August 2nd, 2020
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There are 130 trades in the craft sector – and at least as many good reasons that speak for training in this area. Diverse tasks, an activity in harmony with people and nature, lots of career opportunities and an industry that is prepared for the future: At the “YoungGeneration” and “AutoBerufeAktuell” at the International Crafts Fair (IHM), schoolchildren and young people from the 11th to the 11th March 15, 2020 Experience over 40 professions up close and make valuable contacts for a secure future.

The signs are green: Today, sustainability and environmental protection are more important to young people than a generation before them. The question quickly arises as to which professional activities correspond to these values ​​and are suitable for your own career. The main topic for schoolchildren is which training is the right one. The answer is provided by the skilled trades: from regional and resource-conserving manufacturing to the highest product and production quality to upcycling, no other branch stands for sustainability like the craft.

In order to show young talents the chances and possibilities of the craft as transparently as possible, master craftsmen, associations, guilds and the Chamber of Crafts for Munich and Upper Bavaria present a variety of handicraft apprenticeships on the areas of the “YoungGeneration” and “AutoBerufeAktuell”. Pupils, but also teachers and parents, learn first-hand everything that is worth knowing about training content and the search for an apprenticeship as well as about career paths in the craft, which are often in no way inferior to the academic educational pathways. For school classes, guided tours take place every half hour from Wednesday to Friday, prior registration is required at On the Saturday and Sunday of the fair, guided tours start on the hour between 10:00 and 16:00, in which students and their parents can also participate. The meeting point is the “YoungGeneration” information counter in Hall C2.

The live character of the event is also convincing this year: In total, students can demonstrate manual skills and solve tasks at 26 stations. The aim is to convey as many facets of the craft as possible in a playful way. For this purpose, rally cards are issued at the “YoungGeneration” info counter. After each successfully completed station, the young talents will receive a stamp on their card. The tasks are as varied as the craft itself: for example, the bakers bake and bake little animals out of curd batter, the popular birdhouses are built with the building guards, and the rally participants build a green roof together with the roofing professionals at, unique metal roses are created by the metalworkers and the pupils at the orthopedic shoemaker station check whether a patient needs an insert. Once ten of the fifty tasks have been solved and ten stamps have been collected on the rally card, the young talents can take part in the hourly draw. You can win a Saturn voucher worth EUR 20 each. 

The international craft fair and the parallel Munich garden will be open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from March 11 to 15, 2020. In total, around 1,000 exhibitors from 60 trades will present themselves on the five days of the fair on more than 74,000 square meters in seven halls. 

Around 110,000 visitors, including prominent guests such as Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel and Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier were enthusiastic about the skill of the craft.

At the international craft fair, which took place for the first time over five days, visitors experienced traditional but also new, digital work techniques and solutions. The fair showed how varied, creative and future-oriented the craft is and how it is adapting to the challenges of the future. According to the visitor survey, goods and services worth over 36 million euros were bought or ordered by visitors to the fair.

Numerous innovations from the trade were presented at the fair. Two of the crowd-pullers: the 3D printer for chocolate from pastry chef Benedikt Daschner, who was honored on Sunday with the Federal Prize for outstanding innovative performance for the craft, and the Cobot from model and mold maker werk5, which received the Bavarian State Prize. A total of 32 exhibitors were awarded the Federal Prize or the Bavarian State Prize for special design and technical achievements in the trade.

Around 1,000 exhibitors showed their services and solutions for end users and customers from the municipal and commercial sectors at the Munich exhibition center. In addition, the International Crafts Fair is the top meeting of the craft with numerous prominent guests from politics and business as well as the entire craft organization.

“At the 2019 International Handicrafts Fair, handicrafts impressively demonstrated how innovative, modern, digital, surprising and diverse it is. And that it is time to finally clear up the all-round clichés about the craft. They are simply no longer correct, ”says Hans Peter Wollseifer, President of the Central Association of German Crafts. “That is why we asked the fair this year under the provocative guiding question: Is it still a craft? The visitors were able to convince themselves that this is the case. It could be seen that internationality, digitization, diversity and humanity are just as much a part of the craft today as tradition, workbench and overalls. The International Craft Fair has a variety of new opportunities Working techniques and visions presented and insights into the latest technologies and fresh product ideas granted. With tradition as the basis, the craft has a firm view of the future. At IHM 2019 you could see that we are well positioned for the future. “



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