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Prosweets Cologne

September 4th, 2020
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The confectionery industry is characterised by short runs and small batch production, thus confectionery packaging is frequently accomplished manually, resulting in wastage, injuries and hygiene issues. Automation of packaging in the confectionery industry would reduce these problems; and the frequent change-overs due to the large variety of products under manufacture necessitate an extremely versatile automated packaging system. This chapter describes market trends in the confectionery industry and the industry’s packaging needs and reviews reconfigurable mechanisms and the potential for flexible packaging automation in the confectionery industry. A case study of a reconfigurable demonstration system is outlined.

The confectionery industry is not a science-based industry: it is an industry that has been built on the confectioner’s craft. Confectionery is normally divided into three classes: flour confectionery, chocolate confectionery, and sugar confectionery. Flour confectionery covers products that are made from flour and are baked. Chocolate confectionery consists of chocolate. Sugar confectionery covers the rest of confectionery.

Confectionery making does share some technologies with the pharmaceutical industry, specifically tabletting, panning, and lozenge making. Most of the knowledge available to early confectioners was empirical rather than scientific.

Sugar confectionery making is an international industry. Some of the terms in use are clearly French in origin such as fondant (from fondre to dissolve), dragees, and pastilles. Unlike chocolate confectionery, sugar confectionery has few legal definitions. In some jurisdictions, caramel has a higher milk content than toffee, but in others, the two terms are used interchangeably. The types of product known as gums were undoubtedly originally made from the gum from Acacia senegal but are now made from any suitable ingredient. Because sugar confectionery has a long shelf-life and does not need controlled temperature storage, an international trade in confectionery had developed by the nineteenth century.

In general, the important concepts in sugar confectionery are water activity, colligative properties, solubility, and the need to use a mixture of sugars. Toffees depend on the Maillard reaction. High boilings require a sugar glass to form. Gums, jellies, and licorice need the right rheology. Panned coatings depend on crystallization. Chewing gum is a chewable piece of polymer chemistry. Aerated products are based on stabilizing and setting foam.

As a supplier to the snack and confectionery industry, ProSweets Cologne 2021 is a must for you. This supplier fair exclusively for trade visitors is unique in the world – ProSweets Cologne presents the entire range of supplies for the confectionery and snack industry: from a wide range of ingredients to innovative packaging machines and materials and optimized production technologies. Be there with your products and services!

The ProSweets Cologne 2021 will take place from 31.01. To 03.02.2021 in parallel to the ISM , the world’s leading trade fair for confectionery and snacks, in Cologne and thus represents the entire value chain of the confectionery industry. All players are represented here: suppliers and manufacturers as well as retailers. Use the supplier fair to get to know the latest trends in the industry and to network with international industry colleagues and customers.

Together with the well-known sweets fair in Cologne, ISM Cologne, ProSweets Cologne covers the entire value chain of the confectionery and snack industry. As a supplier, you are an indispensable part of this value chain – your presence as an exhibitor at ProSweets Cologne 2020 makes this clear to the decision-makers in the industry.

At ProSweets Cologne, decision-makers from the global confectionery and snack industry can be found every year. The quality of visitors was rated very well by the exhibitors of past trade fairs. 89% of the trade visitors are involved in procurement decisions and a third is decisive.

The ProSweets Cologne 2020 reunited all product areas under one roof: from various raw materials, innovative production technology, to packaging solutions offered by ProSweets everything companies need the snack and confectionery industry.

As a renowned trade fair, ProSweets Cologne is characterized by its pleasant atmosphere, which is ideally suited for professional exchange. At ProSweets Cologne 2020 you have enough time and rest for intensive discussions with business partners and interested parties. Optimal conditions for making new contacts and maintaining existing business relationships.

Show how innovative packaging makes brands both tactile and visually tangible. The packaging and packaging materials segment covers the entire process, from packaging design and packaging materials to finished packaging. At ProSweets Cologne, numerous finishing techniques, sustainable materials and the latest trends meet targeted demand. Use the ProSweets Cologne as a platform to inform yourself about new developments, trend topics and concepts. The event program also offers exciting impulses in the areas of packaging material and innovative packaging.

Packaging and production technologies are essential for the confectionery industry. Because only with efficient machines and reliable production processes can quality and yield be guaranteed. Packaging machines are also indispensable in the manufacture of confectionery and snacks today. That is why ProSweets Cologne dedicates a separate offer segment to production technology together with packaging technology.

ProSweets Cologne scores with its versatile event program – including everything related to production and packaging technology. In lectures and presentations, experts provide insights into the latest technological possibilities in confectionery and snack production.

The focus here is on food safety and quality assurance . In order to guarantee precisely these characteristics at all times, be it in production, during storage or during transport, the most modern technology, systems and machines are used. The operating equipment and auxiliary devices segment of ProSweets Cologne includes everything that snack and confectionery manufacturers need: logistics / transport / storage, food safety and quality, automation, refrigeration and hygiene technology, service providers.

The operating equipment and auxiliary devices segment shows some of the most important components of snack and confectionery production. Because today nothing works without hygiene technology, quality management, control technology or measuring devices.

Constantly increasing demands on innovative, inexpensive and sustainably produced products: Consumer wishes also represent a challenge for the manufacturers of sweets and snacks. Individual product solutions and concepts are therefore becoming increasingly important in connection with raw materials and ingredients. The repositioned ProSweets Cologne is pursuing exactly this approach with the new ingredients segment.

Inspirational ingredients and concepts – inspiring events. The newly designed ingredients area is intended to inspire trade visitors with its own interactive program together with the exhibitors. Join in and get even more attention from the specialist audience.

The food industry is working flat out to reformulate products to reduce the amount of sugar, salt and fat. It must be taken into account here that these ingredients fulfill important technological functions in the manufacturing process. In addition, legal requirements, availability of raw materials and economic aspects must be taken into account when reformulating. Overall, this requires those responsible to perform a complex recipe management that weighs up a large number of factors and at the same time guarantees the perfect sensory quality of the products.

Against this background, the one-hour guided tours offered by the DLG together with Koelnmesse during ProSweets Cologne provide answers to the most important questions on the subject of “reformulation”. Participants of the guided tours visit the special show “INGRDIENTS – Reformulation for Sweets & Snacks with the new TASTING ZONE” as well as the exhibition stands of selected companies. The focus here is on product innovations, sensory tastings and professional exchange.

Sebastian Lege is an experienced food expert and has already worked as a chef and sous chef for renowned hotel chains. In the TASTING ZONE, he shows which alternative recipes the confectionery and snack area has in store. The focus is on the areas of fat, sugar and salt reduction as well as proteins. Sebastian Lege presents approaches in this context of how the alternative taste components such as salt, fat, sugar can be replaced or exchanged without losing taste with today’s alternative products.

In his TV reports, he certainly takes a critical look at the food industry from time to time, but uses his expertise as a product developer for renowned manufacturers at ProSweets Cologne to present natural and alternative approaches to conventionally used ingredients in the TASTING ZONE. His focus at ProSweets Cologne is on showing new solutions in the area of ​​ingredients that enable companies to open up new business areas. The main focus is on answers to changes in consumer behavior and the associated demand for natural ingredients.

The ProSweets Cologne holds a wide range for you. In addition to raw materials and ingredients, innovative technologies for snack and confectionery production are represented. Packaging, packaging materials and packaging machines are also offered a platform at ProSweets Cologne.

In addition, other important areas of the snack and confectionery industry will find their place at ProSweets Cologne. This includes food safety and quality, automation, logistics and transport, refrigeration and air conditioning technology as well as disposal and recycling. Benefit from the multifaceted input of ProSweets Cologne!



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