Pferd und Jagd

Pferd und Jagd

September 4th, 2020
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More than 1,000 horses from all over the world, 530 exhibitors from the field of horses, exciting teaching circles and further training courses and shows – Pferd & Jagd is the industry get-together for riders and horse lovers, breeders and equestrian facility owners, and is therefore representative of the horse country of Lower Saxony. Here you will find first-class equipment, new trends and the best advice!

The highlights for all inquisitive horse owners include the informative riding circles, seminars and forums, which give you the opportunity to look over the shoulder of recognized horse trainers and to exchange ideas with them. In several circles there are live demonstrations as well as insights into training methods, riding styles and breed presentations – the focus here is on the topics of classic riding, leisure riding, horsemanship, western riding, baroque riding and horse health.

Look, marvel, cheer on – with 1,000 horses from all over the world! With a mix of Show + Sport in the daily program and great evening events, the Showarena program sets new standards every year! Experience the most diverse horse breeds in action and be thrilled with competitions and shows with horses from all over the world!

08.12.18, Hannover , Foto: Henning Scheffen PuJ 2018 HENNING SCHEFFEN PHOTOGRAPHY MOBIL: 01773193050 . WWW.SCHEFFEN.DE info@SCHEFFEN.DE Friedrich-Engels-Str. 31 30880 Laatzen Region Hannover / Niedersachsen / GERMANY

Lower Saxony’s state capital is THE area again this year when it comes to targeting current trends and popular classics for hunters and outdoor fans. From December 10th to 13th, Pferd & Jagd will open with over 1000 exhibitors, 400 of them from the hunting and fishing area alone.

Pferd & Jagd offers premium-class hunting and sport weapon models, cases, riflescopes and spotting scopes, hunting knives, hunting and outdoor clothing, weapon cabinets, trophies, vacuum packers, high seats, off-road SUVs and much more. And even on the open-air site, you can experience what it feels like to be jogged in a power pack on four wheels despite the wintry temperatures on the off-road course .

A popular meeting point and a must for every hunter is a visit to the Lower Saxony State Hunter (LJN) . It is all about socializing and exchange, but also about information about the different projects for which the state hunters and their members stand. The program, which this year has the motto “Experience nature”, not only reports on the nature and environmental protection project of the same name, which the LJN initiated together with the large fishing associations in Lower Saxony, but also provides visitors with a varied experience Stage program with a bird of prey show, hunting horn blowers, game cooking shows and much more. Also included is the hunting canine association with over 20 hunting dog associations.

09.12.18, Hannover , Foto: Henning Scheffen PuJ 2018 HENNING SCHEFFEN PHOTOGRAPHY MOBIL: 01773193050 . WWW.SCHEFFEN.DE info@SCHEFFEN.DE Friedrich-Engels-Str. 31 30880 Laatzen Region Hannover / Niedersachsen / GERMANY

The Paul Parey magazine publisher also guarantees an informative stage program. At the exhibition stand, visitors can find out about the latest developments and trends in exciting lectures from the editors of “WILD & HUND”, “DEUTSCHE JAGDZEITUNG” and “JAGEN WELTWEIT”.

Whether rod or reel, bait or landing net – the range of ANGELMESSE Hannover covers everything anglers and sport fishermen need for their hobby. Expert exhibitors present first-class fishing equipment, high-quality accessories, suitable clothing and informative specialist literature, fishing professionals advise on the purchase of equipment and give and give lectures on fishing methods and fishing areas.

ANGELMESSE Hannover presents itself on more than 3000 square meters. And not only is the area increasing, the range of offers is also being significantly expanded. The range on offer ranges from fishing boats to camping and outdoor equipment, from high-tech rods, baits and knives to products for fish farming, fish stocking, as well as smoking ovens, fish spices, fishing paintings and much more.

Stylish fashion, beautiful sculptures for the garden and courtyard, chic country house furniture – the Country combines in Hall 24 all the things that make country life more beautiful. Discover high-quality riding and hunting accessories, fine items for home and garden, art and antiquities as well as elegant country fashion in an atmospheric atmosphere.

Around 40 companies in Hall 21 offer everything you need for a varied and beautiful dog life. Practical: Both riders with dogs and hunters reach the dog area quickly and easily. The offer is huge again – from the rustic dog blanket to the elegant designer basket, from linen to feed to toys and care products. With “Everything for the dog” there is literally everything for the dog.

10.12.18, Hannover , Foto: Henning Scheffen PuJ 2018 HENNING SCHEFFEN PHOTOGRAPHY MOBIL: 01773193050 . WWW.SCHEFFEN.DE info@SCHEFFEN.DE Friedrich-Engels-Str. 31 30880 Laatzen Region Hannover / Niedersachsen / GERMANY

At the horse & hunt there is not only “Everything for the dog”, there are also numerous dog breeds to be marveled at: there are over 20 hunting dog associations and the VDH Landesverband Niedersachsen with numerous member associations.

Hunters, riders, anglers and outdoor fans need high-powered power packs that do not wane in nature. That is why we are presenting a number of SUVs for your excursion into nature at this year’s Pferd & Jagd.

Under the motto “Keeping horses professional and keeping them healthy”, the knowledge and investment goods hall of Pferd & Jagd is aimed at all visitors who run a horse, run boarding horses or breed horses from December 5th to 8th. In addition to a large range of goods and services, there is also the opportunity to get information and exchange ideas in specialist forums and special exhibitions.

The offer for professional horse owners at Pferd & Jagd has grown even further this year. Around 160 exhibitors present their products and services on the topics of horse health, keeping, fitting, feeding, training questions or management.

No matter whether it is about building a riding arena or riding arena, purchases for stable and yard or buying a new horse trailer – at Pferd & Jagd interested people can get in-depth information about the latest developments in the field from the market leaders and leading local companies Inform the horse husbandry and invest well advised in new purchases. A main topic is the appropriate and healthy horse husbandry. In a special show, HIT Hinrichs Innovations + Technik presents how keeping in the herd can work in practice with the use of innovative feeding technology.

The exhibition area celebrates its premiere with the forum “EquiVITAL – Health Competence for Horses and Riders”. The new expert area at Pferd & Jagd conveys specialist knowledge and valuable tips for all riders and horse owners who care about keeping their horse healthy. But also the physical equestrian fitness is in focus. Experts from a wide range of fields, including medical training, new forms of therapy, saddle ergonomics and osteopathy, are available to answer questions and advise visitors to the trade fair free of charge in personal one-on-one discussions.

Exciting round tables on topics such as husbandry, economy, feeding and law are available in the large forum for horse farms, presented by the professional magazine horse farm. As a focal topic with a permanent exhibition, visitors can expect digitization in horse farms. The program also includes thematic rounds such as “Photovoltaics and electric drives”, “Wolf and horse – measures that help”, “Perfect planning for open stables” and “Economically successful – planning individual strategies”. In the expert café, visitors also have the opportunity to meet and interview horse experts in the areas of advice, law and science in person.



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