Light and Building

Light and Building

August 29th, 2020
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Leading World Trade Fair for Lighting and Building Services Technology

As the organiser of Light + Building, Messe Frankfurt, takes the subject of Covid-19 very seriously and is in constant contact with the public-health authorities. Both the World Health Organisation and the local medical authorities estimate the danger of becoming infected with the virus at Light + Building as being very low. Indeed, Dr Antoni Walczok of Frankfurt’s public-health office told the German Press Agency (dpa) that catching the flue is much more likely and advised visitors to wash their hands more frequently.

As a preventive measure to counteract the spread of infectious diseases, Messe Frankfurt is planning additional cleaning measures, especially for areas such as entrances, door handles and escalator handrails. Moreover, disinfectant dispensers will be set-up throughout the Exhibition Centre.

Wolfgang Marzin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Messe Frankfurt, explains: “For us as entrepreneurs, assessing both risks and opportunities is part of everyday business life and decisions are taken rationally, not emotionally. There is nothing more important for us than the health of our visitors, exhibitors and employees. At the same time, Light + Building and all its innovations is a booster for the sector. According to all experts, the likelihood of becoming infected with the coronavirus is minimal. To repeat: the authorities have not issued any warnings. Light + Building will be held as planned.”

That this is the right course of action is confirmed by the recent Ambiente consumer-goods fair, which was held in Frankfurt am Main from 7 to 11 February. Altogether, it attracted 4,635 exhibitors and around 108,000 visitors from almost 160 nations. There were no medical incidents in connection with Covid-19.


  • Light + Building will take place as planed from 8 to 13 March 2020.
  • 2,640 exhibitors have registered.
  • Over 90 percent of all Covid-19 infections are limited to the quarantined Chinese city of Wuhan.
  • The majority of Covid-19 infections registered in Germany have already by released in good health.
  • Flights from and to China are very limited at present. Accordingly, it is not possible at this stage to say how many companies will be taking part.

More than 2,700 exhibitors present their world firsts at Light + Building in the Frankfurt Exhibition Centre. Of over 220,000 visitors, almost half come from outside Germany. Amongst the major visitor groups are architects, interior architects, designers, planners and engineers, as well as tradesmen and women and representatives from the retail and wholesale sectors and from industry.

Light + Building is a trade fair for innovation, covering all electrically based building services systems; it seeks to promote the integrated planning of building services systems with a product spectrum that is unique, both in its breadth and its depth. The world’s largest trade fair for lighting and building services engineering, Light + Building showcases solutions for reducing the energy consumption of buildings, at the same time as raising the levels of comfort within them. The show covers everything from LED and photovoltaic technology to electric vehicles, ‘intelligent’ ways of using electricity with ‘smart metering’ and ‘smart grids’. By combining lighting and networked building services, the industry can offer an integrated range of products and services that make a crucial contribution to fully exploiting the potential for energy savings in buildings.

Light + Building represents the world’s largest stage for the lighting market. The total spectrum of exhibits includes designer luminaires in a variety of styles, technical luminaires and lamps in various forms and for all kinds of uses, as well as a huge range of technical lighting components and accessories, including outdoor and street lighting, and is to be found in Halls 1 (Trendspot Design) to 6, in Hall 10 and in the Forum.

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There are, at the show, all sorts of new and inspiring ideas relating to lighting, as well as to electrotechnology and home and building automation.

With its central, cross-sector technologies aimed at overall, integrated solutions, electrical and electronic engineering occupies a key position within building services technology. And it is only at Light + Building that you will find electrical and electronic solutions presented in the context of the work of other trades, such as lighting and home and building automation. It is through this unique combination that the industry is able to present an integrated range of products and services, making a crucial contribution to fully exploiting the potential for energy savings within buildings.

Trade visitors will find building-system solutions and electrical-installation products in Halls 12.0 and 12.1 with design-oriented electrical-installation components also being shown in Hall 11.1. Electrical installation and network technology are to be seen in Hall 11.0. Additionally, the house and building automation product segments are common to both levels of Hall 11 + 12 and Halls 9.0 and 9.1. Additionally, the focus in the two levels of Hall 9 is on electrical engineering. In 2020, Intersec Building, the international platform for building security technology in Hall 9.1, will revolve around the subject of ‘connected security’ while ‘Young Competence’ in Hall 9.2 is the first port of call for visitors eager to add to their knowledge. Lighting components, security and emergency lighting, illuminants and lighting control systems are presented in Hall 8.

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The integration of all technical disciplines means that building automation plays a vital role: the growing interconnection and digitalisation of electrical installations is leading to an increase in the quality of life at home and at work. At Light + Building, the industry presents solutions and technologies aimed not only at low energy consumption and modern safety expectations but also individual design opportunities and a high level of convenience.

Because it combines all technical trades, the automation of buildings plays an important role in the overall picture: the increasing networking and digitalisation of electrotechnical installations enhance the quality of life both at work and at home. At Light + Building, the industry showcases overall solutions and technologies that seek to meet demands for both lower energy consumption and modern security systems, as well as providing opportunities for individual design and high levels of comfort.

The home and building automation product group is presented together with electrically controlled security technology in Hall 9.1. This results in a single port of call, a centre for integrated building services engineering, which offers an all-round overview of the entire spectrum of home and building automation, as well as of electrically based security technology. In addition, the two product groups will also exhibit in Halls 11.0 and 11.1.



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