Professional Motorsport World Expo.

Professional Motorsport World Expo.

September 6th, 2020
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Professional MotorSport World Expo is Central Europe’s largest exhibition that is dedicated to showcasing nothing but race-bred technologies for road and competition cars in addition to tools and equipment for race teams.

The Cologne-based international event, which was launched back in 2006, welcomes 230+ exhibitors every November from all corners of the globe and regularly attracts 5,000+ attendees.

Visitors can expect to see technologies ranging from motorsport-proven lightweight materials, damperswheelsbraking technologiestransmissions, and engines and engine auxiliaries to sensorsdata acquisition unitsdynamometers, seats, and safety equipment.

The show is not open to the general public: it is an engineering show that attracts engineers alongside race team managers. Indeed, Professional MotorSport World Expo is an excellent networking event for race teams, as well as car manufacturers and specialist vehicle tuners looking for race-proven technologies for their road cars. Professional MotorSport World Expo also welcomes dealers and distributors of competition-car technologies.



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