August 29th, 2020
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THE twenty-ninth report of the Imperial Economic Committee (London: H.M. Stationery Office. 2s. Qd. net) gives a survey of the trade in electrical machinery and apparatus. The latest information given relates to the year 1935. Perhaps the most significant feature during the last five years is the leading part that radio receiving sets have been occupying. At the end of 1935 there were 56 million sets of this type of apparatus in use, the increase having nearly doubled in five years. There were 22-5 million sets installed in the United States, and this works out to 178 per 1,000 of the population. The consumption of electrical energy used in radio receiving was 1,540 million kilowatt hours per annum. The corresponding figures for Great Britain, which was second in the world’s list, was 7.4 million sets, and the third was Germany with 7-2 million. On the other hand, the increase in the world’s telephones was comparatively small. This is ascribed primarily to an actual decrease in the United States and Canada. But these two countries still lead in this form of communication. It is worthy of note that there is a greater number of telephones per head of population in agricultural countries like Denmark, New Zealand and Australia, than there is in industrial countries such as Great Britain, Germany and France. Probably this is due to the greater facilities of communication by other methods in the latter countries. Russia has come to the front as an electrical manufacturing country. This is shown by the fact that the value of its imports, which rose gradually from 3.62 million pounds in 1929 to 9.15 million pounds in 1932, has fallen rapidly to only £789,000 in 1935. The outstanding example of self-sufficiency is the United States, the imports of which in 1935 were valued at only £427,000.

This year the leading world trade fair for machine vision is characterised more than ever by the dynamic changes of the industry: The long-forecast consolidation of the machine vision market was used very dynamically in recent months and led to a significant structural change. As a result of these developments, a number of new names now enhance the trade fair in addition to the established VISION exhibitors such as Basler, Cognex, IDS, HIK Vision, MVTec, Sony, Stemmer Imaging, Teledyne Dalsa and many other international market leaders. New exhibitors include young companies such as Autosensic, DeeDiim Sensors or Photolitics, who will present their innovative approaches to various machine vision applications. At VISION 2020, the TKH Group will present the potential of its brands Allied Vision, Chromasens, Mikrotron, NET, SVS-Vistek, Tattile and LMI for the first time.

There has also been major further development from a technological perspective since the last VISION in 2018. “Since then significant advances have been made in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Embedded Vision, Polarisation and Hyperspectral Imaging, among others, thus making possible numerous groundbreaking innovations”, says the long-term VISION Project Manager, Florian Niethammer. Exhibitors such as Arrow,, Inspekto, Lucid Vision Labs, LuxFlux, Perception Park, SqueezeBrains or The Imaging Source show the applications these systems now permit in the various industrial and non-industrial fields of application.

“Many experts see machine vision as an essential element for the profitable use of Industry 4.0 concepts in automated production”, adds Niethammer. The acceptance of machine vision in this important application area has increased substantially, as demonstrated by the participation of companies B&R and Beckhoff in VISION. Up to now both companies have been mainly known from the control and automation world, but have now discovered the machine vision market and will present their concepts to visitors in Stuttgart for the first time at their exhibition stands.

Messe Stuttgart is very satisfied with the current status of registrations:
Over 300 exhibitors have already booked their stand areas. Niethammer is anticipating around 500 exhibiting companies for the start of the event. “Like in previous years all important national and international industry players will be represented in Stuttgart. With the additional companies VISION gains momentum once again and expands its exhibition programme with regard to the integration of machine vision technology in automation.” Particularly pleasing is the fact that in 2020 start-ups from machine vision with a special offer have an even more attractive stage at VISION. Details about the concept will be available shortly.

Niethammer is delighted that the current key industry topics and technological advances will be competently presented anew each time at VISION: “At VISION 2020 visitors can once again expect the who’s who of the global market leaders in all technical disciplines of machine vision, as well as a comprehensive accompanying programme on all aspects of this technology. There is no better opportunity to obtain information about the current trends and developments in this industry than at VISION.”

VISION, the leading world trade fair for machine vision, will take place in Stuttgart, Germany from 10 to 12 November 2020. Staged every two years, the trade fair covers the entire spectrum of machine vision technology. In addition to high-ranking exhibitors from all over the world, it also impresses with its varied accompanying programme. Proven formats, such as the world’s largest presentation forum for machine vision, the “Industrial VISION Days”, will also take place in 2020.

VISION – the World’s leading trade fair for machine vision – provides an overview of all important trends, suppliers and innovations. From 10 to 12 Nov 2020, around 500 exhibitors from all over the world will present their offers in Stuttgart. 



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