September 4th, 2020
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November 11, 2019. Great success for the Bremen trade fair organizers: 40,205 people came to see FISCH & FEINES, ReiseLust and CARAVAN Bremen. With this, 1,108 people experienced the trade fair trio with a total of around 550 exhibitors more than in 2018. “We have a mobile and interested audience that is not only curious about the world, but also deliberately enjoys it – be it in the leisure or food sector,” says Hans Peter Schneider, Managing Director of MESSE BREMEN, M3B GmbH. “The three trade fairs just go well together.” The trade fair trio will also be held in the coming year, from November 6 to 8, 2020.

Whether you long for a sunbath on the exotic beach of Bali or you fancy a hike through the picturesque Norwegian mountain landscape – once you’ve got the urge to travel, it won’t let you go so quickly.

To ensure that you are provided with fresh ideas for your next vacation, ReiseLust offers you a lot of inspiration.

Let yourself be inspired by the latest holiday shapes and trends and listen to what the insider tips of our holiday experts are. Would you like your vacation to be less exotic? We show you the most popular travel destinations in Germany.

Or you simply win your dream trip: With our travel raffle, small and large prizes are waiting for you every day!

  Lonely bays and powder white sandy beaches for relaxation, high mountains with massive granite rocks for adventure and strong winds as well as challenging sailing conditions for thrills – that is the diversity of the Seychelles. The 115 tiny islands of the small island republic, which are more than a thousand kilometers away from the nearest mainland, have a lot more to offer: What was hardly accessible by people many years ago attracts lovers today thanks to the paradisiacal landscape and extensive hotels with included wedding arrangements and fiancee to the islands. But you are also welcome when you are fed up: According to a study by the American University of Yale, the Seychelles have the lowest levels of fine dust in the world. And the small island republic can also score best in terms of species protection. Around 50 percent of the total land area is protected. Populations of animal species that were threatened with extinction could be rebuilt and enlarged thanks to great commitments. Today, land, air and water are populated by unique animals and plants, some of which can only be found here – such as the rare vasa parrot. Are you interested? Then drop by the ReiseLust in Hall 4 of the Bremen exhibition center and visit the booth of the some of which can only be found here – such as the rare vasa parrot. Are you interested? Then drop by the ReiseLust in Hall 4 of the Bremen exhibition center and visit the booth of the some of which can only be found here – such as the rare vasa parrot. Are you interested? Then drop by the ReiseLust in Hall 4 of the Bremen exhibition center and visit the booth of theSeychelles Tourist Office – traditional music and typical dishes are waiting for you

If you think of the Seychelles, sun, sandy beaches and colorful underwater world come to mind. For many people, the archipelago in the Indian Ocean is a dream destination – and therefore a suitable partner for the ReiseLust 2019 for Messe Bremen. From Friday to Sunday, November 8-10, holiday-seekers can get advice on the country and its people and the vacation Book directly on site – weather guarantee included.

“As a partner country, the Seychelles are a nice contrast to the USA and Canada, to which we are devoting a special this time,” says Ulrike Harth, project manager for ReiseLust at Messe Bremen. “Our visitors can be excited: The Seychelles Tourist Office is planning a colorful program, from dance and music to typical dishes. So there is an extensive insight into a travel destination that has never been presented to us before. “

Until about 40 years ago, the Seychelles were still a real insider tip. Today, thanks to the international airport on the approximately 25 km long main island Mahé, the archipelago is a popular destination, especially for guests from German-speaking countries who make up almost a quarter of the visitors. The reason for this is not least the diversity of the island republic: “On the 115 tiny islands of the Seychelles, mountain hikers get their money’s worth, as do professional sailors – or nature lovers, because you can discover animals and plants that can only be found here,” says Edith Hunzinger , Director of the Seychelles Tourist Office.

To ski. Hike. Mountain biking. Marvel at the Grossglockner or the Großvenediger. Find gems. You can do that and much more in the Wildkogel-Arena Neukirchen and Bramberg. You can find out what’s going on on ReiseLust.

The Wildkogel Arena is part of the Austrian holiday region Hohe Tauern National Park. If you come to this impressive high mountain landscape in summer, you can, for example, enjoy 1,000 kilometers of hiking trails of all levels of difficulty – whereby mountain railways can save strenuous vertical meters. By the way, you can cover part of the route back to the valley from the Wildkogel on the bottom of your pants, thanks to ten stainless steel slides between 22 and 53 meters long with tubes, hollows and waves.

Speaking of noble: You could also look for emeralds in the only emerald deposit in Europe. You will be borrowed the necessary equipment and if you then have patience …

Collect inspiration from  holiday experts and experience the most exciting travel destinations in Germany and the world up close at MESSE BREMEN.



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