Motorworld Classic Berlin

Motorworld Classic Berlin

September 6th, 2020
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The Classic Car Club of America has its definition, the Antique Car Club of America has its definition, and your insurance company, state, or country may have one as well. In this book, we’re not concerned about these—instead, we take a step back, look at a variety of body styles, builders, and countries of origin, and strive simply to deliver a selection of interesting and often beautiful cars, ones that I think any red-blooded car enthusiast should want to know more about. In other words, we are defining “classic” in a broad sense, using the word to indicate cars that are worth remembering years and decades later.

 It is true that the majority of these cars were likely built before you and I were born. While enthusiasts gravitate toward vehicles that were popular when we were young and impressionable, for most of us, none of the cars here fit that description. In any case, if you are already a car enthusiast, the chances are that you have a particular area of interest, and it’s likely that you’re most interested in more recent vehicles than those depicted here. Don’t be too hasty to disregard these cars, though, even if they seem to be quite different from your favorites. I invite you to read an entry or two in this book, gaze at the beautiful photographs, and see if you can’t spark a new automotive interest.

The same motivations that caused engineers and designers to create the cars you already love also drove the men who built the automobiles found in Art of the Classic Car. The creators of these classic cars had the same goals as car builders from any era—to make more power, improve handling, or to make an impactful statement with color and shape. The creativity visible in the cars these early automotive proponents built is just as impressive as that employed in any other era— or even more so, given the technological constraints of earlier times.

Are you a fan of light, nimble sports cars? Check out the Mercer Race about for a truly bare-bones driving experience, or the Alfa Romeo 8C2900B for a more elegant approach. Do you like big horsepower? Take a look at the big V-12 engines in the Packard Model 1106 Sport Coupe or the Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow. Hot rodders will like the Edsel Ford Speedster, built on a modified ’34 Ford chassis. Do you like forced induction? Early auto-makers often turned to superchargers in an era when turbochargers (or more accurately, turbo superchargers) had yet to be become prevalent. Cars like the Duesenberg SJ and the Mercedes-Benz 540K used supercharging to provide some boost.

 Lovers of big land yachts should check out what Cadillac was up to in the early 1930s. Racing fans are sure to find some inspiration in the Mormon Meteor I or the Stutz Bearcat, cars that achieved a great degree of success in land-speed and circuit racing, respectively.

A whole world of motoring passion – that is what the MOTORWORLD brand and all the locations and projects that we realize together with business partners (real estate investors, dealers, hoteliers, restaurant proprietors, entertainment specialists, as well as event and trade fair organizers) stand for.
MOTORWORLD brings a lot to bear to create the foundation for every single one of these activities: motoring passion, a network that reaches throughout the scene, and in-depth specialist know-how on the one hand, coupled with years of experience and expertise in project development on the other.

The MOTORWORLD idea took shape several years ago with the establishment of a classic car and mobility centre (initially under a different licensing brand) on the site of the former Württemberg state airport in Böblingen/Sindelfingen. This opened in 2009, and since early 2014 the location has been operated under the brand name “MOTORWORLD Region Stuttgart” Motoring passion, which meanwhile possesses a radiating force that extends far and wide.

The underlying idea and concept have already gone through a successful and extremely dynamic expansion phase.
Following on the same concept as Motorworld Region Stuttgart, Motorworld Köln | Rheinland opened in June 2018. Two other sites are currently under construction: Motorworld München and Motorworld Zeche Ewald-Ruhr (Herten). Alongside these, the starting signal for Motorworld Mallorca is to be given shortly.
The concept is complemented by the Motorworld Manufak locations in Berlin, Metzingen and Region Zürich in Switzerland. Not only is that, but Motorworld Manufaktur Rhein-Main Rüsselsheim being built on the site of the famous old Opel plant there.

The Motorworld idea also regularly goes on tour, including to the annual classic car trade fairs Motorworld Classics Berlin and Motorworld Classics Bodensee in Friedrichshafen, as well as to scene events such as the Motorworld Oldtimertage at Fürstenfeld (near Munich), as well as in numerous other guises.

The MOTORWORLD locations spread across Germany and Mallorca offer unique event and conference rooms that, thanks to their architectural and historical flair, make every event a unique experience. Whether historic airport grounds, a former railway repair shop or a disused mine – these are magical places that give special ideas exactly the framework they need for customer and employee events, road shows, concerts, trade fairs, gala evenings or seminars.

The magical auto-affine charm of the MOTORWORLD ambience exerts an incomparable fascination on every visitor and turns your event into a special experience. You can expect a variety of conference and meeting rooms, which always offer the right space due to their different sizes.

Owners of seasonal and luxury vehicles, classic cars and modern classics, have the special opportunity to professionally house their favorite vehicles in glass boxes. The guarded parking boxes are surrounded by specialized workshops, and at the same time serve as a presentation display. The housed automobile does not have to be a pure exhibition piece, though; it can preserve its status as a practical everyday vehicle since the modern garages are accessible to their owners around the clock.

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