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September 6th, 2020
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Confectionery, Snacks & Ready-to-eat is among the largest categories within Packaged Food, reaching a global market size of US$548.8 billion in 2018, with a CAGR of 1.5% for the 2013 to 2018 period. It is expected to reach US$601.3 billion by 2023, with a CAGR of 2.4% over 2018 to 2023. Europe led sales of Confectionery, Snacks & Ready-to-eat products, with a 30.4% market share in 2018, with Asia Pacific ranking second with 25.3%, and North America with 24.4% in third place.

The fastest growing region is Sub-Saharan Africa, with a CAGR of 3.7% expected for the 2018 to 2023 period, to reach a market size of US$11,166 million. The slowest growing region is Europe, with a CAGR of 1.4% expected for the same period, rising from US$163,254 million in 2018, to US$174,733 million in 2023.

 Being the smallest of all regions in market size, SubSaharan Africa’s demand for Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts, as well as Savoury Snacks, is growing at a rapid rate. Urbanisation as well as exposure to new products is driving growth of this category, with the Sub-Saharan African population benefiting from rising disposable incomes. South Africa is by far the largest consumer in the region, and with the increase in VAT of 1% as well as inflation (around 4% in 2018), prices of Confectionery, Snacks & Ready-to-eat products increased by approximately 7%, driving up market value for the region. Latin-American countries are reducing their intake of products in this category. An increase in health awareness and an economic recession in several countries in the region are driving consumers further away from snacks, and shifting their consumption towards cheaper and healthier alternatives.

Sweet Kitchen @ISM, CiuCiu Bonbonmanufaktur – Candy Show (Lutscher) mit Florian Belgard, Halle 3.1

With the alarming rise of obesity in the region, Latin American governments are urging populations to embrace healthier lifestyles, exercise regularly, and consume more fruits and vegetables, and fewer products with high sugar and calorie contents. These trends are expected to continue their effect on the market in the forecast period, as consumers shift to maintaining healthier lifestyles. In most developed countries, sales of Confectionery Snacks & Ready-to-eat products are either stagnating or growing at a very slow rate. Europeans have been adopting healthier lifestyles for a few years now, dragging the already mature category into a declining growth cycle. Only healthier savory snack options, low in sugar, with a low caloric count, are on the rise, and often, even these are being replaced with fruit and vegetables. Consumers will not compromise on taste and still want a choice between healthy products and the occasional indulgence. Unique tastes and adventurous flavors help to create a whole eating experience; as a result, shelves are getting busy with Mexican flavors, spicy tastes and Asian influences that are expected to continue flourishing in the coming years. The most successful categories in Savory Snacks in 2018 were those that, in addition to the snacking trend, were also able to tap into the health and wellness trend. For example, Graze is skyrocketing in the UK.

Sales in Middle East and North Africa are led by Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the two largest markets for this category. Sweet Biscuits are widely consumed in Egypt, and double-digit growth over the 2013 to 2018 period is expected to continue, making companies such as Nestle Egypt and PepsiCo Egypt consider adding products in this category to their portfolios. However, it seems that Sweet Biscuits is the only category within Confectionery, Snacks & Ready-to-Eat products that is growing in the country.

Hallendurchblick, Impression von der ISM 2020, Halle 4.2

All other sub-categories are showing a hard decline in sales due to the devaluation of the Egyptian pound, making imported raw materials costlier to local producers and imported finished products expensive for the average consumer. Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, shows strong market growth. Ice Cream & Frozen Desserts are growing at double digit rates, with companies such as Baskin Robins and Marble Slabs opening their doors in the Kingdom. Most categories in Snacks are suffering after the introduction of 5% VAT, with ice cream the only category that continues to grow unabated.

As for Middle Eastern and North African countries, most have a large variety of traditional goods in this category. However, Snacks & Ready-to-Eat products are not traditional to the region, making them a very attractive market for many foreign brands. Being a niche market, fuelled by an interest in international goods and brands, these categories are expected to continue growing at a moderate to fast rate in this region.

Innovation within the confectionary, snacks and readyto-eat segment is key at this stage, as the industry is specifically sensitive to anti-sugar movements and trends towards clean eating and healthy and wholesome food choices in many countries. Many companies all over the world therefore choose to re-position their portfolios as a healthier variant in comparison to former snacking options.

PepsiCo for example revamped an established product portfolio under a new line: Frito-Lay’s new Simply Line offers customers organic and non-GMO versions of favourites like Dorito’s and Cheetos in the US. The company also introduced healthier products, such as the new multigrain variant with low salt under the Kurkure brand in India. Other companies choose to acquire established smaller brand with a healthy portfolio.

Trend Court@ISM, Snacking and Indulgence: Why Foodservice Matters – Stephen Dutton Euromonitor International, Expert Stage, Halle 5.2

The ISM in Cologne, the world’s leading trade fair for sweets and snacks, offers you impulses, innovations, exciting networking, top-class exhibitors and expert visitors in a combination that is unique worldwide. Here you will also find the world’s largest range of private labels in the field of sweets and snacks. Experience international sweets and snacks at the confectionery fair in Cologne.

One heart and one soul: In association with ProSweets Cologne, the international supplier fair for the confectionery and snack industry, ISM represents the entire industrial value chain. From January 31 to February 3, 2021, the trade fair duo will once again make the cathedral city a hotspot for the confectionery and snack industry.

The production of chocolate delivers impressive results! The world’s largest selection of chocolate and chocolate products from A for Alpine milk to Z for dark chocolate is presented at ISM Cologne. The broad product range goes beyond a chocolate fair. Because in addition to chocolates and truffles as well as Easter and Christmas items, you can expect product trends of tomorrow here! Vegan chocolate, for example, is enjoying growing demand and complements the extensive range of the largest snack and confectionery fair in Cologne . Experience the delicacies and product innovations of chocolate production at ISM Colognecreates and network with top-class manufacturers. Here you will discover the latest chocolate creations that your product range should not be missing in the future!

Trend Court@ISM, Start-Up Area, Farm Brothers, Halle 5.2

Suitable products for every target group: ISM Cologne covers the entire range of chocolate production . From traditional Alpine milk chocolate to fruit chocolate and couverture to white chocolate – there are no wishes left open! Also vegan chocolate and more product innovations in chocolate and chocolate products are presented by high-profile exhibitors at the ISM Cologne. Let yourself be inspired by the diverse possibilities of producing chocolate for your range in the next financial year! The expansion of your product range ensures you the best chances of long-term success in the confectionery industry.

Thanks to its wide range of products, the “Chocolate and Chocolate Products” segment is equivalent to a chocolate fair in Cologne. In addition to chocolate, small treats such as chocolates and truffles also make a big appearance! At ISM Cologne you will discover, among other things, classic alcohol chocolates, exquisite cream chocolates, the popular Mozart balls and a colorful selection of new truffle chocolates that make chocolate enjoyment an experience. Discover the unique range of tender, international chocolates and exchange ideas directly with manufacturers about the latest chocolate creations.

(Vegan) chocolate is not only available in bar form! ISM Cologne grants you exclusive insights into all imaginable possibilities of chocolate production. Discover, among other things, bark chocolate, surprising Easter and Christmas items, high-quality chocolate pies, chilled chocolate snacks and special children’s items that combine chocolate products with toys. Let yourself be seduced by seductive taste experiences related to vegan chocolate that will delight the market.

Sugar confectionery in various forms occupies an important place at ISM Cologne. International candy manufacturers have the opportunity to present their products. The wide assortment ranges from caramels and dragees to sweets for the wholesale trade. Discover the colorful new products with which you can make your own range attractive.

A large number of sweets, compressed foods and raw masses belong to the confectionery. Well-known candy manufacturers and promising newcomers present their products in the “Sugar Confectionery ” segment of ISM Cologne: effervescent powder, licorice, marzipan, truffles, ice cream confectionery, nougat, sweets …

Start-Up Speeddating, Congress-Centrum Ost, 4. Etage, Südliches Voyer

In the “Fine baked goods” segment, everything revolves around savory and sweet baked goods – from different countries. In addition to cakes, cookies and waffles, you can discover national specialties. With Panettone, Baklava or Macarons you take your customers on a culinary journey. The assortment is rounded off by savory baked goods and baked goods snacks such as crispbread, rusks or whole meal pastries.

Fine baked goods and above all their manufacture often look back on a long tradition. In addition to the recipe, the shape is often characteristic of fine baked goods. Spekulatius, cinnamon stars or Kipferl – you can already see the pastry when the names sound. Emotions are also often associated with traditional pastries. With an appealing product packaging and presentation, you make use of the associations with parties or other positive experiences.

Well-known manufacturers are represented at ISM Cologne to present their traditional baked goods. Not only at Christmas, but throughout the year, pastries and long-term pastries are part of coffee, in private as well as in business context. With a wide range, you can address different target groups.

Pastries and baked goods differ essentially in their shelf life. While long-life bakery products such as cookies, gingerbread, waffles or rusks have a long shelf life, pastry products such as cream cakes, stollen or cakes should be consumed in a shorter time. At least so far! Because now, thanks to technological developments, it is also possible to make longer pastries possible with pastries. At ISM Cologne, discover what the modern production of pastries looks like – and what advantages you can enjoy.

Of course, fine baked goods need appropriate packaging that contributes to their shelf life. But first and foremost, it’s about convincing customers with the packaging. With the right designs, the products evoke positive memories and emotions in your customers that encourage them to buy. Innovative packaging designs are therefore an integral part of the “Fine baked goods” segment. This also includes sustainable packaging materials, which are becoming increasingly important for end consumers.

Stand: Katjes, Halle 10.2

You can find hearty snacks at ISM Cologne in all their variety – nut mixes, savory biscuits, potato snacks, crackers and much more are shown by international snack manufacturers in the “snack products” segment. Spicy, salty, spicy or surprisingly different, take the chance to convince buyers of your innovative, tasty creations.

Snacks such as nut mixes, salty or lye pastries have long since evolved from party snacks. At home, while traveling, at (college) or at work, nibbling has arrived in the everyday life of consumers. And snack manufacturers from all over the world are well prepared! A wide range of snacks can be found at ISM Cologne. Snack manufacturers and buyers come together here to put together an assortment that entices consumers to nibble.

The trend segment of ISM Cologne focuses on upcoming trend products. Meat and fish snacks, vegan snacks with fruits and vegetables, energy and sports bars – the creativity of the snack manufacturers is endless. Secure the trend products of the coming year for your product range!

The trend is towards a low-meat or completely meat-free diet – and the snacks keep pace. More and more vegan snacks are available on the market. Fruits and vegetables serve as the basis for nibbles that promise carefree enjoyment for a clear conscience. International exhibitors at ISM Cologne show how to ensure a taste experience without animal ingredients. Buyers can look forward to a surprising offer with which they can fully exploit the trend of vegan snacks.

Stand: Adams & Brooks , Halle 10.2

 Natural snacks form the youngest offer segment of ISM Cologne. This is where trade visitors discover the natural side of the confectionery and snack industry. Gently processed products, healthy snacks without additives and raw products are the right answer to the increasing demand on the market. In addition, trade visitors can discover coffee, tea and cocoa specialties at ISM Cologne and round off their range.

The Natural Snacks segment also includes specialties related to coffee, tea and cocoa. Because hot drinks are an important part of the consumer goods market, which skilfully round off the enjoyment of sweets and snacks. The German tea market in particular continues to grow.

Trade visitors to ISM Cologne can look forward to high-quality products. Fairtrade, sustainability, processing – these topics are closely related to the three product categories.

Consumers value natural snacks and drinks and are increasingly interested in where a product comes from.

As a manufacturer, ISM Cologne, with its Natural Snacks segment, offers you the appropriate platform to stage the USPs of your products. Show buyers from various wholesale and retail companies how coffee, tea and cocoa specialties are created with sustainable cultivation, fair trade and gentle processing.

The variety of ice creams at ISM Cologne is in high demand among buyers of the wholesale and retail confectionery trade.

Art ice cream, milk ice cream, cream ice cream or fruit ice cream have the right thing for every target group. Milk and cream intolerance, vegan diet, diabetics …

At ISM Cologne, exhibitors show how customer requests can be served innovatively and tastefully. Buyers can also choose the portion sizes flexibly, just as demand demands. Ice cream for bulk consumers, household packs or catering products are part of the ice cream and frozen confectionery segment.

Sweet Kitchen @ISM, Maître Chocolatier, Halle 3.1

In the product segment breakfast snacks ISM Cologne have cereal, porridge, yoghurt drinks and Co. their big show. International exhibitors give breakfast a new shine with trendy products. Hearty wholegrain flakes, fine oat flakes, sweet crispy flakes or a protein mixture …
The exhibitors at ISM Cologne are always finding new ways to reinvent the breakfast classic . Use the breakfast snacks from ISM Cologne as a stage for your new products. Whether sweet creations with chocolate, honey and crispy flakes or healthy low carb alternatives with fruits and less sugar, there is a suitable offer for every demand.

Take your chance and take part in the international confectionery and snack fair , the industry get-together No. 1! With ISM Networking you lead your business to success. Benefit from the largest platform in the confectionery and snack industry and meet the decision-makers of leading private labels. The unbeatable concept of ISM is tailored precisely to the needs of the industry – innovations, trends and inspirations, ISM offers you all of this. The international snack and confectionery fair, which is open exclusively to trade visitors, enables you to have a lively exchange with the industry experts with the ISM Network. Register now and become an exhibitor at the ISM!



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