Trau dich!

Trau dich!

September 3rd, 2020
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The “wedding industry” is large industry in terms of dollars, but tracking where that money is spent is more difficult for several reasons.

This is an industry that is made up of multiple smaller enterprises that are part of different industries like caterers, wedding consultants, dresses, various beauty suppliers (hair, makeup), photographers, favors/bridesmaids gifts, music, honeymoon related, etc. While the industry as a whole represents a lot of money, each of the component parts is much smaller — some smaller than others. These smaller composite suppliers can be very local and likely will be small and privately owned — traditionally the types of businesses that do not necessarily report financial information to any agency other than the IRS. This is in sharp contrast to larger industries, comprised on many public companies which are required to file with the SEC making it much easier to find information. These larger industries also affect the economy as a whole on a much more obvious scale, also making it easier to find out information on them.

  • Many of the smaller components like caterers, DJs, and photographers, wedding favors, invitations, etc. also do other events without necessarily breaking their business down into wedding versus non-wedding.
  • Because some of the individuals and businesses that provide services and products may only work part-time on wedding-related services to supplement their income or out of friendship, there will either be a minimal charge or no charge at all. Figures if there are any, will likely not be in any “industry” tally.

Since overall industry numbers are going to be hard to come by, other ways of finding the information will be necessary. One way is by searching local (and community) newspapers,which may provide information on a local market. Also, there may be individual accounts of weddings that would be relevant. Contacting local companies/people will provide someone with experience and knowledge on the local scene. Try the local phone books under weddings, party planning, catering, event planning, etc. to find the local companies/professionals. Also, ReferenceUSA (often available in local public libraries) is an electronic directory with SIC/NAICS codes search limitable by various geographic search functions.

In just 2018 alone, average wedding costs definitely increased. In 2017, a wedding typically set couples and their family members back about $27,000, but in the following year, that number increased to more than $44,000, according to the Brides American Wedding Study, which surveyed more than 800 recent brides and spouses-to-be.

Brides love celebrating with their favorite ladies—85 percent of brides still have a bridal party, and who can blame them. Who doesn’t want to share a champagne toast with their besties ahead of the ceremony? Brides usually pop the bridesmaid question to 5.4 bridesmaids, while there are 5.3 groomsmen in the average wedding.

Traudich! Is the largest bride, groom and wedding exhibition in Europe. Since its start in 1994, millions have been inspired to hold the wedding of their dreams. The exhibition takes place in I variety if cities across Germany and attracts millions of visitors annually. The venue could possibly be your moment to shine in the wedding dress and retailer industry. Hundreds of exhibitors including wedding organizers and well-established designers participate, allowing you to not only be inspired, but also provides a massive marketplace for you if you’re planning to tie the knot, wink wink!

At the fashion show, you can be enchanted and immerse yourself in the world of bridal and men’s fashion. Our exhibitors present the latest trends and the most beautiful models up close. Whether short or long, with or without lace, velvet or silk, romantic, glamorous or elegant. Together with the atmospheric, musical accompaniment of our musicians, you can experience a dream fashion show.

For many things, the right course must now be set. But who can you contact? Our speakers will inform you about what is necessary, worth knowing and new. They are at your side with their expertise and reported on their experiences of everyday working life in order to prepare you perfectly for your most beautiful day.

The wedding catering must fit as well as the wedding dress!

The culinary support of a wedding is very special! Personal and sensitive advice and delicious food are crucial. Reliability is the common thread here, from the first call to individual planning with rehearsal meals to event management on the day of the wedding.

At the fair, three times a day, the experts of the “Kaiserschote” explain what needs to be considered on the way to the right wedding catering.

Whether moving into church, as an atmospheric dinner accompaniment or for partying until the early hours of the morning. Music is just part of the wedding, just like the dress of a woman.

Are you dreaming of a unique and unforgettable wedding? From a thoroughly magical day? Then come over and let yourself be enchanted!

Magician Philipp Maier transforms your big day into a unique and magical experience through small miracles, right in front of your eyes or even in the hands of your guests.

You can already get excited at the fair. Once an hour, Philipp Maier presents handpicked pieces of art from the world of the enigmatic. Best entertainment with lots of wit and charm.

A wedding is a family celebration, which is why it is especially nice when the children from the family and friends also celebrate. But your wedding is also a celebration that your guests and their parents, among them, want to enjoy in a relaxed manner – without having to supervise their children all the time.

At the TrauDich! Cologne offers “Leo children’s events” continuous childcare for your little ones.



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