Intermot Cologne

Intermot Cologne

June 20th, 2020
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The Intermot is an international motorcycle, scooter and e-bike fair, which takes place every two years in Cologne. Since its secession from the former leading bicycle trade show IFMA in 1998 it has established itself as an international motorcycle show. With the complete dissolution of the IFMA in 2008, the segment bike was reintegrated into the show and since then the Intermot has become the world’s second largest motorcycle show after the EICMA in Rho, Milan. As one of the leading trade fairs for motorcycles and as trend show for electric mobility, it represents the entire range of products for motorcycles and in addition shows a huge spectrum of accessories and clothing ranging from helmets and shoes to rain and protective clothing to accessories such as glasses, scarves and gloves. The Intermot is aimed at both retailers and end user and convinces with product innovations, special shows and various exhibitions. At the outdoor area spectacular stunts, drag racing and demo races are awaiting the visitors who have the possibility to demonstrate their skills on various test tracks.

Motorcycles are defined as two-wheeled motorized vehicles, with or without side-cars, primarily for road use, having an engine displacement of 50 cubic centimeters (cc) or over. Motorcycles are used for a variety of purposes, including recreation, touring, commuting, and on- and off-road racing. Motorcycles can be classified as lightweight, mediumweight, and heavyweighL Lightweight motorcycles typically have an engine displacement ranging from 50 cc to 500 cc; mediumweight motorcycles from 500 cc to 750 cc; and heavyweight motorcycles from 750 cc and up.

Almost all of the lightweight motorcycles and a large portion of the mediumweight motorcycles sold in the U.S. market are imported. According to industry sources, the majority of motorcycles sold in the United States are in the range of 600 cc to 750 cc.2 For design and marketing purposes, the motorcycle industry divides heavyweight motorcycles into three basic classes: touring, sport, and cruiser or custom. However, these classes tend to overlap; for example, any heavyweight motorcycle can be used for touring, and the distinction between some sport and touring motorcycles can be vague. A touring motorcycle is designed to be used principally for on-highway, cross-country driving. It usually has a windshield, a fairing3, saddlebags, and a large storage compartment.

 The touring motorcycle is generally referred to as a “full dresser” because of the manner in which it is equipped. This type of motorcycle has a more comfortable seat than a sport or custom motorcycle and almost always has a second seat designed specifically for a passenger. The riding position of a touring bike is typically upright, and the suspension can be adjusted for long-distance, comfortable riding. A sport model is typically purchased by a buyer who is primarily interested in performance and handling. The riding position is more forward, and this type of motorcycle is usually not equipped with a windshield. If there is a windshield, it will be relatively small, and the fairing is much smaller and more aerodynamically shaped than that of a touring bike.

The sport bike is almost always chain driven and it invariably exhibits harsher riding (less user friendly) properties than a touring or cruiser motorcycle. The third type of heavyweight motorcycle, the cruiser model, is designed for the consumer who is typically more interested in image and styling than high performance or cross-country riding. It will often have extended front forks, more chrome than the touring or sport models, lower seat height, and no windshield or fairing. This type of motorcycle is driven mostly for short distances at moderate speeds, although many are capable of being driven well over 100 miles per hour. An owner may frequently ride the cruiser model in urban traffic and to and from work. Dual purpose and certain off road motorcycles (e.g., dirt bikes) are also included in this report.

 Dual purpose motorcycles are approved by the U.S. Department of Transportation for highway and road use, yet they are also capable of being ridden off road because of their elevated exhaust pipes, unique suspension systems, and specialized tires. There is no significant U.S. production of dual purpose motorcycles;4 however, U.S. motorcycle distributors often import these special-purpose motorcycles to complement their U.S. supply base.

 Mopeds (motorized pedal-assisted bicycles) and nopeds (motorized bicycles that are not pedal assisted) are defined as two-wheeled motorized vehicles, equipped with two-stroke engines that typically have a displacement under 50 cc.5 Scooters, on the other hand, are defined as nopeds with engines that are capable of higher speeds. All of these vehicles are less complex than motorcycles and, in general, resemble a motorized bicycle. There are no known significant U.S. producers of mopeds, nopeds, or scooters.

INTERMOT sets new standards in the international motorcycle trade fair market: with a fresh concept geared entirely to the needs of its target groups , the upcoming event from October 6th to 11th, 2020 will make the necessary change from a pure performance show to a themed and Trend-oriented event fair.The central show platform of INTERMOT 2020 is the “Stage X” event stage. Designed as a large arena. Spectators can closely follow what is happening – machines and people – on the central LED screen.

The central show platform of INTERMOT 2020 is the “Stage X” event stage. Designed as a large arena, it meets all the technical requirements that are state of the art today and ensure live media distribution. Dominated by an oversized LED wall for recording live images or additional trailers at the head of the arena, the drivable stage and the subsequent catwalk with integrated turntable create perfect conditions for the presentation of motorcycles. Spectators can closely follow what is happening – machines and people – on the central LED screen.

The INTERMOT Cup is a separate competition organized by INTERMOT and the participating partners BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM and Triumph , in which visitors compete against each other on branded motorcycle simulators . Biking meets gaming. Held on the social network and various events.

A highlight of INTERMOT 2020 will surely be the cross-brand “press conference show”, which presents the most important world innovations, technical innovations, the presentation of new mobility concepts and accessories. BMW, Triumph and Honda have already confirmed their participation in the “PK Show” from the leading manufacturers. Moderated by a media-relevant celebrity, the brand managers of the companies also have their say here, in order to present the specific features of the products in interviews. The entire “PK Show” is broadcast worldwide via live stream, so that industry participants and motorcycle fans all over the world can experience the innovations in real time.

The “PK Show”, which is geared towards an appointment at one location, is innovative and also a high differentiation factor in direct comparison to other trade fairs. The exciting staging also saves the participating companies time-consuming conversions and technology at their own exhibition stand, guarantees a significantly higher reach and the addressing of new target groups through live streaming. It also offers the participating media the convenience of being able to receive the most important news for reporting without having to worry about deadlines. Of course, the presentation for the audience present will also be translated simultaneously in the live stream.

In addition, a multitude of show acts will be shown on Stage X every day – from individual company presentations, for example, to new mobility concepts, to influencer shows, fashion shows or business talks.

INTERMOT meets gamescom – the cooperation with the world’s largest gaming trade fair gamescom enables the targeted approach of new target groups via the communication channels used primarily in this scene.

With the INTERMOT Cup, INTERMOT is developing a comprehensive story that ensures a direct link to gamescom. The Cup connects the gaming and motorcycle industries and at the same time ensures a high level of awareness in the strong social media before and during INTERMOT 2020. In this way, even more young people should be enthusiastic about the lifestyle / motorcycle / scooter theme world, especially since individual mobility all the changes currently being discussed will continue to play an important role for young people in the future. In addition to the aspect of lifestyle on motorized two-wheelers, electric motorcycles and scooters will certainly be an essential mobility factor, especially in urban areas.

The INTERMOT Cup is a separate competition organized by INTERMOT and the participating partners BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM and Triumph, in which visitors compete against each other on branded motorcycle simulators. The INTERMOT Cup is supported by two influencers who act as team captains of the Cup and are involved in the complete communication.

The team captains stand for a team (team gaming or team biking) and use their reach in social media to generate participants for the cup and interested visitors for the fair. The first INTERMOT Cup elimination competitions start in mid-May. As part of motorcycle events and at the INTERMOT booth at gamescom, “qualifying sessions” are carried out to identify the members of the “Gaming” and “Biking” teams. On Friday and Saturday of INTERMOT 2020, the final “Battles” will then be extended to eight simulators on Stage X – moderated by moderators with an affinity for the scene.

After the INTERMOT Cup, the show is not over yet: in addition to interesting talks with the influencers and the teams, there are other gaming acts on the Stage X stage. For example, Let’s Players are invited to play and comment on Moto GP, trials or other motorcycle-related games live on stage.

In addition to the newly staged show elements, INTERMOT 2020 remains an important business fair for the motorcycle industry. Networking, i.e. maintaining existing contacts but also establishing new, promising connections are a “must” for industry and trade.

The multi-brand networking event ideally combines these features. In a joint event, vehicle manufacturers, but also suppliers, manufacturers of equipment products and wholesalers, invite their most important trading partners to the Arena Stage X and spend an entertaining evening in a special atmosphere. A live band and of course drinks and food ensure relaxed conversations.

The Intermot will take place on 5 days from Wednesday, 07. October to Sunday, 11. October 2020 in Cologne.

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