outdoor grilling, but more interested in flowers and how to use them, will enjoy the competition of budding florists. In cooperation with the Association of German Florists, District Association Munich / Upper Bavaria, the young talents 2020 will compete at the annual Heinz-Czeiler-Cup on Saturday, March 14th, 2020 from 1 p.m. under the motto “Florales around the Mediterranean”. Further information, including the tasks, will be announced in mid-January after the call for applications.

As soon as the temperatures become milder, our lives and with them our meals move outdoors: Three quarters of all Germans grill regularly, more than half of all households “passionately”. So it is not surprising that more and more people are really interested in the topic. The following applies: If you grill a lot, you need variety on the grill. The perfect contact point for this is the Bavarian BBQ Week at the Munich exhibition center. This is where the crème de la crème of the scene comes together, gives lectures, offers workshops and exchanges recipes. From the camping grill to the complete outdoor kitchen to technical accessories, sauces and spices, the latest trends are represented at the Bavarian BBQ Week with over 1,000 square meters of exhibition space.

It’s getting hot: The Dutch Oven Cook-Off 2020

On Saturday morning, a special highlight awaits visitors outside: At the Dutch Oven Cook-Off 2020, 15 teams compete against each other to prepare the best dish in the cast iron pot over fire. From the ambitious amateur to the professional chef, the diversity of the participants could hardly be greater. The Dutch Oven was once exported all over the world by German-speaking emigrants and is now gaining popularity again: everything can be prepared in a pot from meat dishes to bread and desserts. The requirement for the teams this year: a dish with chicken and a freestyle lid dish. What the teams came up with is likely to be exciting. “The Dutch Oven is a great device and has become very popular because it is available for little money and you can prepare almost anything for it”, says Elmar Fetscher from the grill and barbecue magazine FIRE & FOOD, which organizes the competition. Finally, Uli Wette, managing director of the German BBQ Association and grill world champion Christoph Gollenz determine the winners using a points system. The award ceremony will take place on Saturday, March 14, 2020 at 5:00 p.m.   

Grill world champion Christoph Gollenz does not only appear as a jury member at the Bavarian BBQ Week: he also shines with his knowledge on the stage, where lectures, workshops and demonstrations are offered around the clock. The grill master explains how, for example, a salmon can be prepared great, or how to get as much taste out of a product. But also more unusual things are on the program: Who would have come up with the idea, for example, that barbecuing a carp could be a real culinary highlight? It depends on the right preparation – Christoph Gollenz reveals the best tricks. The small multiplication table of the meat is also a regular topic on stage: What makes a good piece of meat? Which cut is suitable for which preparation and what should I pay attention to when shopping? What makes a meat “good” meat, is it the breed of cattle, the feeding, or the keeping? Questions from the audience are welcome and will be happy to answer them.

The grill – a male domain? Not at all. Anja Auer shows this impressively. The former Pilates trainer has made a career as a “woman at the grill” and is known online with her videos and a recipe blog. In the meantime, an entire online magazine has grown out of this, to which other authors also contribute recipes. Of course, Anja Auer should not be missing at the Bavarian BBQ Week: On the first day, on Wednesday, March 11, 2020 at 3:00 p.m., she cooks her newly interpreted recipe for the Bavarian BBQ Week on stage in a Dutch oven. There is: “Galician-style Pulpo”, ie a whole squid with potatoes, which will later be made into bite-sized tapas and tasted by the trade fair audience.

The trends for the upcoming season are also the topic at the largest barbecue gathering on the scene. The pellet grill is booming : “Almost all well-known manufacturers have introduced such devices or are now launching them on the market,” says Cornelia Lutz, project manager of the event. Some of them are exhibited at the Bavarian BBQ Week. As the name suggests, the indirectly grilling appliances are fired with single-variety pellets, pressed from hickory-cherry or other high-quality woods, whose smoke aromas affect the taste of the food. In addition, they are relatively easy to use.

Already last year the fire plate started its triumphal march and also scores in 2020 with its particularly communicative aspect: everyone can stand together around the hot ring and prepare their grill dishes themselves. Fire plates are particularly suitable for short grilled dishes and Mediterranean cuisine. They also work well with liquids, whether they are sauces or alcohol – the liquid is reduced, the taste nestles nicely on the food. Ceramic barbecues are still in vogue , with a look that looks something like a large flowerpot with a lid. The ceramic stores the heat for hours, requires little energy and keeps the temperature constant over a long period of time.

All of these devices are on display at the Bavarian BBQ Week, some of them in operation and can be compared and tested. And of course it doesn’t stop at the barbecues: sauces and spices, thermometers and aprons – everything is present at the Bavarian BBQ Week that makes the hearts of grill and outdoor fans beat faster or can make the time outdoors more relaxing and interesting . A must for grill fans and those who want to become one.

But apart from the competition, Garten München, as the largest indoor garden fair in southern Germany, offers everything that is interesting about plants. The exhibitors can find the right hardware for the care of planted outdoor areas or raised beds, which are increasingly in demand in urban areas. Gardeners reveal how and when which plants should best be pruned, which ones love shady and which ones are sunny, which pretty butterflies lure the garden and which bees serve as food. And even for plant lovers with a rather black thumb, there is still a suitable plant. The fair is almost a compulsory event for people who are planning their own garden. Is there still room for a pool or better a swimming pond? Which plants can be planted well as a hedge? And which terrace tiles are best suited for the home? Garden Munich offers everything imaginable in terms of selection, advice and assistance.



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