International Harware Fair

International Harware Fair

August 2nd, 2020
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Your workers keep you in business. As a manager you may keep the business going, and as an owner or investor you may supply the money it needs, but it is the workers who do the jobs that need to be done in your business and who therefore create the wealth in a successful business. To keep doing this without interruption, to do it with dedication, and to do it with full attention to the work they are doing, workers should be confident that they will not be injured or made sick at work. Their health matters to them just as yours does to you. An injury that keeps a worker off the job can set back the workers’ entire family. It also matters to you, the manager or owner, both as a caring person and as a business leader. A reputation for caring about your workers and seeking to treat them right brings honor to an employer.

A reputation for not caring about workers and allowing injuries to happen can make people dislike owners and can make it hard to attract and keep the best workers. It is also good management because an injury causes delays, slows production, and raises expenses in the business. Workers can only do so much to protect themselves. They may know how to do their own job but when they come to you they are usually not already trained in how to work safely and how to protect their own health. They also come with their personal attitudes, different for each person. Sometimes a worker knows the risks and wants to work carefully.

Sometimes, a worker thinks that no serious injury will ever happen to him and that manly men do not protect themselves because they are tough. (Unfortunately, the accidents these people cause often injure someone working around them, not the person who caused it.) Most often, he or she simply does not know how to work safely and wants to do the job quickly and to produce more, especially if they are being paid by the piece.

Fully booked exhibition halls, full aisles and a stimulating event program: After four successful days at the fair, the INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR 2018 in Cologne closed its gates. With a total of 2,770 suppliers from 58 countries and over 47,000 trade visitors (plus 9 percent) from 143 countries, the event recorded significant increases on the visitor side. Decision-makers from all over the world used the number 1 in the hardware industry to discover the innovations, innovations and trends in the industry. The trade fair was able to increase its internationality once again. “87 percent of our exhibitors and over 70 percent of the trade visitors come from abroad. 143 countries were represented among the trade visitors – an increase of 19 countries, ”says Katharina C. Hamma, Managing Director of Koelnmesse GmbH.

Sonderschau „3D-Druck – Additive Fertigung“, Halle 5.2

Increase in trade visitors from abroad

This year’s increase in visitors is primarily based on an increase in trade visitors from abroad. Significant growth came from Asia, especially Japan, from North and South America, Africa and from the Russian Federation. 12 percent more trade visitors came from the United States alone. The number of visitors from within Germany remained constant. John W. Herbert, General Secretary European DIY Retail Association (EDRA) and Global Home Improvement Network (GHIN), justified the growth from abroad as follows: “The INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR 2018 was a complete success for us. The renewed adjustment of the fair duration was particularly welcomed by our international guests. The number of international buyers we welcomed here in Cologne was correspondingly high: Our large member companies each came with up to 15 top buyers! The number increases every year. This is a very good development and it impressively underlines the international importance of the HARDWARE FAIR. The DIY boulevard and the exemplary customer service round off the first-class overall impression of this year’s EISENWARENMESSE perfectly. ”

The increases were also clearly noticeable for the exhibitors. “We are very satisfied with this year’s INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR. The numerous new contacts from South America and Southeast Europe are particularly positive. In addition, we were able to welcome customers – especially from the USA – who, after their absence in recent years, have visited the EISENWARENMESSE 2018 again. These are very positive developments. They underline that the INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR with its conceptual adjustments once again meets the requirements of the customers. The number of visitors from abroad also confirms the international importance of this fair, ”stated J. Wolfgang Kirchhoff, Chairman of the Advisory Board of the INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR .

Rainer Langelüddecke, Managing Director of the Fachverband Werkzeugindustrie eV (FWI) , shared this positive conclusion : “From our members’ point of view, the fair was excellent. For some exhibitors in Hall 10, the tool hall, the four days of the fair were barely enough to hold all the talks. Due to the high level of internationality alone, the HARDWARE FAIR is an absolute must for our industry, because our companies together have an export quota of 70 percent and we deliver to 212 countries around the world. And many partners from these countries are on site in Cologne to hold talks and deepen business relationships. “

Stand: Hazet, Halle 10.2

In addition to the new products, innovations and trends from the segments of tools, industrial supplies, fastening and connection technology as well as fittings, the DIY boulevard in cooperation with the Manufacturers Association Home and Garden eV (HHG) once again convinced for the area of ​​construction and DIY needs. The top players in the construction, home and garden sectors were impressed by the format of the innovations on the running shelf meter: With a total of 235 meters, it created a pull. Dr. Peter Wüst, General Manager of the Home Improvement, Building and Gardening Association (BHB), added: “Overall, the industry noted very positively that more exhibitors came to Cologne this year. Some of them were even with larger stands in the boulevard area to be able to present the many innovations. Sunday is also generally rated as very positive, because on this day the buyers had enough time for intensive discussions that go beyond the product. ”

One of the driving trends at the INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR was digitization, for which there was a comprehensive event program. Highlights were the two-day dSummit with lectures and exhibitors in the area of ​​the EISEN forum, the start-up village and the special show “3D printing – additive manufacturing”. In addition to the DIY boulevard, the manufacturers association Haus und Garten eV also supported the start-up village, which was curated by Richard van Hooijdonk. “50 exhibitors from our association took part in the boulevard. The mood is very positive because many national and international customers were there. The association also gave intensive support to the Start-up Village – from our point of view a very forward-looking concept, which unfortunately still has a certain skepticism among many in the industry.Ralf Rahmede, Managing Director of the HHG .

Stand: Obis Will, Halle 10.1

Also from the perspective of Thomas Dammann, chief executive of the Zentralverband Hartwarenhandel eV (ZHH) , the fair was a complete success and an important source of inspiration in the context of digitalization. “The INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR once again offered retailers a good opportunity to meet many important national and international tool partners. In addition to exciting and attractive product innovations, various sales and marketing aspects for their own business could also be taken along. This included, for example, the topics of digitization or the illustrated possibility of 3D printing, ”says Dammann.

In addition to the trend topic, the INTERNATIONAL HARDWARE FAIR offered additional opportunities for information exchange and networking with the BME Purchasing Days, the Hardware Seminar and the Trainee Day.

For the fourth time, Koelnmesse and its partners presented the EISEN Award on the first evening at the Welcome Party. The EISEN CSR Award powered by BHB went to KNIPEX plant C. Gustav Putsch KG. The Innovation Award 2018 powered by ZHH was presented to HAZET-Werk Hermann Zerver GmbH & Co.KG (HiPer Feinzahn reversible ratchet 916HP – 1000Nm, 90 teeth), KNIPEX-Werk C. Gustav Putsch KG (KNIPEX wire rope cutter 95 62 160) and Wiha tools GmbH (Wiha SpeedE) awarded. The winners were selected by the respective jury from a total of twelve nominations. It is the responsibility of the owner and manager to make the workplace safe and healthy, to show workers that you expect them to work safely, and to create a work situation where everyone feels that they can work safely without pressure on them. It is not acceptable to put all the responsibility on the worker. We must all protect the health of workers.



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